Saturday, October 13, 2012

Najib A Twisted Tongue Malaysia Prime Minister

Saturday, 13th October 2012
Kuantan, Pahang

Najib the Prime Minister of Malaysia in defending Musa Aman from corruption charges said it alright for UMNO to accept "donation" from others different from what he said when asked to comment on SUARAM....Sufficed to say "Najib a Twisted Tongue Prime Minister aka the son of the ex-Prime Minister of Malaysia".. 

A Statement By Twisted Tongue Prime Minister : People Of Sabah Should Punis Him!

When SUARAM admits to the claim that its received donation from outside the countries, all UMNO supporters inclusive its NGO such as PERKASA and Federal Territory Malay Veteran Association or popularly known as the  ex-army Goyang Buntut (Please don't use the word veteran in your association,  and being the ex-veteran myself  I urge you to use other name, your association is not qualified to associate yourself with veteran) fast to make police report. Yesterday Najib admitted that the RM40 millions which were claimed by the apposition as a bribe to Musa Aman were actually a donation to UMNO but short to  reveal who made the donation. But why neither PERKASA or the Goyang Buntut make a police report?

When SUARAM received donation from outside of Malaysia, one have to look at the context of the donation from various angles such as the reason and the sources of the donation. SUARAM admitted received the donation from sources without any conflict of interest. The donations were received from bodies which did not get any benefits from SUARAM or fo reason to get the business interest from SUARAM. Even then also  they had been condemned by UMNO or the  Barisan Nasional medias, way in and way out.  But if one look at the context of donation given to UMNO in which our Alantuya Prime Minister did not willing to reveal, it could be a kick back. The people of Sabah should not trust this Najib. He could  say whatever that he wanted to say because the police, the MACC and even the AG were under his controlled. If the money was not for Musa Aman  but for UMNO , it did  not mean that UMNO couldn't be charged. There are so many laws  such as money laundering, abuse of power etc where UMNO can be charged.  People of Sabah should outsmart this UMNO during the coming election. Do not trust Najib. Najib is no different from Mahathir. Mahathir had made Sabah native to become minority group, but under Najib he will take everything from Sabah. If the people of Sabah still give Najib you mandate, in another 5 years time, he will annexed the whole Sabah  just like what Mahathir did to Labuan.

To the people of Sabah, Vote for BN means vote for Sabah to become another Labuan!

Mupok Aku


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