Sunday, August 26, 2012

I Could Not Find Any Reason Why Veteran Iban Leaders Like Jabu, Mawan and Masing Should Stay

Sunday, 26th August 2012
Kuantan, Pahang 

 Compare to Pahang, Sarawak has so much natural resources and other resources that can generate money that can benefits the rakyat, but the people in Pahang enjoy more developments than the people of Sarawak.

Let's Get Rid Of These Useless Leaders in The Coming GE

 After working in this capital state of Pahang for almost 6 months, I start to wonder, why despite it richer than Pahang in term of natural resources, but why there were not much development being felt by the Sarawakian. After making some studies through observations and my encounter with some Pahangians, I concluded, the developments did not reach the majority of Sarawakians particularly the Ibans, because they are being led by the leaders whose mind was only to fill their own pockets first, and to change the livelihood of the people the last.

Being Iban myself, I put the blame on these three leaders who have been representing the Iban community for decades, namely Jabu, Masing and Mawan. For me these three leaders are only good at begging for votes from the Iban community in order to to win in the election. So far they had not dared to fight for their communities be it on economic, social and the education matters.

Jabu is popular for his speech in blaming the Iban for their drinking and gambling habits but he himself had been known to spend tens of thousand of Ringgits on liquor during the Gawai Hantu festival (or the Festival of the Ghosts). He also popularly known  in introducing the non-productive projects to the Iban,  for example the project Ikan Terubok, Projeck Kepayang and so forth ( I could provide failed-projects by Jabu here otherwise my posting will be too long. Alternatively readers can check this with the Iban in Betong and Sri Aman area who will be able to explain in detail). Other than being known with the failed-projects, Jabu and his family also very popular with robbing the Iban of their NCR lands. If one want to know in detail about Jabu family involvement in robbing the Iban of their NCR lands, one can always  check it  with the Land and Survey Department of Sarawak. Other than that, Sarawak Land Consolidation and Rehabilitation Authority (SALCRA) will be able to provide the data on the size of lands under the name of Empiang Jabu in their record.

The next useless Iban leader is William Mawan. Mawan is frrom Pakan , one of the poorest and the less developed area in Sarawak. Not much information  on his weakness that Bukit can provide on him but sufficed to say that he is good at increasing the collections of  his girl friends.

Masing the President of Parti Rakyat Sarawak (PRS) the offshoot of Parti Bansa Dayak Sarawak (PBDS), an another BN component party that represents the Iban. Personally I look at this minister as a leader who only knows on  how to play "the game blame" but zero contribution to the Iban. In the era of PBDS, he was one of the Iban leaders which every Iban had thought that will fight and will be able to uplift the living standard of the Iban. But after PBDS joined BN, he had became the  another useless Iban leaders who only knows how to fill his own pocket.

Politically, the  Dayak or Iban since Sarawak Independence in 1963 had been very loyal, and majority of them voted for Barisan Nasional (BN) or popularly known as "perintah" by them. Despite of their loyalty, the Iban  had been cheated and promised with empty promise for development by the BN leaders . But after 49 years under BN, not much developments have reached them. And If the people of Sarawak or particularly the Iban want to have more developments to reach them, they should consider giving the Pakatan Rakyat a chance to rule Petra Jaya and Putra Jaya. This is only possible if the people of Sarawak or Iban changing their supports toward the Pakatan Rakyat in the coming general election (GE 13 ).

Mupok Aku

" Rose never propagandize its fragrant, but its own fragrance spreads surrounding"

President Sukarno

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