Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Sarawak State Government Reshuffle

Wednesday, 28th Sep 2011

This reshuffle no matter what reason will not benefit Sarawakians as Taib still remain the Chief Minister. I just wonder when is he going to resign...

The state cabinet reshuffle that will take effect on Friday will see a new ministry being created, five ministries renamed and seven new faces including a woman to be appointed as assistant ministers.

Chief Minister Abdul Taib Mahmud said the new ministry would be named the Welfare, Women and Family Development Ministry, to be headed by Fatimah Abdullah and assisted by two new assistant ministers who are also new faces, Rosey Yunus and Robert Lawson Chuat Vincent.

“The other new faces as assistant ministers are Julaihi Narawi, Abdul Karim Hamzah, Len Talif Salleh, Dr Jerip Susil and Liwan Lagang,” he said, adding that the seven would be sworn in on Friday.

Julaihi will be appointed as Industrial Development Assistant Minister (Investment and Promotion) and Rural Development Assistant Minister, and Abdul Karim as Housing Assistant Minister and Social Development Assistant Minister (Youth Development).

Len Talif will be appointed as Resource Planning and Environment Assistant Minister (Environment) and Assistant Minister in the Chief Minister’s Office (Technical Education Promotion), Dr Jerip as Local Government and Community Development Assistant Minister (Public Health), and Liwan as Social Development Assistant Minister (Culture and Heritage).

“All the full ministers will be retained and some of their ministries renamed,” he said.

The five ministries renamed include the Social Development and Urbanisation Ministry, which is now known as Social Development Ministry and headed by Sarawak Progressive Democratic Party (SPDP) president William Mawan Ikom and Environment and Public Health Ministry, now known as Local Government and Community Development Ministry, headed by Sarawak United People’s Party deputy secretary-general Wong Soon Koh.

The Planning and Resource Management Ministry will be known as Resource Planning and Environment Ministry, Housing and Urban Development Ministry as Housing Ministry, and Tourism and Heritage Ministry as Tourism Ministry, with both the ministries under the purview of Abang Johari Openg, who is also Parti Pesaka Bumiputera Bersatu (PBB) deputy president.

Taib, who retains his portfolios in the Finance Ministry and Resource Planning and Environment Ministry, said there was no urgent need for the appointment of second Deputy Chief Minister.

He said the one Deputy Chief Minister post now held by another PBB deputy president, Alfred Jabu Numpang, who is also Rural Development Minister, should not be a big issue.

Two senior ministers

He said Parti Rakyat Sarawak (PRS) president Dr James Jemut Masing who had been retained as Land Development Minister, would also be holding senior minister porfolios together with Soon Koh and Mawan.
He said their role as senior ministers would be to coordinate specific development projects and programmes needed to be undertaken together.

He said PBB senior vice-president Awang Tengah Ali Hassan would be the new Industrial Development Minister, as well as the second Resource Planning and Environment Minister and Public Utilities Minister, while Michael Manyin retained his portfolio as Infrastructure Development and Communications Minister.

He said the Public Works Department (PWD), Agriculture Department and local councils were also being revamped.

“The PWD revamp is almost completed while it may take about five years for the others,” he added.

Monday, September 26, 2011

SNAP all for transparent, democratic and corruption-free government — Dundang

Monday, 26th Sep 2011

SNAP which produced the first Chief Minister of Sarawak through Dato Stephen Kalong Ningkan should not perish. Eventhough it performance during the just concluded state election held in April 2011 was not that something in which the party members should not be proud whit but it does not mean that the party is weak. The new blood in the party should work hard in order to return the supports of the Dayak thus return the party past glory. Datok Seri Daniel Tajem presence last night truely indicated that the party will get the supports of the Dayak ....www.Bukittunggal.Com

Edwin Dundang.

KUCHING: 25th Sep 2011 (Grand Continental Hotel)

Sarawak National Party (SNAP) will continue to uphold its political struggle of ensuring a transparent, democratic and corruption free government, assured its president Edwin Dundang.

Delivering his speech at a dinner to welcome delegates to the party’s 17th triennial general assembly at the Grand Continental Hotel here on Saturday, he called on members to support this struggle, which he labeled as “the struggle of the majority of people in the state”.

“SNAP is a multiracial and the only local-based political party in the opposition. We have every reason to rejoice and celebrate as SNAP is alive to continue its political struggle of ‘Sarawak for Sarawakians’.

