Saturday, October 8, 2011

Masing Introduces Another New Land Development Concept To Cheat Iban of their NCR Lands

Saturday, 8th October 2011

After failure miserably with the "New Land Development Concept or Konsep Gaya Baru" Masing has came up with a new concept to develop the NCR Land. Being the owner of the NCR land that had been cheated of my lands I am advising Masing to do not gamble our land..our most precious assets!

As reports in most of the local newspaper today, the Land Development Ministry is considering four alter-native models to ensure a productive development of native customary rights (NCR) land.

The four models are leasing, profit-sharing and nucleus out-growers (private sector driven), and management and profit-sharing (government-led).

The four models were recommended by the Government Transformation Programme (GTP) Sabah-Sarawak Lab held last year.

Minister Tan Sri Dr James Masing said the alternative models were being considered because response from landowners under the new concept of NCR development introduced in 1994 had been luke- warm.

Masing said " After more than 10 years of implementing the concept, it has brought unsatisfactory result.So we are considering the alternative models because we want it to benefit all the stakeholders in the land development. The ministry is serious in eradicating rural poverty and this can only be done if the land is productive.

Under the new concept, a joint venture to develop NCR land is formed between the private sector as investor owning 60% of the share, the landowners who own 30% and the managing agent representing the government and the rights of the participating landowners who holds 10% for a 60 years period.

However, as of April 30 this year, only 55,988 hectares of land had been developed into oil palm plantation under the concept by 38 joint companies.

The lukewarm response was due to the low dividend paid out to the participating landowners and not on time too due to the high gearing involved as the investor had to source for the necessary fund to develop the project without any public fund.

Masing said besides oil palm, rubber would also be seriously considered as an alternative crop to be planted.

“This is because rubber is more prominent now because it is a high price commodity now,” he added.

Masing might get the wrong information. The failure of the New Concept lies on following reasons :-
(1) 60 years period is considered as too long for the JV.
(2) Unfairly JV distribution wheras the land owners only own 30%
(3) The JV has never bring any profits therefore had failed to eradicate poverty among land owners
(4) The land owner has no say in term of administration and business decision of the JV
(5) Anything gone wrong with the project, the owner of the NCR lands will lose their lands.
To Masing, please keep your mouth shut if it is only meant to destroy the dayak and to rob us of our NCR  Lands.

Mupok Aku

Ibrahim Ali The Sleeping MP

Saturday, 18th Oct 2011

Ibrahim Ali aka Katak MP won the Pasir Mas Constituency in the 12 GE using PAS ticket. But after he won the seat, he back-stabbed PAS and became UMNO friendly MP.
He was made the President of PERKASA by Racist Mahathir. Let us find out what is this racist MP doing when attending Parliament meeting.

Most of the time when we talk about Ibrahim Ali we will imagine someone who is very outspoken in defending UMNO cronies, the MP who betrayed PAS the party that helped him to get his MP status, the fierce looking person who dared to wagging war against the Malaysian Chinese, and the person who dared to declare holy war (Jihad) against the Malaysian Christians.

But the photo that I am going to share with all readers of below totally different from what this Katak MP always portrayed in the name of PERKASA (NGO that defends UMNO). This katak MP was shown sleeping in the background of the parliament CCTV while his fellow BN MP making speech. But the next day, this Katak MP defended his Sleeping whilst in the tour of duty as MP paid by the tax payer monies as due to the cought syrup that he took during the sitting. Hi Katak MP, F**K You..If you dont feel healthy stay at home. Parliament is better without you.

Mupok Aku

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