Saturday, September 29, 2012

Malaysia Budget 2013 : Najib Last Resort To Buying For Votes

Saturday, 29th September 2012
Kuantan Pahang

Vote Buying In Action

 After reading the Malaysia Budget 2013 Tabled by Najib, I did not see anything special about it other than concluded the budget was only meant for Vote Buying

 Highlight Of Malaysia Budget 2013

1. Bonus For Government Servants. PM announces bonus of one and a half months salary for civil servants and pensioners get RM500

2. Felda. Felda to spend RM100 million a year for education, skills training programme and scholarships for 5,000 new generation children

3. Internet Access. 100 1Malaysia Internet Centres from 2013 to 2015 in suitable areas in the city such as PPR locations with RM150 million

4. 10%  and 20% PTPTN Discount.  Repayment of full loan within a year effective from Oct 1, 2012 until Sept 30, 2013, will receive a discount of 20% on the loan. Consistent repayment of PTPTN loan in accordance to repayment schedule, will receive a 10% discount per annum on their repayment, effective Oct 1, 2012.

5. 1Malaysia Book Voucher  Increased By RM50.  1Malaysia Book Voucher programme for IPT and pre-uni students increased from RM200 to RM250.

6. RM 100 School Assistance to All Secondary and Primary School  Students. Government again to provide Schooling Assistance of RM100 to all primary and secondary students for 2013.

7. Rebate to Replace School Buses Older than 25 years. School bus operators has two years for RM10,000 cash rebate and a 2% interest rate subsidy on full BSN loans for new buses to replace those more than 25 years old with new 12 to 18-seater buses.

8. Individual Income Tax Rate Reduced by 1%. Individual income tax rate reduced by 1% point for each grouped annual income tax exceeding RM2,500 to RM50,000. The measure will remove 170,000 taxpayers from paying tax.

9.  Income Tax Saving of RM 425 For Unmarried Young Professional. An unmarried young professional with monthly income of RM5,000 will enjoy income tax savings up to RM425 per person.
10. Pilgrimage Can Withdraw Fro EPF Account 2. Potential haj pilgrims can withdraw from EPF Account 2 to meet costs, limited to a maximum withdrawal of RM3,000

10. Allocation of RM1.5 billion to stabilise the prices of cooking oil in the market.

11. Sugar Subsidy Reduced by RM0.20. Government subsidy on sugar reduced by RM0.20 per kilogramme, effective from Sept 29 to help alleviate rising diabetes cases

12. BR1M 2.0 to hand out RM250 and scheme extended to single unmarried individuals aged 21 and above and earning not more than RM2,000 a month

13. My First Home Scheme will be improved by increasing the income limit for individual loans from RM3,000 to RM5,000 per month or joint loans of husband and wife of up to RM10,000 per month. The requirement for a savings record equivalent to three months instalment and minimum employment of six months will be abolished.

14. RM738 million is provided for youth and sports development. RM15 million to prepare athletes for international sporting events, a covered velodrome in Seremban and a badminton academy in Bukit Kiara with an allocation of RM80 million.

15. A one-off rebate of RM200 will be provided for the purchase of a 3G smartphone from authorised dealers. The initiative is for youths aged between 21 and 30, earning RM3,000 and below monthly. A sum of RM300 million is allocated to benefit 1.5 million youth.

16. To assist young ICT entrepreneurs, a New Entrepreneur Foundation (NEF) will be set up with initial allocation of RM50 million .

17. Five more Anjung Kasih in Sibu, Miri, Temerloh, Seremban and Ipoh hospitals for temporary and comfortable accommodation for poor patients and accompanying family members

18. 1Malaysia Welfare Programme (KAR1SMA) gets RM1.2b for senior citizens, children, disabled workers and chronic illnesses programmes

19. Allocation of RM25,000 for free mammogram examination for women, which is estimated to benefit 100,000 women aged 40 and above

20. RM50 million to support the women’s dual roles as economy contributors and home makers

21. RM20 million for 70 more 1Malaysia clinics; RM100 million to upgrade 350 clinics nationwide and 150 more dialysis machines in government haemodialysis centres .

22. Urban Transformation Programme to develop urban areas with an allocation of RM200 million and a National Strategic Coordination Unit set up in Finance Ministry for this. .

23. RM4.5 billion will be allocated to implement various rural infrastructure development projects

24. An allocation of RM39 million to finance KRT (kawasan rukun tetangga) activities .

25. RM40 million for 4,025 ROS-registered resident associations, each association to get RM10,000 to promote neighbourhood patrols.

26. Uniforms for 300,000 active members of People’s Volunteer Corp (RELA) with an allocation of RM90 million

27. Launching grant of RM14 million to National Legal Aid Foundation for those who cannot afford legal representation – an additional allocation of RM20 million to be provided in 2013. .

28. RM6 billion under the Private Financing Initiatives for refurbishment and maintenance of schools and health clinics; housing projects; water tank projects; flood mitigation plans and provision of sports facilities.

29. Processing fee for each housing loan application by civil servants fixed at RM100 per application regardless of the loan amount .

30. Government to provide RM200 per month special incentive for 125,708 military personnel effective Jan 1, 2013 involving a total allocation of RM301 million .

31. Government will ensure that the federal government debt does not exceed 55 per cent of GDP .RM3.7 billion for technical and vocational training of students .

