Thursday, January 20, 2011

Dayak Must Go back To basic By Joining SNAP

Thursday, 20th January 2011

"The New SNAP in the making...Starting Point in SIBU"

Is PKR The Right Party For Dayak/Iban?

About three years ago I decided to join Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) because I could not find any party that fit to my struggle at that time. 
But lately I saw the party has diverted from its original struggle. Greed and power has become the norm among leaders in the party. The resignation of Zaid Ibrahim and Jefferrey Kitingan has weaken the party further. Thing became worst with both leaders forming-up their own party and NGO; Zaid formed Parti Kesejahteraan Insan Tanah Air (KITA) whareas Jeffrey Kitingan formed  United Borneo Front (UBF).

Just like UMNO, Internal bickering, politicking, back-stabbing, treason, sabotage have begun to rear its ugly head within the party. I don't have to go far to provide an example. During the party election in P202, one can see how the three candidates Jimmy, Ibi and Cubbold could not see face  to face with each others. 

Why Iban/Dayak Should Join SNAP

In December 2010, the same friend that influenced me to join PKR had talked to me about the plan by SNAP leadership to rejuvenate (as I preferred to call it, even thought the party leaderships called it rebranding) the party

At first I was not interested to join the party because  the party crisis in 1983 which resulted in the formation of the PBDS still very clear in my mind. Just like the majority of the dayak/Iban ( eventhought I was still studying in Form 3 at the time of the  crisis ) my family was the strong supporter of SNAP and its young aspiring politician Datuk Daniel Tajem. 
But with the new development especially with Datuk Daniel Tajem returned to the party by becoming its advisor, has changed my feeling towards the party. 

Other than that I have been looking at PKR as not very serious with Sarawak. The party is
more focused on the general election in the peninsula. It is not interested in Sarawak. If the party is not intetrested with us, why we should stay cling to the party?

I Urge the Iban/Dayak to Join SNAP

Most if not all the Dayak/Iban that are  in the PKR nowasaday are from the supporter of  the unregistered Malaysia Dayak Congress. Since SNAP has rebranding itself  similar to the MDC or PBDS. Romours have been flying around that SNAP is a BN tool to sebotage People Alliance (Pakatan Rakyat) cooperation in Sarawak. I guarantee that SNAP presence will fill-up the vacuum left by PBDS. 

I hope that all partyless ex-PBDS members, all dayak leaders and supporters in PKR, DAP and PCM, and also to all the dayak in BN component parties to come together and join this new SNAP.

I am extending this invitation especially to Sdra Baru Bian (who himself was the strong supporter of the unregistered MDS) to join SNAP so as not to split the dayak strength. Let vacant  PKR  because the party is  more suitable for the Malay/Melanau.
Hopefully with this new SNAP, the interests of the dayaks will be assured off... 

Mupok Aku 

Lets Chase Dayak Away (LCDA) By Cobbold John

Wednesday, 19th Jan 2010

Lets Chase Dayak Away (LCDA)

At first glance I thought the book which is authored by one of the Iban philanthropist cum politician from Balai Ringin Saudara Cubbold John is an anti-dayak book.
But after finishing reading the book I discovered that it was about the systematic robbery of  the NCR lands by  by The Sarawak Land Custody and Development Authority (LCDA), and how a group of Iban from Sg. Tenggang fought their way out to defend their NCR lands from being robbed by the government agency that was created by Taib Mahmud and Jabu Numpang.

The book is divided into 31 chapters namely :

Chapter 1. Let's Chase Dayak Away (LCDA)

Chapter 2. What happen to the Dayak leaders

Chapter 3. Deadly Battle over NCR Lands in Pantu

Chapter 4. Ancient Graves of Forefathers completely Destroyed

Chapter 5. Harvesting Oil Palm Fruits From their Own NCR Land

Chapter 6. NCR Land owners in Ubah Pantu Getting Ready to go to Court Battle

Chapter 7. United We Dayak Stand

Chapter 8. Malaysia Day Robbery (September 16th, 2009)

Chapter 9. The Dayaks are Not Criminals

Chapter 10. Police Impersonator Strikes  Again

Chapter 11. Illegal Possession Of Native Customary Land

Chapter 12. Erecting of Illegal Structure On Public Road

Chapter 13. Gawai "Thanks Giving"  2009

Chapter 14. Dayak Against Dayak

Chapter 15. Finally Blood Is  Shed on NCR Land

Chapter 16. Dis-empowerment of the Natives

Chapter 17. Intrusion Into NCR Land Getting Serious

Chapter 18 Pelita will use the Penghulus and Tuai Rumahs.

Chapter 19. Tajem Urges Government of the day to Review Native Law

Chapter 20. Ubah Pantu NCR Land Owners At Risk of Losing Their Lands

Chapter 21. MACC Please Help Us

Chapter 22. The Brooke Government Has Surveyed Our NCR Land In Ubah Pantu

Chapter 23. The NCR Landowners of Pantu Going to High Court

Chapter 24. Three Dayak Farmers  Arrested By The Police For the Fourth Time

Chapter 25. Why Does Kim Loong Berhad Continue to Harass the Dayak Farmers

Chapter 26. Public Harassment and Illegal Arrest and Police Reports

Chapter 27. Abok Farmers Harvesting Oil Palm Fruits at their NCR Lands Arrested

Chapter 28. At the High Court Kuching June 7th 2010

Chapter 29. High Court Hearing Continues, August 9th now back to Sri Aman again

Chapter 30. The cries of the Interverners

Chapter 31. Trip to Kuching Again

Who Should Read This Book

This book is a compilation of the articles from dayak nation, broken shield and Bukittunggal to name a few , about the Iban struggle in defending their NCR lands out and inside the court and the explanation on the gaya baru JV of oil palm between land owners, LCDA and government appointed company.
This book thus must be read by all the Dayaks who own most of the NCR lands in Sarawak which have been affected by Taib Mahmud Politic of  Development.

Where and How  to Get the Book

As saudara Cubbold put it, at this moment the book is not for sale. But for those who would like to own the book can call saudara cubbold at Dayak Nation.

Mupok Aku

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