Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Kate Middleton Topless Photos: A New Scandal For British Royal Family

Wednesday, 19th September 2012
 Kuantan, Pahang

What is so interesting about Kate's topless photos which were published in French Magazine Closer. After looking at the photos, personally I did not see any interesting thing about her breasts apart that  they
were belong to the wife of British royal family.

The royal family are embroiled in the best thing that could ever happen to them – another nude scandal!

Kate Middleton aka the Duchess of Cambridge aka the Future Queen of Britain and the Commonwealth had a sneaky little topless sunbaking session in France, and unfortunately for her a photographer captured the entire thing.

The pics show Kate completely topless, and one photo even shows Prince William rubbing sunscreen into her bottom – and apparently there are more intimate photos out there.

The pics were published by French magazine Closer, and the royal family have now vowed to sue the publication. The pictures were subsequently published by an Irish mag, and more publications are considering using them.

A Palace spokeswoman said, “We can confirm a criminal complaint is to be made to the French Prosecution Department tomorrow."

This is the second nude scandal to rock the Windsors in the past month, after Prince Harry was photographed partying naked in Las Vegas. He is now in Afghanistan with the armed forces, and we are all even more in love with him. That boy knows how to party.

We all know what needs to happen next. Kate needs to have a baby, and this will all be forgotten. Male heir! Male heir!

Also maybe it’s time to educate the British people about how bad sunbaking is. Have they not heard of skin cancer?

Kate might just be the coolest queen of all time.

And because we know you want to see them... here’s a censored version!

Mupok Aku

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