32. Pensioners with more than 25 years of service to get revised minimum pension of RM820 backdated from Jan 1, 2012

33. RM1 billion will be available through SME bank to help increase Bumiputera SME equity in the economy

34. Special fund of RM1 billion for the construction and maintenance of schools and RM1.2 billion for pre-school education.

35. Govt will allocate RM350 million from Tabung Ekonomi Kumpulan Usaha Niaga (TEKUN) and RM50 million to train 3,200 poor Indian students with industrial skills .

36. RM500 million to upgrade skills of teachers in core subjects including English .

37. New task force to fight unemployment by training unemployed graduates, set up with an allocation of RM200 million

38. Tax exemption for a period of 10 years for TRX status companies . Tax-free incentives and grants for setting up of new nurseries .Tun Razak Exchange (TRX) is expected to attract 250 international companies and provide 40,000 job opportunities .21% of the total allocation set for education – RM38.7 billion 

39. Securities Commission to provide the AgroSukuk framework for for agriculture-based companies which include a double tax deduction between 2012 and 2015 .

40. Securities Commission to introduce Graduate Representative Initiative with private sector to train graduates in fulfilling industry needs .

41. Visit Malaysia Year programme expected to attract 26.8 million tourists for 2013/2014

42. RM230 million in incentives for fishermen, RM2.4 billion in subsidies and incentives for paddy sectors

43. Govt to introduce incentives to encourage oil and gas private operators including 100% income tax exemption (10yrs); stamp duty exemption

44. RM30 million for SME Masterplan (2012-2020), involving 32 initiatives, including six impact programmes and RM1 billion for SME Development Scheme .

45. RM500 million for the River of Life project to rejuvenate Klang River

46. Government to reintroduce foreign company acquisition incentives & tax incentives for local service providers

47. Government to allocate RM200 million ringgit through SME Bank to promote high impact halal industry Allocation is set at RM251.6 billion. Operating expenditures set at RM201.9b and development expenditure is RM49.

48. Federal Government’s revenue expected to increase to RM208.6b for 2013 from RM207.2b (2012) and deficit reduction from 4.5% to 4% (2012). PM says Malaysian economy expected to expand 4.5% to 5.5% for 2013.

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Friday, September 28, 2012

PAPA GOMO Sakit Tenat?

Thursday, 27 September 2012
Kuantan, Pahang

Papa Gomo Sakit Tenat

Dalam Keadaan Tenat Ke?

Hari ini entah macam mana perasaan meluap-luap mahu melawat Blog milik blogger UMNO yang paling Remaung benci iaitu Papa Gomo. Dan alangkah hampanya saya kerana Blog milik Blogger UMNO itu sudah tidak aktif. Kebanyakan posting yang dibuat adalah copy & paste daripada Blogger Pro-UMNO yang lain.
Di Widget sebelah kanan blog berkenaan ada terpapar bahawa beliau tengah sakit. Tenat sangat ke sakit beliau?

Mungkinkah Beliau Kena Aura DSAI?

Saya mula mengenal seekor Blogger in pada tahun lepas iaitu masa pilihan raya DUN Sarawak pada tahun 2011. Saya mengenali beliau bukan kerana minat dengan tulisan bercelaru beliau tetapi sebaliknya disebabkan pada masa berkenaan Bukittunggal.Com kena hack dengan blogger BN. Tiap kali click pada link Bukittunggal terus ditujukan ke blog Papa Gomo. Tapi nasib baiklah seorang rakan dapat membantu untuk menyelamatkan

Sebagai manusia Papa Gomo ni memang jahat. Saya rasa mengalahkan syaitan. walau sejahat manapun Papa Gomo sebagai manusia yang berpegang kepada falsafah saling hormat men ghormati serta kasih-mengasihi, saya turut bersimpatai di atas malapetaka yang menimpa beliau. Saya doakan semoga beliau dapat sembuh seterusnya bertaubat serta membantu Pakatan Rakyat dan kawan-kawan dari PAS, DAP dan PKR di dalam membongkar kesilapan Najib serta konco-konconya.

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Saturday, September 22, 2012

Taib the Enemy of All Natives Of Sarawak

Saturday, 22nd September 2012
Kuantan, Pahang

Taib The Politic Of  Lesapkan

The Family That Lesapkan Sarawak Monies Into Their Own Pockets

I republished the article about Taib wealth about two day ago as I wanted to share the information with  the Sarwakian especially the Iban who for the past 30 years have been supporting Taib and his Barisan Nasional thugs with their slogan the " Politic and Development" but actually became the "Politic of Lesapkan". Instead of developing Sarawak, Taib and his family members have been collecting wealth for themselves. 

What Have MACC and PDRM and other Government Agencies Done to Stop this Lanun  From Robbing Sarawakian of their Monies?

According to the information obtained from BMF report, the amount of wealth that Taib and his family members collected  came to RM64 billions and Taib alone "lesapkan" RM46 billion. The report is not the first about Taib Mahmud ever published in the newsprint. Before this the Sarawak Report also made several  revelations and few police reports were made as a result but so far no actions have been taken by the authorities against Taib and his family members and their wealth keep accumulating daily.

