Monday, August 20, 2012

Two Of Taib's Ministers Rob Natives Of Their NCR Lands In Melikin Balai Ringin

Monday, 20th Aug 2012
From Kuantan

 Yesterday was considered the end of my incubation period from doing something that I like most that is to expose what the BN Government has done to the native of Sarawak. Being miles away from Sarawak, my only sources were from the teleconversation  that I had with friends and relatives in Sarawak and other reliable sources such as the report  from  the Sarawak Report,  the Borneo Post and the rest of Political Blogs belonging to the Dayaks.

These are the Top Two Ministers in Taib's Cabinet that actively robbing the natives of their NCR Lands

To start with, I would like to write about the robbing of the NCR Lands in Melikin by the two BN's YBs under the eyes of YB Snowdan Lawan and the knowledge of the MACC (Shall I call this commission as Ministry Assisting Corruption Commission ?). There are three main reasons why I chose this subject for my writing today. First because it involves the robbing of NCR lands, second because the YB that had been voted and supposed to help the rakyat did not do anything and Thirdly because the Robbers were assisted by the Police and the MACC allowed the crime to be committed under their full knowledge.

Melikin Where Five Natives  Were Being Detained and Accused  For Arson and Assault By The Police 

The Native Lands Being Robbed By A Company Belong to Awang Tengah and Noroden

Not Only Their Land Being Robbed But the Trees Also Robbed By Noroden and Awang Tengah

Noroden and Awang Tengah Plantation Area!

Their Ancestral Grave Will Be Bulldozed By Noroden and Awang Tengah Company to Give Way For Oil Palm Plantations 

About last week, five NCR land owners from Melikin Balai Ringin  were detained by the police for defending their lands against being robbed by the company United Teamtrade Sdn Bhd which was belong to Noroden Majais and Awang Tengah. They accused of arson and assault. This is not the first case that the police being used by the politician to harass the land owner in Sarawak. End of last year, few land owners in Tekuyong-Ubah were also detained by the police. The people are wonder now a days wether the police are working for the people or the land robbers. What make the matter worse, YB Snowdan Lawan aware about what had happened but could not do anything about it.

Their Elected YB Who Only Interested  With Playing Guitar Had Failed to Defend their Most Valuable Asset From Awang Tengah and Norodem. Kick Him Out in the Coming Election!

Awang Tengah and Noroden are not from a rich families but if one look at their houses today, one will never believe that they both came from poor families. But why cant the MACC take action against them? What type of evidences do they still needed? Are they waiting until those politicians are no longer in power. Being the citizen of Sarawak, I urge the MACC to take action immediately.

The Two Houses Above Are Belong to The Two NCR Land Robbers In Sarawak! Come  On MACC even a Primary 5 student also knows  That  the Corruption Is Taking   Place!

To all the people of Sarawak especially the dayak who had been badly affected by the NCR land robberies by the BN politicians, I hereby urge you all to  vote them out in the coming election.

Mupok Aku


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Anonymous said...

Dont just talk, if you Iban warriors behead 10 of these land grappers, they will never step into your land.

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