Saturday, September 22, 2012

Taib the Enemy of All Natives Of Sarawak

Saturday, 22nd September 2012
Kuantan, Pahang

Taib The Politic Of  Lesapkan

The Family That Lesapkan Sarawak Monies Into Their Own Pockets

I republished the article about Taib wealth about two day ago as I wanted to share the information with  the Sarwakian especially the Iban who for the past 30 years have been supporting Taib and his Barisan Nasional thugs with their slogan the " Politic and Development" but actually became the "Politic of Lesapkan". Instead of developing Sarawak, Taib and his family members have been collecting wealth for themselves. 

What Have MACC and PDRM and other Government Agencies Done to Stop this Lanun  From Robbing Sarawakian of their Monies?

According to the information obtained from BMF report, the amount of wealth that Taib and his family members collected  came to RM64 billions and Taib alone "lesapkan" RM46 billion. The report is not the first about Taib Mahmud ever published in the newsprint. Before this the Sarawak Report also made several  revelations and few police reports were made as a result but so far no actions have been taken by the authorities against Taib and his family members and their wealth keep accumulating daily.

Where are all the government agencies such as the police and the Malaysia Anti-Corruption Commission (car/cow)  ( MACC)? Are Taib and his family members are protected by law and cannot be prosecuted. Or the government is selective in their actions?  Government cannot deny this as people could see what happened in the past such as  the Teoh  Beng Hock and Tan Sri Khalid cases both  of them were members of the opposition. Compared to the amount involved, if in China Taib should had been hanged to death already.

If the amount is used for the state, it is enough to build road, provide electricity, clinic and school to all the long houses in Sarawak. If the government agencies cannot prosecute Taib due to "selective action" or favoritism, the people of Sarawak should take action by themselves. In the Arab countries, their people use force " demonstration" to topple the corrupted leaders or governments. But we don't have to follow their methods but instead we can use the Ballot Vote. 

To the people of Sarawak, don't listen to what Najib said or going to say. He and his BN thugs from peninsular have been "colonizing" us for the past 49 years. Let's throw BN government and prosecute Taib Mahmud by voting them out in the coming General Election.

Mupok Aku


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3 comments to “ Taib the Enemy of All Natives Of Sarawak ”
Anonymous said...

In his press conference this morning Najib said that Taib Mahmud was not rich.
With that do you think the MACC or police will take action?
If Taib Mahmud is not BN man Najib will answer differently or sarcastically he will have said that he cannot comment as the matter is still under investigation..What say you Remaung?

Anonymous said...

Unless Taib Mahmud resign from his CM post only then Najib will orders MACC or PDRM to investigate. But do you think that Tok Uban is that stupid?

Anonymous said...

If Taib is prosecuted, Najib will lose his PM job. He will not want to lose his PM job because if he does, he will be also prosecuted for murder..aha remember Alantuya?

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