Where are all the government agencies such as the police and the Malaysia Anti-Corruption Commission (car/cow)  ( MACC)? Are Taib and his family members are protected by law and cannot be prosecuted. Or the government is selective in their actions?  Government cannot deny this as people could see what happened in the past such as  the Teoh  Beng Hock and Tan Sri Khalid cases both  of them were members of the opposition. Compared to the amount involved, if in China Taib should had been hanged to death already.

If the amount is used for the state, it is enough to build road, provide electricity, clinic and school to all the long houses in Sarawak. If the government agencies cannot prosecute Taib due to "selective action" or favoritism, the people of Sarawak should take action by themselves. In the Arab countries, their people use force " demonstration" to topple the corrupted leaders or governments. But we don't have to follow their methods but instead we can use the Ballot Vote. 

To the people of Sarawak, don't listen to what Najib said or going to say. He and his BN thugs from peninsular have been "colonizing" us for the past 49 years. Let's throw BN government and prosecute Taib Mahmud by voting them out in the coming General Election.

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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Worldwide Anti-Taib Campaign By Bruno Manser Fund : MACC The Commission Without Gut!

Wednesday, 19th September 2012
Kuantan, Pahang 

Taib Mahmud Will Be the Next Saddam Hussien  For the West.

A Swiss NGO has lumped Taib Mahmud together with 'money launderers' Indonesian president Suharto and Philippines' Marcos.

The Pirate Of Sarawak

Swiss NGO, Bruno Manser Fund (BMF), has reiterated its call for governments and banks around the globe to freeze the assets of Sarawak Chief Minister Taib Mahmud and his family.
It has also called on anti-corruption and anti-money-laundering authorities worldwide to investigate the Taib family’s business activities.
In a statement issued in conjunction with the release of its report ‘The Taib Timber Mafia. Facts and Figures on Politically Exposed Persons from Sarawak, Malaysia’ in Brussels, Belgium earlier today, BMF said the Taibs could be compared to Indonesia’s president Suharto and president Ferdinand Marcos of the Philippines.
“The Taibs are being compared to the Suharto and Marcos clans who have also stolen billions from their countries.
“According to Transparency International, former Indonesian president Suharto had embezzled US$15 to US$35 billion, while former Philippines president Ferdinand Marcos is thought to have stolen between US$20 and US$900 billion.
“We want the governments and banks around the globe to freeze Taib family assets.
“These assets should be frozen and restituted to the people of Sarawak, and the Taib family and their co-conspirators should be prosecuted for corruption, abuse of public funds, fraud, money laundering, tax evasion and other related crimes,” noted the statement, alluding to the report which detailed Taib and his family’s extensive wealth.
According to the report, which was released to coincide with the visit by the Plantation Industries and Commodities Minister, Bernard Dompok, to the European Union, Taib and his 20-member clan are worth US$21 billion (RM64 billion).
And the extensive wealth, the report claims, was derived “through the almost complete political and economic control of Sarawak” over the past three decades.
“Taib Mahmud has systematically plundered a country once rich in natural resources, particularly oil, gas and timber. While the proceeds of the oil and gas extraction are mostly benefiting Malaysia’s federal government, the Sarawak state government enjoys total autonomy as to the use of the state’s forest resources and state lands.
“The Bruno Manser Fund estimates the combined net worth of 20 Taib family members at close to US$21 billion, which have been acquired through the almost complete political and economic control of Sarawak, over three decades.
“In particular, the Taibs have established monopolies over the granting of timber and plantation concessions, the export of timber to third countries, the maintenance of public roads as well as over the production and sale of cement and a number of other construction materials,” it said.

Taib’s assets being monitored

Taib, an impoverished carpenter’s son, has been helming Sarawak since 1981.
According to the report, his personal wealth now stands at US$15 billion (RM45 billion), making him the richest man in Malaysia.
The second richest man in Malaysia is his brother Onn Mahmud with a net worth of US$1.5 billion (RM4.5 billion).
Both have been closely linked to logging scandals dating back to 1981, the year Taib assumed the chief minister’s post.
The report cited two key scandals – one in 2007 and another in 2008.
“In 2007, a scandal exposed by the Japanese tax authorities revealed that tens of millions of US dollars had been paid in secret, illegal kickbacks by Japanese shipping companies exporting timber from Sarawak.
“The money was paid directly to Hong Kong companies linked to the chief minister’s brother, Onn Mahmud. The Japanese cartel concluded an agreement in 1981 with Malaysia’s Dewan Niaga Sarawak regarding lumber transport.
“Dewan Niaga is a state-affiliated agency in charge of lumber export control and is headed by Onn Mahmud, one of Taib’s brothers.
“In 2008, Indonesian newspaper, Tribun Pontianak, revealed that around 30 shipments of illegal Indonesian logs were imported into Sarawak and re-exported to other countries every month. Chief Minister Taib Mahmud was implicated in this timber scam,” the report noted.
‘Thief minister’
Taib is now aggressively pursuing his pet project – the multi-billion dollar “Sarawak Corridor of Renewable Energy” (SCORE) – an industrialisation project comprising 50 hydroelectric dams, oil palm plantations, smelter plants and mining projects.
The projects are being widely opposed by the local communities. The dams are set to displace tens of thousands of indigenous people and will ultimately benefit the Taib family and his close political allies.
“Taib is regarded by many Malaysians as being the ‘thief minister’ of Sarawak.
“In June 2011, the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission [MACC] announced that Taib was under investigation for allegations of timber corruption.
“The UK, Swiss, German and Australian governments are now monitoring Taib assets abroad and the ongoing investigation in Malaysia,” said the report.
Taib, meanwhile, has denied BMF’s claims that he is being investigated by the Swiss authorities.
The BMF had alleged on its website that the Swiss Financial Marketing Supervisory Authority is investigating Taib’s alleged assets in Swiss banks.
Taib refuted the allegations, describing them as “utterly false and evidently politically motivated”.
He said BMF had a track record of making “scurrilous and scandalous” allegations against the state government.
“Therefore, BMF’s false allegations about assets held in Switzerland by me are a continuation of their malicious efforts to smear the state, the government and the leaders,” he told members of the Sarawak Legislative Assembly sitting in June last year.

