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ISMA and PERKASA should Learn From Pope Francis

1st December 2014
 Between Religious and Religious Bigots!

PKR de facto leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim (pic) said while leaders of the Christian and Muslim worlds are beating a path to reach out to one another in peace and tolerance, Malaysian Muslim leaders in the just-concluded Umno general assembly are taking backward steps in relations with non-Muslims.

He said the attitude of Umno leaders and grassroots supporters, with their "racist slurs, religious intolerance and bigotry" are now “the new narrative among those in power”.
Anwar, in a news conference in Kuching this afternoon, noted the diverging path the Roman Catholic's pontiff, Pope Francis who is on a visit to Turkey, was taking in contrast to Umno.
The pope had also been invited by the Mufti of Turkey to conduct religious rites in the famed Blue Mosque in Istanbul – an invitation which Anwar said was unthinkable in Malaysia.
Together with Istanbul's Grand Mufti Rahmi Yaran, Pope Francis yesterday stood for two minutes of silent prayer facing east in the Blue Mosque, one of Turkey's most important mosques, in what one news portal described as “a powerful vision of Christian-Muslim understanding at a time when neighbouring countries are experiencing violent Islamic assault on Christians and religious minorities”.

Umno leaders should learn from Pope Francis’s Turkey visit

Malaysian Muslim should Learn From Turkey!

“There is a need to appreciate this move. It has relevance in terms of our attitude and the Umno general assembly's conduct in relation with non-Muslims in this country,” Anwar said.
He said Pope Francis' visit is a gesture “that would go a long way towards blazing a trail for a new chapter on Christian-Muslim relations and mending the strained relations of the past.
“Once we get past theological polemics, which more often than not puts a strain on inter-religious relations, the matters that bind these two great faiths could be reason enough towards cultivating tolerance and respect," Anwar said.

The visit of Pope Francis to Turkey gives new meaning to relations between Christendom and Islam and heralds a new chapter in the relations between the two great civilisations, Anwar said.
He said Pope Francis was radical because he preferred to "relate rather than pontificate".
“That has made all the difference. He goes to Turkey not to preach but to reach out, very much in the tradition of Christ, with humility and peace to the Muslim world.”

What was even more significant, Anwar said, was it askewed “the stereotyping, the typical association of Islam with extremism and violence”.

He said this genuine desire for understanding must therefore be received warmly and reciprocated by leaders of the Muslim world. – November 30, 2014.


Welcome back Bukittunggal - The Defense Against ISMA and PERKASA

1st December 2014

 Welcome back

After a long time absence from the world of writing due to work and had to complete my education , today I decided to become active again in the world of blogging . At the beginning Bukittunggal talked a lot about politics in Sarawak , namely about the Barisan Nasional government intrigue against the Dayak community , causing the community becoming one of the poorest races in Malaysia . 

Starting December 1, 2014 , it will broaden its scope. Starting  from today , it will discuss about race and religious relation in Malaysia . I am becoming interested in these topics  because there are certain groups who are trying to use race and religion as a way for them to cling to their power . In addition, the relationship between religion and race are the two very important factors that can influence the security of the country. Of late we used to hear how the world is in chaos due to the tension between people of different religions. For examples the Israel-Palestine conflict , conflict in Southern Thailand , conflict in the Middle East involving the ISIS, Boko Haram in Nigeria are some of the conflicts that were caused by the religions.
In Malaysia of late , the relation between citizens of different religions and races are getting worse especially  by  the mushrooming of left-wing extremist NGO in Malaysia sucha as the PERKASA and ISMA .

Left-wing NGO that Instigated Malaysian-Muslims to Hate Non-Muslim 

PERKASA is a non-governmental Malay supremacy organisation that was formed by Ibrahim Ali in the aftermath of the Malaysian General Elections in 2008. Whereas ISMA or Malaysian Muslim Solidarity or in Malay: Ikatan Muslimim Malaysia, is an Islamic non-government organisation (NGO) in Malaysia.It was established in 1997 with the name Ikatan Siswazah Muslim Malaysia, which was later changed to Ikatan Muslimin Malaysia in 2005. 
Both of organizations tried to incite the feelings of hatred among Malaysian Muslim against the non-Muslims. will defend the Malaysian Non-Muslim especially the Christians from ISMA and PERKASA.

RACIST has no place in Malaysia!

Le's all Malaysian irrespective of our religions or races come together and fight those RELIGIOUS BIGOTS or RACIST!

RELIGIOUS BIGOT Should be stripped-off their citizenships!

Mupok Aku

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