Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Najib Uses Police to Slander Anwar

Wednesday, 4th May 2011

Instead of giving lecture on National Security Abdul Rahman Ismail  gave lectures on Anwar Sodomy Case and Accused Anwar of guilty in the sex video...PKR vice president Azmin Ali has exposed BN Dirty Tactic

Azmin Ali has revealed that the senior police officer from Bukit Aman had been used by Najib to give lectures to more than 2000 principals and teachers in Kelantan.
Azmin revealed that the police has been identified as Senior Assistant Commissioner Abdul Rahman Ismail from Bukit Aman. He was supposed to give lectures on national security but most of his lectures were elaborating on the sex and pornographic involved Anwar and the Memali incident. Other than that Abdul Rahman had also judged and informed the participants that Anwar was a sodomist and a man who went after prostitutes.

Being the ex-army senior officer, I felt ashamed with the behaviour of this so called the senior officer who was paid with people money but explicitly will do whatever it takes for Najib Razak. If the accusation is true, this government servant should resign immediately.

I didn't blame the IGP as has no power to control his officers. The Alantuya murdered proofed that the SB or officer from Bukit Aman may had recieved directive from this country highest echelon.

Pakatan Rakyat should establish rapport with military since they are seen more incline toward PR. And as for this senior officer if evident is sufficient, police report should be lodged immediately. And if the police fail to take action, he should be sued in court of law.

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