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Kate Middleton Topless Photos: A New Scandal For British Royal Family

Wednesday, 19th September 2012
 Kuantan, Pahang

What is so interesting about Kate's topless photos which were published in French Magazine Closer. After looking at the photos, personally I did not see any interesting thing about her breasts apart that  they
were belong to the wife of British royal family.

The royal family are embroiled in the best thing that could ever happen to them – another nude scandal!

Kate Middleton aka the Duchess of Cambridge aka the Future Queen of Britain and the Commonwealth had a sneaky little topless sunbaking session in France, and unfortunately for her a photographer captured the entire thing.

The pics show Kate completely topless, and one photo even shows Prince William rubbing sunscreen into her bottom – and apparently there are more intimate photos out there.

The pics were published by French magazine Closer, and the royal family have now vowed to sue the publication. The pictures were subsequently published by an Irish mag, and more publications are considering using them.

A Palace spokeswoman said, “We can confirm a criminal complaint is to be made to the French Prosecution Department tomorrow."

This is the second nude scandal to rock the Windsors in the past month, after Prince Harry was photographed partying naked in Las Vegas. He is now in Afghanistan with the armed forces, and we are all even more in love with him. That boy knows how to party.

We all know what needs to happen next. Kate needs to have a baby, and this will all be forgotten. Male heir! Male heir!

Also maybe it’s time to educate the British people about how bad sunbaking is. Have they not heard of skin cancer?

Kate might just be the coolest queen of all time.

And because we know you want to see them... here’s a censored version!

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Sunday, September 9, 2012

LiwatGateII - Salah Satu Cara Ajensi Kerajaan Digunakan Untuk Menidakkan Kuasa Rakyat

Sunday, 9th September 2012 
Kuantan, Pahang 

 Najib Mungkin Gunakan Ajensi Kerajaan Untuk Menidakkan DSAI Menjadi PM. Jangan salahkan Ajensi Kerajaan di dalam kes-kes terpilih kerana kuasa sebenar yang membuat keputusan "Decision Maker" adalah PM Najib. Begitu juga dengan kes di bawah ini. 

Keyakinan Rakyat Terhadap  Keadilan Ajensi Kerajaan Merudum dengan Tindakan Mereka Yang Nampak Seolah-Olah Dipengaruhi  Kuasa Di Belakang Takbir 

 PETALING JAYA: PKR menyifatkan rayuan terhadap pembebasan Ketua Pembangkang Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim dalam kes liwat 2 yang dibuat 7 September lalu di Mahkamah Rayuan Kuala Lumpur sebagi zalim dan suatu jenayah. Naib Presiden N Surendran yang juga seorang peguam berkata, rayuan ini tidak didokong secara perundangan melainkan ia merupakan suatu tindakan politik jahat yang benar-benar tulen oleh Perdana Menteri Najib Tun Razak dan Umno-Barisan Nasional (BN). “Bercanggah dengan tugas untuk berlaku adil, Peguam Negara Tan Sri Abdul Gani Patail meneruskan rayuan yang tidak berasas ini, semata-mata untuk berkhidmat kepada tuan-tuan politik Umno-BN tadi,” katanya dalam satu kenyataan media hari ini. Menurut beliau, keseluruhan kes liwat 2 adalah rekaan ganas yang diada-adakan dan jenayah yang diatur oleh Umno-BN, dengan kerjasama kepimpinan tertinggi polis. “Hal ini telah mendapat kecaman dari seluruh dunia oleh negara-negara, pertubuhan serta tokoh-tokoh terkemuka,” terangnya. Tegas Surendran, “konspirasi jenayah ini sentiasa bertujuan untuk menamatkan perjuangan panjang Anwar untuk Reformasi dan menghalang Pakatan Rakyat daripada mengambil alih kuasa kerajaan persekutuan. “Usaha tidak henti-henti kes liwat 2 terhadap Anwar mendedahkan sifat Najib yang tidak bertanggungjawab, tidak berakhlak dan zalim. “Meskipun berpura-pura melibatkan diri dalam politik demokratik, Najib bukannya terlibat dalam perdebatan politik bertamadun. Bahkan, Najib tanpa malu meneruskan tradisi jenayah Umno-BN yang menganiaya dan memenjara lawan politik. “Walaupun berpura-pura menjuarai pendemokrasian, Najib terus mempengaruhi dan memesongkan proses undang-undang dalam usaha untuk memenjarakan ketua pembangkang parlimen itu. Menurut beliau, dengan berbuat demikian, Najib menuruti jejak langkah sejarah pemerintah zalim seperti Stalin dan Mubarak, yang turut menggunakan sistem perundangan negara untuk memusnahkan lawan-lawan politik mereka. “Kami menyeru Najib, Umno-BN dan Peguam Negara untuk menarik balik rayuan liwat 2 dengan serta-merta serta menghentikan kelakuan jenayah dalam memanipulasikan sistem perundangan terhadap pembangkang untuk selama-lamanya,” tegas   Surendran.