“I urge and assure those who wish to carry on with the struggle of the party to be astute in pursuing the noble objective of the party. The strength of the party is what we all make it to be, as the party belongs to all of us,” added Dundang at the dinner which was also held to celebrate the party’s 50th anniversary.

He also advised all members to continue to be responsible and accountable to ensure the party’s survival and success.

Touching on the turmoil that SNAP had endured in its 50-year history, Dundang called on all members to put the bad episodes behind and focus on the future and rebuilding of the party.

“Now is the time to put this harrowing experience behind us. We have shown much resilience in the face of trouble.

“If we can go through all these crises, there is no reason why we cannot go forward to a more successful future. We have gone through the worst rock bottom scenario. We can’t go further down but to rebound upwards. The pendulum of ‘what goes down must go up back again’ is the law of nature,” he pointed out.

Dundang explained that in the last half century, SNAP’s political enemies had been resorting to many tactics to weaken and destroy the party.

These, he said, included the invocation of the Emergency Rule, the removal of the late Tan Sri Datuk Amar Stephen Kalong Ningkan from the chief minister’s office, the use of ISA on the late former deputy chief minister Datuk Amar James Wong (and other leaders of SNAP) and the splitting of the party via mass desertion.

Ningkan, the state’s first chief minister, founded the party on April 10, 1961.

As a member of the winning alliance, SNAP formed the first state government in 1963.

So immense was the support for SNAP that when it pulled out of the Sarawak alliance and became an opposition party, the party managed to win 18 out of 48 seats in the 1974 state election.

“SNAP has touched so many lives in the state and these people will remember. I hope that these people will support and help the party one way or another. This great party is here for all Sarawakians to work on and realise their hopes and dreams.

“I believe no political party in the state can equal SNAP in all these experiences, be they bitter or sweet, painful or glorious and also ‘dead and alive’ again all in the name of politics and nation building,” continued Dundang.

Also present among the 500 guests on Saturday were SNAP advisor Dato Sri Daniel Tajem and secretary-general Stanley Jugol.

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This article was first published in Borneo Post Online this morning

Sunday, September 25, 2011

DPM Tries to Fool The Non-Muslim Voters

Sunday, 25th Sep 2011

Muhyiddin The DPM With A Forked Tongue.

One of the big problem with UMNO to capture Malay votes is for it not supportive of the Hudud Law  implementation in Malaysia. This was started way back during Mahathir premiership. This has caused  UMNO  lost Kelantan and Trengganu to PAS.
In order to win Malay votes and to win back Kelantan and Trengganu particularly, Muhyiddin on Sept 22  said today that Umno supported hudud laws in principle as they were  part and parcel of Islam but stressed that Malaysia was not ready for such laws to be enacted. 

Muhyiddin also reminded the  Muslims that they  could not reject “the reality” that hudud laws were an integral part of their faith but stressed that the party disagreed with opposition parties PAS and PKR that now was the time to introduce hudud.
“The issue here is not the laws (hukum), it is a question of the implementation of hudud,” he said.
Muhyiddin view on implementation of hudud law had received criticisms from among the BN coalition parties (not from non-muslim majority parties from Sarawak of course). Dr Chua Soi Lek the president of Malaysia Chinese Association (MCA) had threaten to quit the BN coalition if UMNO implements hudud law in Malysia.
Muhyiddin Statement Meant to Fish For Malay Votes
As far as we could remember, PAS Since 1993, has been deliberately trying to implement Hudud laws and for the past 18 years since taking over Kelantan, PAS have been using their advantage as the ruling party to try and impose these laws onto the daily routine of the non-Muslims in Kelantan in an attempt to force them to accept Islamic laws.They have not given up their ultimate goal which is to see the implementation of Islamic laws and policies, and this is proven when they passed the Syariah Criminal Code (II) of the Kelantan State Legislative Assembly in 1993. 
Their effort somehow has been recieved resistance from UMNO until 22 Sep 2011 when Muhyiddin said that UMNO will implement hudud in Malysia.
Even a secondary students also know that the only reason why Muhyiddin supported the implementation of hudud law in Malaysia was to win the Malay supports.
The implementation of hudud law in Malaysia if materialized is indeed against the wishes of our forefather that involved in the survey on the  formation of Malaysia. Even thought majority of them  agreed that Islam should be made the official religion of th federation but  none agreed that Malaysia should be made a Muslim country.
All Sarawakians regardless of  our  political parties should cooperate together  so that hudud law is not implemented in Sarawak. To all Sarawakian politicians you were voted in because the  voters wanted you to fight for their rights. To all the Satrawakian voters, let see it for yourself whether your BN representatives should be reelected or not. 
As for SNAP, the main objective of the party is to protect Sarawakians, therefore I am not campaigning here but based on the objective of the party, the best party for us Sarawakian to choose is the party that protect our interests. This is what SNAP intended to do!
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Malachi Ningkan is new SNAP Youth chief

