Friday, March 25, 2011

Foolish Salang Gandum

Thursday, 24th March 2011

All this while I have been thinking that Jabu is the most stupid Iban Minister ever born on the land of the head hunter. But after reading the article entitled "Christians should not make fools of themselves over Alkitab, says Sarawak BN leader" published by MalaysianInsider this morning, I started to realised that Jabu is not the only stupid minister that we or the Iban ever  have.
Few month back, I read about a long house chief in Julau who complained about the wifi project initiated by Salang but merely after 3 days the wifi could not be used due to no electricity and since then the project has became a white elephant...wrongly appreciation by Salang the stupid leader.
But His comment made against the action of The Sarawak Ministers Fellowship which planned to gather over 2000 Christians in Kuching on 24th March 2011 to protest against the confiscation of the 30,000 Malay language bibles by the government was the most stupid and irrationale comments made by this stupid dayak minister.
I just could not believed in what I read how in the world he has the conscience to agree with the action of Najib's government to confiscate Alkitab and then conditional release them by stamping the Christian holy scripture with "For Christianity Only"? The bible with the word Allah has been in used by  Christian in Sarawak for years but why only now the BN government does not allow the usage of such word. And you Salang the only reason why you are in Putra Jaya is to represent and to safeguard the people of Christian faith and not to turn against them.
About the action of the 2000 christians who planned to gather and pray,  what wrong with that. They were not planning to throw the cow head into the compound of the temple nor they planned to throw the head of the pig into the compound of the mosque but what they planned to do was to pray to God the Almighty.
I being the Christian myself felt greatly insult by what you said therefore demand your apology.
To all the voters in Julau, remember not to re-elect this stupid minister in the coming election. This stupid minister is not fit to represent you especially  the Christian voters in Julau. As for the coming state election, remember not to choose BN as your representataive because no matter who you are going to choose , any BN man will  say what had been said by Joseph Salang......DO NOT Choose BN but choose the Pakatan Rakyat candidate instead!


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