Begitu juga jangan salahkan PDRM sekiranya melakukan tindakan yang nampak tidak adil seperti kes menggari warganegara yang memijak gambar orang yang mereka tidak suka (PM Najib dan Rosmah) serta tidak menggari Tun Liong Sik yang disyaki melakukan kes yang  lebih berat kerana mereka dipengaruhi PM Najib.

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Nurul Syuhadah Resignation From TV3 Exposes Who The Real Traitor To Sarawakians

Sunday, 9th September 2012
Kuantan, Pahang

Personally I would like to thank Nurul Syuhadah for her courage to expose BN's government ill-treatment against Sarawakians.

A day after I wrote about Nurul Syuhada exposure in Bukittunggal, the next day she announced about her resignation from TV3. Nurul's announcement  did not surprise me because  her exposure had uncovered  BN's government unfair distribution of wealth to the Sarawakian. Bintulu is one of the oil production city or division apart  of  Miri in Malaysia but yet as exposed by Nurul, it remained undeveloped and still backward as compare to other cities in Peninsular to name a few, Kuantan, Kuala Terengganu, Kangar and Alor Setar.

One Typical example of Longhouse in Sarawak. Can anyone see any sign of  Development Here? Next Election BN Government will Promise them With Zinc and other Building Materials.....

After over six month of working in Peninsular Malaysia, it has became an eye opener for me. The development here is much better compares to Sarawak. In a state where I am working, people don't talk about their "Tanah Wakaf" being robbed/trespassed  by the private companies or request for roads or clinics/dispensaries in their kampongs. For them , the roads or clinics are the basic amenities in which the government should provide. But why are the people of Sarawak not being provided with the same basic amenities enjoy by the population in Peninsular  Malaysia?

The unfair distribution of wealth by Kuala Lumpur to the people of Sarawak (or probably to the people of Sabah) has been happened for more than 40 years. But we cannot blame the leaders from Peninsular because we had selected our own leaders to represent us. Since year 1963, Sarawakians had given the mandate to BN to represent us but somehow these leaders  betrayed us.
Those politicians that we had entrusted to protect our right but failed to do so should be punished with treason. In the past treason was punishable with death penalty.

The Head Of  the Traitors : BN Politician that Sarawakians Should Punish in the Coming General Election

In the context of politic, the traitor should be punished by death also, but instead of ending their lives, let's all Sarawakians punish them by VOTING THEM OUT in the coming General Election.

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Sunday, September 2, 2012

Terima Kasih TV3 Kerana Telah Mendedahkan Perbuatan Kerajaan BN

Sunday, 2nd September 2012

Diharap Pendedahan TV3 Dapat Membuka Mata Rakyat Sarawak

 Sebagai rakyat jati negeri Sarawak, sekali baca rencana yang disiarkan di Malaysiakini merasa teramat marah kerana keceluparan mulut pemberitanya iaitu Nurul Syuhada yang menggelar bandar Bintulu sebagai daif, tetapi apabila diteliti dengan bersungguh-sungguh, saya merasa berterima kasih kepada Nurul kerana telah mendedahkan perbuatan buruk kerajaan Barisan
Nasional terhadap rakyat Sarawak serta bandar Bintulu khasnya.

Nurul Syuhadah seperti penduduk Semenanjung Malaysia yang lain sememangnya beranggapan bahawa Sarawak adalah sebuah negeri yang mundur. Kebanyakan mereka tidak mengetahui bahawa Sarawak merupakan pengeluar minyak serta gas asli utama Malaysia. Yang mereka tahu adalah minyak Malaysia dihasilkan oleh PETRONAS dan bukan Sarawak. 

Nurul (gambar atas) di dalam sebuah rancangan terbitan TV3 telah secara spontan mengatakan bahawa Bintulu merupakan sebuah bandar yang daif. Kenyataannya telah menimbulkan kemarahan rakyat Sarawak. Di antara mereka yang menyuarakan rasa marah mereka terhadap Nurul adalah Pemuda PAS Sarawak.

Pemuda PAS Sarawak berkata, kenyataan oleh Nurul Syuhada Nurul Ain semasa lintas langsung stesen itu kelmarin " benar-benar mengguris hati rakyat Sarawak".

"Kenyataan spontan mengenai kedaifan Bintulu ini menunjukkan ketidakpedulian pengacara TV3 tersebut, yang juga merupakan seorang wartawan. 

"Jika kualiti kewartawanan di TV3 adalah sebegini rendah, tidak hairanlah berita-berita di TV3 setaraf berita kedai kopi, penuh fitnah dan tangkap muat," kata Ketua Pemuda PAS Sarawak Mohd Arifiriazul Paijo.

Bintulu juga bakal menjadi tuan rumah perayaan sambutan Hari Malaysia peringkat kebangsaan pada 16 September ini.

