Saturday, June 11, 2011

Snowdan Lawan Punishes Two Village Heads For Failure To Persuade Their Anembiaks to Vote For Him

Saturday, 11th June 2011

Snowdan Lawan uses 1Malaysia Netbook to punish all the village heads (Tuan Rumah) that failed to influence their people to vote for him during the just concluded Sarawak State Election.

Netbook 1Malaysia is a bait for BN to fish for votes from the TRs in Sarawak!

Last week on a first day of Gawai Dayak festival, my uncle who was also the village head (TR) of one of the longhouse under N25-Balai Ringin, showed me the 1Malaysia netbook which was according to him given by YB Snowdan Lawan. At that time I thought all the TRs were given with one.

Yesterday, one again  I went back to Kampong Empaling to visit my mother. Not long after I reached home, at about 10.00PM one of the TR from Kampong Isu came our house. For the benefit of the readers of, Kampong Isu is one of the longhouse under N25-Balai Ringin where Snowdan Lawan lost miserably during the state election and is also the longhouse where Dan Giang one of the candidate that stood against Snowdan Lawan. To cut the story short, while we were having black coffee this TR informed me that he was not very happy with YB Snowdan Lawan and felt humiliated as he was not given with the 1Malaysia Netbook. According to him another TR that was not issued with 1Malaysia netbook due to the same reason was a TR from Kampong Gayau which is located not far from Kampong Isu.

MACC must look into this problem seriously. The netbook was supposed to be given to all those eligible in this case the longhouse Chiefs or TR. The monies for these netbooks came from tax payers and not from Snowdan lawan or his father Donald Lawan. The laptop should not be used as bait for BN to fishing for Votes especially from the TRs.

I am not posting this article here because I am against Snowdan lawan. But my main reason is to inform MACC how BN YBs are using the tax payer monies for their own benefits and to fish for Votes. To MACC what are you waiting for?

Mupok Aku

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