Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Masing Rewarding The Longhouses That Voted For Him Is Tantamount To Vote Buying and Misused Of Government Coffers

Tuesday,3rd May 2011

Hi EC and MACC..Wake Up Will All of You. Was this not Vote Buying and Misused Of Government Coffers?

This is one of the reason why the Iban easily marginalised by BN. Just imagine how the rest of the longhouses that did not vote for him felt. Yes they felt humiliated and ashamed of themselves.The Iban in Baleh particularly the longhouses that were not rewarded should teach him the lesson. Remember that he receives his YB allowance to represent all the people of Baleh and not only those who voted for him!

Throughout my entire life today is the first time that I came across where a political leader rewards  the people that voted for him with money and vase . But this was happened in Baleh and done by one of the most stupid Iban minister, Dr (aha...)Jemut ak Masing. This minister in the mid-80's, I admired him so much this was due to the way how he bravely defended the interests of the Iban particularly their NCR lands alongside Datuk Seri Daniel Tajem from Taib Mahmud and his cronies. But today he is no longer fit himself as the Iban leader but is more qualified as one of the most disgrace Iban leader alongside Jabu Numpang.

In Kapit last night, PRS organised the appreciation dinner for the longhouses in Baleh (N56-Baleh) that  strongly supported him based on the highest number of votes for the BN and having the least votes for Pakatan Rakyat (PKR) during the just concluded 10th Sarawak State Election.

Which Long houses Won the Contest? Be Warned You  Have Been Bought By Masing!

During the dinner, the best long houses that strongly supported the BN went to Polling Station/Team No.17, covering Rumah Mansai, Rumah Unggat and Rumah Pioh at Sungai Majau, the birth place of Masing.The three longhouses records 175 votes for BN with one vote for PKR. Second placing went to polling Station/Team No. 27, covering Rumah Mawang at Nanga Senuang and Rumah Wong at Telok Buing came in second place.The two longhouses recorded 97 votes for BN and a single vote for PKR. The third best went to  the long house of Rumah Barang that has a clean record with all 75 voters from the said long houses voted for BN. And the fourth placing was won by  long houses under Polling Station/Team No.1 namely Rumah Ngiang, Rumah Ajai, Rumah Anchi  and Rumah Robin Bungkong from Sungai Majau.The longhouses recorded 175 votes for BN and 2 votes for PKR.
All the winners were awarded with RM 5000, RM 3000, RM 2500 and RM2000 respectively,  while each of the ‘Tuai Rumah’ was given a vase respectively.
The long houses that had voted for Masing with bigger majority had been rewarded with money. What about the rest of the long houses that exercised their rights according to their wishes and not voted for Masing ? Will they be also deprived of the government funds? And another point which we need to consider is the source of the money  for the rewards came from? MACC should take action pro-actively and not waiting until someone blows the trumpet.

Masing Must Learn What It Takes As A Good Leader

If someone has to be blamed for Taib Mahmud marginality of the Iban, Masing is the top person on the list. Voting  is supposed to be the right of every citizen. He/she may choose whose ever person  that he/she felt is the right candidate for him/her. Giving  rewards to those who voted for him with any form of rewards what to say if the money came from the government coffers is tantamount to misuse of government funds thus should dealt accordingly. Not recognising or deprive those who did not vote for you during the election from any government projects or funds is not suppose to be done by any good leader. We know that you are not a good leader what to say qualified as the "Iban Paramount Leader" but it still not to late for you to learn what it need to be a good leader. You must learn to accept the fact that not many people in Baleh like you. But it is not their problem. It is yours. Being a leader you must a way how to win their hearts and make them like you. Deprived and sideline them will make the matter worst.
Another fact that you need to accept whether you like it or not is that you are being paid by the tax payer money thus you must serve everyone (those who voted or did not vote for you) in N56-Baleh.
To the PRS and to you Masing, please do not over joys. Pakatan Rakyat is getting stronger and stronger  especially with the DAP and SNAP planned merger. If you dont change your behaviour you and your party may lose miserably in the coming Parliament or State election.

Mupok Aku

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