Monday, September 26, 2011

SNAP all for transparent, democratic and corruption-free government — Dundang

Monday, 26th Sep 2011

SNAP which produced the first Chief Minister of Sarawak through Dato Stephen Kalong Ningkan should not perish. Eventhough it performance during the just concluded state election held in April 2011 was not that something in which the party members should not be proud whit but it does not mean that the party is weak. The new blood in the party should work hard in order to return the supports of the Dayak thus return the party past glory. Datok Seri Daniel Tajem presence last night truely indicated that the party will get the supports of the Dayak ....www.Bukittunggal.Com

Edwin Dundang.

KUCHING: 25th Sep 2011 (Grand Continental Hotel)

Sarawak National Party (SNAP) will continue to uphold its political struggle of ensuring a transparent, democratic and corruption free government, assured its president Edwin Dundang.

Delivering his speech at a dinner to welcome delegates to the party’s 17th triennial general assembly at the Grand Continental Hotel here on Saturday, he called on members to support this struggle, which he labeled as “the struggle of the majority of people in the state”.

“SNAP is a multiracial and the only local-based political party in the opposition. We have every reason to rejoice and celebrate as SNAP is alive to continue its political struggle of ‘Sarawak for Sarawakians’.

“I urge and assure those who wish to carry on with the struggle of the party to be astute in pursuing the noble objective of the party. The strength of the party is what we all make it to be, as the party belongs to all of us,” added Dundang at the dinner which was also held to celebrate the party’s 50th anniversary.

He also advised all members to continue to be responsible and accountable to ensure the party’s survival and success.

Touching on the turmoil that SNAP had endured in its 50-year history, Dundang called on all members to put the bad episodes behind and focus on the future and rebuilding of the party.

“Now is the time to put this harrowing experience behind us. We have shown much resilience in the face of trouble.

“If we can go through all these crises, there is no reason why we cannot go forward to a more successful future. We have gone through the worst rock bottom scenario. We can’t go further down but to rebound upwards. The pendulum of ‘what goes down must go up back again’ is the law of nature,” he pointed out.

Dundang explained that in the last half century, SNAP’s political enemies had been resorting to many tactics to weaken and destroy the party.

These, he said, included the invocation of the Emergency Rule, the removal of the late Tan Sri Datuk Amar Stephen Kalong Ningkan from the chief minister’s office, the use of ISA on the late former deputy chief minister Datuk Amar James Wong (and other leaders of SNAP) and the splitting of the party via mass desertion.

Ningkan, the state’s first chief minister, founded the party on April 10, 1961.

As a member of the winning alliance, SNAP formed the first state government in 1963.

So immense was the support for SNAP that when it pulled out of the Sarawak alliance and became an opposition party, the party managed to win 18 out of 48 seats in the 1974 state election.

“SNAP has touched so many lives in the state and these people will remember. I hope that these people will support and help the party one way or another. This great party is here for all Sarawakians to work on and realise their hopes and dreams.

“I believe no political party in the state can equal SNAP in all these experiences, be they bitter or sweet, painful or glorious and also ‘dead and alive’ again all in the name of politics and nation building,” continued Dundang.

Also present among the 500 guests on Saturday were SNAP advisor Dato Sri Daniel Tajem and secretary-general Stanley Jugol.

Mupok Aku

This article was first published in Borneo Post Online this morning

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