Friday, December 28, 2012

How Taib Mahmud's Government Robs The Native Of Their NCR Lands

Friday, 28th December 2012
Kuantan, Pahang

Explosive Revelation by DAP MP on How Taib Mahmud and his gang of thugs Robbed the Native of their NCR Lands. But where are all the Dayak Politicians?
KUCHING: Seventy Selakau families in Kampung Kendaie in Lundu, some 150km from here, have claimed that they have been cheated of their lands. The families participated in a joint venture agreement with Rimbunan Hijau oil plantation company and state government agency, Land Custody Development Authority (LCDA).
Revealing this, Sarawak DAP secretary Chong Chieng Jen said: “In the course of the joint venture arrangement, the people have suffered triple whammy (exploited three times).
“Firstly, they were cheated of their native customary rights land which is about 2,000 acres plus. After a perimeter survey, their NCR land was reduced to 1,000 plus. And the government told them that the remainder of the land had become state land.” Chong, who is also the MP for Bandar Kuching said..
Secondly the local people were cheated of jobs. “The plantation company offered them RM15 a day. If they worked full time for 30 days, they would only get RM450 per month with a one day rest for the following month. “When the NCR land owners refused to work, they were branded as lazy, and as a substitute the oil palm company brought in cheap foreign workers. They were paid lower. This is the ultimate exploitation,” Chong said.

He said that the third layer of exploitation was when the landowners were paid approximately RM200 per acre per year. “Based on international price of palm oil last year, the nett profit of oil palm plantation company was RM200 per acre per month. “And yet the landowners under the joint venture scheme of the government were paid RM200 per acre per year. All the other profits of the 11 months of the year went to the plantation company. “That is what I call a triple whammy exploitation,” he said, pointing out that the government had failed the people under this joint venture agreement.
Income inequality Chong said LCDA, as a government agency, was supposed to protect the interest of the NCR landowners. He said the villagers had nobody to turn to and their complaints to the authorities fell on deaf ears. “I think the government’s so-called joint venture scheme for the development of NCR land is so lopsided. It only benefits the plantation companies at the expense of the NCR land owners. “That is why the income inequality is such a huge problem in Sarawak’s economy.

They do not get their rightful income from their land,” he said. Chong’s advice to those who are yet to sign their joint venture agreement is for them to wait until after the election when the Pakatan Rakyat formed the next government. “Under our alternative budget for 2011, we have allocated RM100 million to develop about 100,000 acres as a pilot project.
“For NCR land owners, if we become the next government we will come out with RM100 million to develop 100,000 NCR land and provide necessary equipment including seedlings required to carry out the plantation. “At the end of the day all the proceeds from the sale from these plantations will go solely to the land owners,” he said adding that the Pakatan government would not do business.

To all the natives, the choice is yours whether all of you still want to get cheated by BN thugs or to choose the Pakatan Rakyat who will set aside the RM100 million to develop your lands....Remaung6Renjer 

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