Dalam kenyataannya terbaru beliau , Mohd Arifiriazul berkata, hakikatnya, Bintulu, merupakan bandar ketiga terbesar di Sarawak dan merupakan hub industri LNG di Sarawak yang menjadi penyumbang utama pendapatan negara.

"Kami menggesa pihak TV3 memohon maaf atas ucapan semberono pengacara mereka mengenai Bintulu. 

"Kami menasihatkan pihak TV3 mewajibkan kerja rumah kepada semua wartawan mereka sebelum menerbitkan sesuatu berita," katanya.

Bagaimanapun, dewan itu berpendapat, isu itu timbul kerana kerajaan negeri didakwa gagal membangunkan Sarawak sehingga dilabel daif. 

"Masyarakat umum masih menganggap Sarawak sebagai negeri miskin dan daif, kecuali di kawasan bandar seperti Kuching. Ini merupakan satu persepsi umum yang ada benarnya," katanya.

Semoga Kenyataan Nurul Dapat Membuka Mata Rakyat Sarawak

Adalah diharapkan pendedahan yang dibuat oleh TV3 serta Nurul khasnya akan dapat membuka mata penduduk Sarawak tentang sejauh mana kekayaan negeri ini telah dirompak oleh kerajaan BN untuk kemajuan di Semenanjung sehingga tempat sendiri di dalam keaadaan yang serba kekurangan serta daif.

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Takkan Najib Lebih Besar Daripada DYMM Agong

Sunday, 2nd September 2012

Gangnam Najib Style : Takkan Najib Lebih Penting Daripada Agong..

  Takkan Najib lebih besar daripada Agong. Meminjam frasa yang sama yang digunakag oleh Najib seperti yang ditulis oleh BERNAMA iaitu ajensi berita yang  pro-UMNO di dalam laporannya yang cuba mengapi-apikan perasaan benci rakyat Selangor terhadap kerajaan pimpinan Pakatan Rakyat (PR) dengan  menggambarkan seolah-olah bahawa kerajaan PR tidak menghormati institusi DiRaja. Di dalam tulisannya, BERNAMA telah menggelarkan  kerajaan Selangor sebagai lebih mengutamakan ketua pembangkang kalau dibandingkan dengan Sultan Selangor, ini kerana menurut Najib, kerajaan Selangor di bawah naungan Pakatan Rakyat (PR) telah  tidak menjemput Sultan Selangor tetapi sebaliknya menjemput Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim (DSAI) ke majlis Di Ambang Merdeka peringkat Negeri Selangor pada 30 Ogos 2012.

Pemimpin Yang Bakal Menduduki Kerusi Najib Sebagai PM : Najib Takut Akan DSAI

Apa Kata Tan Sri Khalid

Bertindak ke atas tuduhan Najib, Tan Sri Khalid telah memberikan penjelasan dan mengatakan  bahawa Pejabat Setiausaha Kerajaan Negeri (SUK) Selangor telah mematuhi segala amalan dan prosedur dalam menganjurkan majlis tersebut. Menurut Tan Sri Abdul Khalid Ibrahim pejabat SUK mempunyai pengalaman luas dalam mengadakan program seumpama itu pada tahun-tahun sebelum ini dan beliau “tidak berasa sangsi dengan keupayaan pejabat SUK menganjurkan sambutan itu dengan betul dan tertib”.
Sambutan ini bukanlah daripada penglibatan parti politik semata-mata tetapi ia dilaksanakan pegawai kerajaan menerusi pejabat SUK untuk beberapa tahun sebelum ini termasuk pentadbiran terdahulu,
kata Menteri Besar kepada pemberita selepas melancarkan sebuah pameran kartun di Galeri Shah Alam di sini. 

MB Selangor Yang Telah Berjaya Menahan Sebotaj UMNO

Beliau menyangkal dakwaan Najib bahawa kerajaan Selangor pimpinan PKR membelakangkan Sultan Selangor, Sultan Sharafuddin Idris Shah apabila tidak menjemput baginda ke majlis sambutan itu. Mengulas lanjut, Abdul Khalid berkata satu jawatankuasa khas dianggotai wakil pejabat SUK dan Menteri Besar ditubuhkan setiap kali menjelang sambutan ambang kemerdekaan.

Untuk menyokong hujahnya, Tan Sri Khalid berkata pihaknya mengadakan perjumpaan dengan Sultan Selangor setiap hari Rabu sebelum mesyuarat exco untuk memaklumkan mengenai segala program yang diadakan di negeri itu termasuk sambutan ambang kemerdekaan.

Bukti Bahawa Kerajaan Selangor Tidak Membelakangkan Sultan

Menurut satu sumber yang enggan dikenalpasti, adalah menjadi amalan biasa pejabat SUK untuk menjemput Sultan Selangor hanya untuk berangkat ke Majlis Bacaan Yasin, Tahlil dan Doa Selamat sempena sambutan Hari Kemerdekaan, dan bukannya untuk sambutan malam ambang kemerdekaan.

Apakah Motif  PM Najib Membuat Kenyataan Yang Berunsur Fitnah Tersebut?

PM Najib Serta UMNO Tidak Layak Untuk Bercakap Pasal Kesetiaan Kepada Raja. Lihat Apa yang telah mereka Lakukan..

