Sunday, September 25, 2011

DPM Tries to Fool The Non-Muslim Voters

Sunday, 25th Sep 2011

Muhyiddin The DPM With A Forked Tongue.

One of the big problem with UMNO to capture Malay votes is for it not supportive of the Hudud Law  implementation in Malaysia. This was started way back during Mahathir premiership. This has caused  UMNO  lost Kelantan and Trengganu to PAS.
In order to win Malay votes and to win back Kelantan and Trengganu particularly, Muhyiddin on Sept 22  said today that Umno supported hudud laws in principle as they were  part and parcel of Islam but stressed that Malaysia was not ready for such laws to be enacted. 

Muhyiddin also reminded the  Muslims that they  could not reject “the reality” that hudud laws were an integral part of their faith but stressed that the party disagreed with opposition parties PAS and PKR that now was the time to introduce hudud.
“The issue here is not the laws (hukum), it is a question of the implementation of hudud,” he said.
Muhyiddin view on implementation of hudud law had received criticisms from among the BN coalition parties (not from non-muslim majority parties from Sarawak of course). Dr Chua Soi Lek the president of Malaysia Chinese Association (MCA) had threaten to quit the BN coalition if UMNO implements hudud law in Malysia.
Muhyiddin Statement Meant to Fish For Malay Votes
As far as we could remember, PAS Since 1993, has been deliberately trying to implement Hudud laws and for the past 18 years since taking over Kelantan, PAS have been using their advantage as the ruling party to try and impose these laws onto the daily routine of the non-Muslims in Kelantan in an attempt to force them to accept Islamic laws.They have not given up their ultimate goal which is to see the implementation of Islamic laws and policies, and this is proven when they passed the Syariah Criminal Code (II) of the Kelantan State Legislative Assembly in 1993. 
Their effort somehow has been recieved resistance from UMNO until 22 Sep 2011 when Muhyiddin said that UMNO will implement hudud in Malysia.
Even a secondary students also know that the only reason why Muhyiddin supported the implementation of hudud law in Malaysia was to win the Malay supports.
The implementation of hudud law in Malaysia if materialized is indeed against the wishes of our forefather that involved in the survey on the  formation of Malaysia. Even thought majority of them  agreed that Islam should be made the official religion of th federation but  none agreed that Malaysia should be made a Muslim country.
All Sarawakians regardless of  our  political parties should cooperate together  so that hudud law is not implemented in Sarawak. To all Sarawakian politicians you were voted in because the  voters wanted you to fight for their rights. To all the Satrawakian voters, let see it for yourself whether your BN representatives should be reelected or not. 
As for SNAP, the main objective of the party is to protect Sarawakians, therefore I am not campaigning here but based on the objective of the party, the best party for us Sarawakian to choose is the party that protect our interests. This is what SNAP intended to do!
Mupok Aku


Malachi Ningkan is new SNAP Youth chief

Sunday, 25th Sep 2011

The Main Aim of the Party is
 to Protect Sarawakian : SNAP Youth
In any political party, the main function of the youth wing is to defend the party from its opponents. SNAP the original party of Sarawak should be defended from any effort by any party to discredit it. It is hope the new committee lineup will be able to do this!

KUCHING:Saturday, 24th Sep 2011.

Malachi Dennis Ningkan, a relative of first chief minister the late Datuk Amar Stephen Kalong Ningkan, has succeeded Dayrell Walter Entrie as SNAP Youth chief following the latter’s decision to make way for young blood.

The new line-up, which came about after the party’s Youth and Women triennial general meeting (TGM) yesterday, saw Yong Choo Kong elected as deputy Youth chief, Semijie Janting (secretary), Collin Uyut (vice-chairperson I) and Mading Balit (vice-chairperson II).

Dan Giang, who was earlier reported by the mass media as eyeing the vice-presidents post, was elected as the Youth wing’s treasurer at the 9th TGM held at the Grand Continental Hotel here.

The Past and Now :Dayrell Walter (L) and Malachi (R)

The Old and the New Guns

The six committee members are Edwin Luta Munan, Aderly Gon, Raju Sang, Patrick Giring, Atin Lamat, and Capt Ayong Entili.

The party’s acting deputy president Kebing Wan, who is also former Telang Usan assemblyman, officiated at the meeting.

Also present at the meeting was SNAP long-serving secretary-general Stanley Jugol.

“The Youth members must work hard to bring strength to the movement and SNAP. Do take note that the party’s strength lies on the number and commitment of the members,” said Dayrell in his address before the meeting.
New Office Bearer: Ice-Breaking

He also advised the members to take full advantage of the social online media to attract youths to join the party and promote more activities on the ground.

He urged them to help promote the party’s cause and struggles online by becoming cyber troopers. This would help the party combat bad reputations and allegations posted online.

Meanwhile, in the Women wing, former acting chief Magdaline Paya Anyi made way for new chairperson Melissa Anne Inddu.

Appointed vice-chairperson is Betty Munji while the two elected vice-chairpersons are Christina Janisah Jeranding and Sabriah Junaidi.

Corrine Labang and Joriah Lada Ding became secretary and assistant secretary respectively, while the treasurer is Valarie Luhong. The four elected committee members are Rabiah Gelieng, Margaret Bugak, Angela Bugak and Cynthia Beatrice Maggie.

Advisor for the women’s wing is Karina Sijun.

Magdaline, who addressed the members before the TGM, said: “Now is the time to strengthen what is left of the party for the people. SNAP, as a local party, should be at its strongest to serve the people. Although finance remains an issue now, we must continue to work hard to build up the party so that it could stand on its own two feet.”

She also advised members not to close the party’s door to those who could bring the party forward.

The Youth and Women’s line-up would serve the party from 2011 till 2014.

Mupok Aku

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