Sunday, September 9, 2012

Nurul Syuhadah Resignation From TV3 Exposes Who The Real Traitor To Sarawakians

Sunday, 9th September 2012
Kuantan, Pahang

Personally I would like to thank Nurul Syuhadah for her courage to expose BN's government ill-treatment against Sarawakians.

A day after I wrote about Nurul Syuhada exposure in Bukittunggal, the next day she announced about her resignation from TV3. Nurul's announcement  did not surprise me because  her exposure had uncovered  BN's government unfair distribution of wealth to the Sarawakian. Bintulu is one of the oil production city or division apart  of  Miri in Malaysia but yet as exposed by Nurul, it remained undeveloped and still backward as compare to other cities in Peninsular to name a few, Kuantan, Kuala Terengganu, Kangar and Alor Setar.

One Typical example of Longhouse in Sarawak. Can anyone see any sign of  Development Here? Next Election BN Government will Promise them With Zinc and other Building Materials.....

After over six month of working in Peninsular Malaysia, it has became an eye opener for me. The development here is much better compares to Sarawak. In a state where I am working, people don't talk about their "Tanah Wakaf" being robbed/trespassed  by the private companies or request for roads or clinics/dispensaries in their kampongs. For them , the roads or clinics are the basic amenities in which the government should provide. But why are the people of Sarawak not being provided with the same basic amenities enjoy by the population in Peninsular  Malaysia?

The unfair distribution of wealth by Kuala Lumpur to the people of Sarawak (or probably to the people of Sabah) has been happened for more than 40 years. But we cannot blame the leaders from Peninsular because we had selected our own leaders to represent us. Since year 1963, Sarawakians had given the mandate to BN to represent us but somehow these leaders  betrayed us.
Those politicians that we had entrusted to protect our right but failed to do so should be punished with treason. In the past treason was punishable with death penalty.

The Head Of  the Traitors : BN Politician that Sarawakians Should Punish in the Coming General Election

In the context of politic, the traitor should be punished by death also, but instead of ending their lives, let's all Sarawakians punish them by VOTING THEM OUT in the coming General Election.

Mupok Aku


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