Daripada kenyataan Tan Sri Khalid berkenaan adalah jelas bahawa beliau cuba mensebotaj kerajaan negeri Selangor. Ini bukanlah kes terpencil yang dilakukan oleh Kerajaan BN pimpinan Najib cuba untuk mensebotaj kerajaan negeri. Terdahulu niat murni kerajaan negeri untuk memberikan air percuma kepada rakyatnya telah turut disebotaj oleh BN iaitu melalui Syarikat Pembekalan Air Selangor dengan cara mencatu bekalan air kepada penduduk Selangor, walaupun terbukti bahawa pusat takungan air sedia ada mampu untuk membekalkan air kepada penduduk Selangor. Dalam hal ini saya ingin bertanya kepada NGO yang pro UMNO seperti PERKASA kenapa laporan polis tidak dibuat?

Kepada kerajaan BN serta Najib sendiri, jangan cuba mempermainkan isu kesetiaan kerajaan PR kepada Raja-raja Melayu ini kerana kerajaan PR tidak pernah menderhaka kepada raja-raja Melayu yang adil. Tetapi sebaliknya kerajaan BN sendiri telah terbukti bahawa merekalah yang pernah dan sentiasa memperlekehkan Raja-raja. Ingat lagi apa yang (Tun) Mahathir telah buat terhadap kekebalan Raja-raja serta apa yang penyokong BN telah buat apabila Sultan Terengganu tidak memperkenankan Idris Jusoh sebagai Menteri Besar Terengganu? 

Rakyat Nampak, Dengar Serta Tahu Tentang Keadaan Sebenar

Grup Tarian Gangnam Buntut : Tak Ada Ciri-Ciri Bekas Tentera Langsung Tapi Nak Mengaku sebagai Bekas Tentera. Di Dalam Tentera Tak Pernah Di Ajarpun Tarian Gangnam Buntut Ni : Grup NGO Pro-UMNO
Kesetiaan UMNO Kepada Raja

Setianya UMNO Kepada Raja : Tak Ada Pula Grup Gangnam Tarian Buntut Buat Persembahan Di Hadapan Rumah Pemimpin UMNO!

Najib tidak boleh mendabik dada bahawa kerajaan pusat tidak pernah membelakangkan DYMM Agong di dalam aktiviti-aktiviti tajaannya. Sebagai contohnya  (tidak semua) twitter 1 juta untuk PM, kenapa tidak twitter untuk DYMM Agong? Itu hanyalah satu program sahaja, sebenarnya ada  berlambak lagi program yang dianjurkan oleh BN yang lebih mengutamakan PM dibandingkan  dengan keutamaan kepada DYMM Agong.

Saya juga ingin menyentuh serba sedikit tentang perayaan Hari Kebangsaan pada tahun ini ( 55 Tahun Hari Kemerdekaan Malaya) yang merupakan aktiviti anjuran kerajaan BN yang terbaru sekali serta tidak mengutamakan tema yang lebih nasionalis serta menunjukkan kesetiaan kepada Raja dan Negara. Kita tidak perlu tanya lepasan universiti untuk mengetahui bahawa tema hari Kebangsaan yang ke-55  yang berbunyi "Janji Ditepati" adalah satu tema yang berbau politik atau tidak. Pelajar tahun 5 pun dapat mengetahui bahawa tema tersebut adalah berbau politik. Oleh itu jangan salahkan rakyat sekiranya sambutan kemerdekaan pada tahun ini tidak semeriah tahun-tahun yang lepas yang mempunyai tema yang lebih nasionalis serta dapat diterima oleh semua rakyat tidak mengira kepercayaan politik.
Saya juga hairan kenapa PERKASA tidak membuat laporan polis atau membuat tarian Gangnam Buntut di hadapan kediaman PM?

Tapi Najib, Rakyat Tidak BODOH

Kepada PM Najib serta pemimpin-pemimpin BN yang lain, saya ingin mengingatkan agar melihat sekeliling serta lihat diri sendiri di dalam cermin sebelum mengeluarkan kenyataan untuk mengelakkan daripada terkena diri sendiri. Satu perkara yang perlu diteliti adalah "Rakyat bukan BODOH"

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Saturday, September 1, 2012

Zaki Watch-Out Your Stinking Mouth : Politically the Dayak are Stupid But Not In Intelligence

Saturday, 1st September 2012

Kuantan, Pahang

His Stupidity Prevails

 The first time when I read the article in Free Malaysia Today, just like the rest of my people, his statement did anger me. I would be alright for me  if the statement came from the stupid fellows like Ibrahim Ali or the racist ex-PM because they were both indeed already been  known as racist. But the statement came from the chairman of the Special Review Commission on Civil Service Transformation the person who is supposed to be more intelligent and not biased.

I attached below the article published in Free Malaysia Today, for everyone to read. If you like the article please leave your comments.

Dayak leaders including those from the Barisan Nasional and the opposition are up in arms against a proposal to lower the requirements for ethnic minority groups to enter the civil service. Some even described the recommendation as an insult and mockery to the Dayak community. The focus of their indignation was directed at Zaki Azmi, the chairman of the Special Review Commission on Civil Service Transformation. On Tuesday, Zaki said that the commission would recommend to the government to lower the qualification requirements for the Dayaks and other non-Malay natives not only to enable them to be recruited to the civil service, but also to address the imbalance of racial composition within the civil service. 

