Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Bukittunggal Predicts BN Will Lose in GE13

Kuantan Tuesday, 12th June 2012 If we read in the newspapers and TV Channels belong to BN such as Utusan Malaysia, Berita Harian, the Stars and all the other newspapers or the TV channels one may think that BN will win with bigger majority in the coming general election (GE13).As ussual those mass media have been campaigning for BN to fool the people especially the voters in Sabah and Sarawak who have limited access to the more accurate reporting from the blogs and the other independents electronic news such as Malaysiakini,, Malaysian Insider and so forth. Since migrated to one of the state in Peninsular last March until now I have been talking to people from all walk of life. Based on these encounters , it is obvious that BN will lose in the coming GE. There are few factors which can cause BN to lose in GE13. These factors are the Lynas issue, the declining of support from the Chinese and the Indian communities for BN. The Lynas issue, eventhough the government is playing the tug of war on the issues but people are awared that the project will be approved eventually considering the amount of money that had already been spent and also due the involvement of certain BN politicians in the project. Lynas factor will cause BN to lose Pahang state. Talking about Lynas eventhough the government had promised to handle the radioactive waste properly but it still fails to convince the people in Kuantan that the site is safe. Another factor is the declining of support by the Chinese and Indian voters toward BN. BN rethoric for using PERKASA and other NGOs such as the Veteran Tarian Buntut (shame on you) and etc to protest against the opposition party (pakatan Rakyat ) has angered the Chinese and Indian voters. The above theory is further supported by the outcome of the survey conducted by the Meredeka Review. The survey found that the Chinese and Indian voters support for Najib has been declining since BERSIH 3.0 PM Najib may fool the people in Sarawak but not those from Peninsular! I am consider few people who would like BN to lose the election therefore would like to urge the voters in Malaysia particularly the voters in Sabah and Sarawak to vote wisely in the coming state election. Please remember that we had been fooled by BN for more than 50 years. Do not get fooled by the BN for another 5 years.....PLEASE VOTE BN OUT! Mupok Aku
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