Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Ibrahim Ali Saga: CIA should Interfere

Wednesday, 18th May 2011

After reading Ibrahim Ali aka Ibrahim Katak text of speech about the jihad war against the Christians In Malaysia which was published in the Free Malaysiakini today, I pray to God so that one night CIA will storms into his house and do like what they did to Osama in Pakistan.

Please read the text of his speech which was published in Freemalaysiakini:-

Given the uproar over his call for jihad against the Christians, Malaysiakini uploads the full 45-minute video of his speech.Perkasa chief Ibrahim Ali's call to wage a 'perang salib' or holy war has generated much revulsion among many Malaysians, but not apparently so from government leaders.
Home Minister Hishammuddin Hussein was quick to dismissed Ibrahim - his views do not represent all Muslims in Malaysia, he stressed.
The home minister, however, was conspicuously silent on whether the speech was seditious. Hishammuddin nevertheless took pains to point out that there too are extremists within the Chinese community, though he did not name them.
Meanwhile, his cabinet colleague, de facto law minister Mohd Nazri Abdul Aziz went a step further. He told Malaysiakini yesterday that no action could be taken against Ibrahim as his remarks are now a Malaysian norm.
According to Nazri, no matter how unsettling such remarks are, Malaysians "need to live with" and "be mature" in dealing with such characters as Ibrahim.
At a 1Malaysia event last Saturday, Ibrahim, in railing against the alleged pledge by a group of Christian pastors to create a Christian state in Malaysia, blamed certain parties for undermining the "sovereignty" and "dignity" of Islam as the nation's official religion and Malays' special privileges.
He went as far as to accuse these parties of being agents of the banned Communist Party of Malaya, who are emboldened by support from PKR advisor and former deputy premier Anwar Ibrahim, Islamic party PAS and Malay liberals.
Some notable quotes

Among his more notable statements that night include:
"... Sebenarnya, darah saya sekarang ini tengah panas ni. Ini bukan main-main. Darah saya tengah panas, bulu roma saya sedang tegak ni... sebab majlis terakhir (saya) di Kelantan tadi, saya istihar, di hadapan polis, saya sebut kepada kakitangan keselamatan, kalau nak sampaikan ini ke Bukit Aman, silakan. Tolong tape apa yang saya cakap."
(... Actually, my blood is boiling now. I am not fooling around. My blood is boiling, and my hairs are standing on end... because at (my) last event in Kelantan, I declared, in front of the police, I told the security officials, if you want to inform Bukit Aman, be my guest. Please tape what I am saying.)
"Kalau ada pihak di Pulau Pinang, terutama diantara paderi Kristian, yang didokong oleh DAP Pulau Pinang, terus dengan agenda yang kita tahu, niat mereka ini, saya tawar... kalau nak perang salib boleh. Ini Salahuddin Ayyubi dari negara Malaysia," he said, comparing himself to legendary Muslim leader of the Crusades, Saladin.
(If there are those in Penang, especially among Christian priests, who are supported by DAP Penang, intending to continue with their agenda which we know, their intentions, this is my offer... we can have holy war. This is Salahuddin Ayyubi of Malaysia.)
"Sampai sekarang ini, usaha mencabar posisi, kedaulatan dan digniti kita umat Melayu Islam, terus menurus, dihayunkan di sana sini. Cabaran ke arah posisi kedaulatan digniti kita umat Melayu Islam, yang menjadi penduduk majoriti, yang menjadi penduduk dan ketuanan negara asal ini, mereka cabar terus menerus."
(Until now, efforts to challenge the position, sovereignty and dignity of Malay Muslims, continues, swung back and forth. The challenge directed at our sovereignty and dignity as Malay Muslims, who form the majority, who are the true sons of the soil, is relentless.)
"Bermula dengan isu-isu bangsa, sekarang berjangkit kepada isu-isu agama. Bila berjangkit kepada isu agama, ertinya jihad."
(Starting with race issues, it has spread to religious issues. When it spread to religious issues, it means 'jihad'.)
One version against many others
"Mula mula bila tercetus berita ini, keesokan hari semua nafi, dan seolah-olah tuduh pula Utusan (Malaysia) tidak bertanggungjawab. Tanya setiausaha agung Perkasa, tanya rakan-rakan Perkasa... saya salah seorang awal-awal lagi saya kata 'sah, benda ini betul'."
(When news of this first broke, the next day they all denied it, as if Utusan has been irresponsible. Ask Perkasa's secretary-general, ask Perkasa's friends... I am among the earliest to say 'confirmed, this is true'.)
This is despite denials from those who had attended the meeting of the pastors that no such pledge was made. Ibrahim however pointed to the police report made by a DAP member, Mohamed Razali, who was present at the event.
But while Mohamed said he had a different version, he did not reveal what exactly happened at the function.
Nevertheless, is Ibrahim's speech seditious? You be the judge. Hear for yourself what Ibrahim said in the full 45-minute video of his speech from that night here.

Mupok Aku

PBB Youth Reminds Not To Deceive Sarawakians

Wednesday, 18th May 2011

PBB Youth...We all knew of your stupidity but please Keep it by yourself....

If  I was given the opportunity to choose the Chief Minister of this lovely land of the Hornbill, I am not going to choose Taib Mahmud. There are many reasons why I am not going to choose him. Among others are  because of his corruption and cronyism practices, and the most importantly of  his ill treatment towards the Iban. After more than 30 years under Taib Mahmud, Iban has became the poorest , the less developed among the natives of Sarawak and the worst thing, our NCR lands have been shrinking. 

Borneo Post today reports that a group of PBB youth led by Wan Hamzah Wan Paie yesterday lodged a police report against Francis Siah at Central Police station over MoCS’ alleged malicious activities. On top of that they also threaten MOC by given it seven days to retract a statement that it would initiate a street demonstration if Chief Minister Pehin Seri Abdul Mahmud does not step down on August 13 this year, failure which, they will seek legal action and meet Home Minister Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Tun Hussein to curb “those subversive elements”.

Being one of the victim of Taib ill treatment, I want PBB youth especially from PESAKA  wing to think carefully whether the should defending Taib Mahmud to remain as the CM of Sarawak. As to the Bumiputera wing, I urge all of you to revisited the just concluded  Sarawak State Election. 
Even thought BN managed to retain Sarawak with more than 2/3 majority but this did not mean that majority of  Sarawakians wanted Taib to stay on. During the campaign, Taib had promised to the voters that he will step down after the election. The pledge was made with the  presence of Najib Razak. And to reinforce this Najib Razak had made similar announcement that Taib will step down after the election. Therefore I have questions  for PBB youth. Question 1, what crime has Francis and MoC members committed by urging Taib Mahmud to step down before 13th August 2011, and my second question, why none of them dare to make report to MACC and the police for his corruption and abused of power practices? 

To the PBB youth I warns everyone of you to go to Kota Sentosa hospital to check your mental state. No normal Sarawakian  would like Taib Mahmud to still cling on to power except those like PBB youth members whose mind were retarded!

To the rest of Sarawakians especially the dayak, let's pray for Taib to step down and to face the law for his corruptions and cronyism practices.

Mupok Aku

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