Fighting for the Dayaks or For Their Votes

The first to fire the salvo was the president of Parti Rakyat Sarawak and Land Development Minister James Masing. He said he did not agree that the quality of the civil service should be compromised by the lowering of entry criteria for ethnic minority groups. He said that there were enough qualified people from the minority groups who could be roped in to serve in the civil service. “Lowering the standard for the sake of the Dayaks is not good. I oppose such a move. But if the main criterion for civil service requirement is merit, then we have enough Dayaks who are qualified to be recruited,” he said. Masing pointed out that no encouragement was needed to attract more Dayaks into the civil service as long as recruitment and promotion were done purely on meritocracy.

Even an NGO, the Miri branch of Orang Ulu Association, opposed the proposal. Its chief Peter Kallang described Zaki’s move as a “mockery and insult” as if there were too few Dayaks qualified to take up jobs in the civil service. “We have many qualified Dayaks working all over the world, with some even employed in international companies. What do you mean we are not qualified?” he asked. Kallang pointed out that there were two reasons why so few Dayaks are in the civil service and these had nothing to do with qualifications. “One, almost all of the top civil servants are from a single ethnic group. “And two, without a set of transparent and unambiguous criteria based on merits, promotions are inevitably subject to the personal judgment of those who do the recruitment and promotion. “The tendency to choose and promote would thus be in favour of those who share a common background with the recruiters, for example, ethnicity, religion, hometown and so on. “Thus, this boils down to discrimination,” he said. Dayaks are dedicated Kallang also said that as far as Dayaks are concerned, once they realised that the majority of civil servants were from a particular racial group, they preferred to be in the private sector “where they may not have to struggle with the hurdle of dealing with discrimination due to ethnicity, religion, and hometown”. 

The Piasau division Sarawak Progressive Democratic Party (SPDP) Youth chief James Joshua also expressed similar feelings. He said that Dayaks were dedicated, hardworking and capable as evident by their excellent services in the military

Baru Bian...The Real Dayak Leader

Sarawak PKR chief Baru Bian said that he could not help but feel indignant and annoyed at Zaki’s statement. “Any reasonable person reading that statement would take it to mean that the ethnic groups of Sabah and Sarawak do not have the intelligence and qualifications to join the esteemed civil service and are somewhat deficient because of that. “I wish to ask the commission chairman [Zaki] to produce statistics to justify his stand. Can we please see the civil service racial parity statistics for last three decades? “It is too simplistic to assume that the percentage of ethnic people in the civil service is low because they do not meet the requirements,” he said. “If the Special Review Commission is really sincere about wanting to correct the imbalance, let them look at the problem squarely in the face and call it what it is,” 

Bian said. He also asked the commission why is that so many civil servants and heads of most federal agencies and services in Sarawak were from Peninsular Malaysia. “We do not have the exact figures on the number of directors in the civil service. Deputy Chief Minister [Alfred Jabu Anak Numpang] skirted the issue when he was asked about it during the last State Legislative Assembly sitting for a percentage breakdown of ethnic groups who hold ‘director’ posts in the civil service departments. “He informed the state assembly that Bumiputeras held 88% and non-Bumiputeras held 12% of the director posts and that there are 100 ‘Anak Sarawak’ holding posts as department chiefs in the Sarawak civil service.

 “What we want to know is how many of the 88% Bumiputeras holding director posts are Sarawakians. Although it is nice to know that there are 100 ‘Anak Sarawak’ department chiefs, that is not what we want to know. Anyway, that figure seen in isolation does not mean anything to us. “What is the figure as a percentage of the total number of department chief posts available in Sarawak? “What is the rationale of sending civil servants from Peninsular Malaysia to fill positions which Sarawakians are perfectly capable of filling?” he asked, pointing out that most of those transferred are unhappy about being sent to Sarawak. Election ploy? 

Bian also said Sarawak is considered a “hardship” posting, and to compensate those who were transferred there, the government has to spend extra to pay them “hardship” allowances. “Similarly, Sarawakian civil servants do not want to be posted away from their hometowns to the Peninsula. “I believe that civil servants will be more motivated and committed to their jobs if they are serving in their home states. “This is not to say that we are against integration between Peninsular Malaysia and Sarawak; our main concern is that the director posts in all government departments should be held by Sarawakians,” Bian said. 

He added that it was now imperative that the federal government give “immediate effect” to the “Borneonisation” of the civil service. This is so that Sarawakians can play a direct role in the administration of their home state as was envisaged by the leaders who insisted on the 18-Point Agreement before agreeing to join in the formation of Malaysia. Questioning the motive of the commission in raising the issue, Bian said: “Lack of qualification is not a factor.

 “It makes me wonder whether the ‘magnanimous’ gesture of the commission so close to the election is yet another election gimmick. “To truly effect a change in the public service requires moral fortitude and resolute commitment, which I hope the Special Review Commission and Public Services Commission possess in plentiful supply.

 “However, judging from this initial recommendation, I have my doubts. “Please do not condescend to the Dayaks by offering this special concession, which purports to address a non-existent issue. “Besides being a gross insult to the Dayaks, it most definitely does not offer a solution to the real cause of the poor representation of ethnic minority groups in the civil service. “The people recognise a whitewash when they see one,” Bian added.

"Dayak Think Wisely Whether BN or PR is more relevant to Sarawak"

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