Sunday, 25th Sep 2011

The Main Aim of the Party is
 to Protect Sarawakian : SNAP Youth
In any political party, the main function of the youth wing is to defend the party from its opponents. SNAP the original party of Sarawak should be defended from any effort by any party to discredit it. It is hope the new committee lineup will be able to do this!

KUCHING:Saturday, 24th Sep 2011.

Malachi Dennis Ningkan, a relative of first chief minister the late Datuk Amar Stephen Kalong Ningkan, has succeeded Dayrell Walter Entrie as SNAP Youth chief following the latter’s decision to make way for young blood.

The new line-up, which came about after the party’s Youth and Women triennial general meeting (TGM) yesterday, saw Yong Choo Kong elected as deputy Youth chief, Semijie Janting (secretary), Collin Uyut (vice-chairperson I) and Mading Balit (vice-chairperson II).

Dan Giang, who was earlier reported by the mass media as eyeing the vice-presidents post, was elected as the Youth wing’s treasurer at the 9th TGM held at the Grand Continental Hotel here.

The Past and Now :Dayrell Walter (L) and Malachi (R)

The Old and the New Guns

The six committee members are Edwin Luta Munan, Aderly Gon, Raju Sang, Patrick Giring, Atin Lamat, and Capt Ayong Entili.

The party’s acting deputy president Kebing Wan, who is also former Telang Usan assemblyman, officiated at the meeting.

Also present at the meeting was SNAP long-serving secretary-general Stanley Jugol.

“The Youth members must work hard to bring strength to the movement and SNAP. Do take note that the party’s strength lies on the number and commitment of the members,” said Dayrell in his address before the meeting.
New Office Bearer: Ice-Breaking

He also advised the members to take full advantage of the social online media to attract youths to join the party and promote more activities on the ground.

He urged them to help promote the party’s cause and struggles online by becoming cyber troopers. This would help the party combat bad reputations and allegations posted online.

Meanwhile, in the Women wing, former acting chief Magdaline Paya Anyi made way for new chairperson Melissa Anne Inddu.

Appointed vice-chairperson is Betty Munji while the two elected vice-chairpersons are Christina Janisah Jeranding and Sabriah Junaidi.

Corrine Labang and Joriah Lada Ding became secretary and assistant secretary respectively, while the treasurer is Valarie Luhong. The four elected committee members are Rabiah Gelieng, Margaret Bugak, Angela Bugak and Cynthia Beatrice Maggie.

Advisor for the women’s wing is Karina Sijun.

Magdaline, who addressed the members before the TGM, said: “Now is the time to strengthen what is left of the party for the people. SNAP, as a local party, should be at its strongest to serve the people. Although finance remains an issue now, we must continue to work hard to build up the party so that it could stand on its own two feet.”

She also advised members not to close the party’s door to those who could bring the party forward.

The Youth and Women’s line-up would serve the party from 2011 till 2014.

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Monday, September 19, 2011

Muslim sees Jesus in Toronto, Canada

Monday, 19th Sep 2011

This article is written by Geoff Waugh and was first published on September, 5th 2011. The reason why I republished the article in Bukittunggal just want to share with all readers of Bukittunggal regardless of their religions, on how Jesus Christ did miracle to a sick muslim . Jesus lord appeared infront of Nasir Siddiki a muslim and he spoke to him. “I Am the God of the Christians. I Am the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.”

Left to Die

By age 34, Nasir Siddiki, a successful businessman, had made his first million, but money meant nothing to him on his deathbed. Diagnosed with the worst case of shingles ever admitted to Toronto General Hospital , his immune system shut down and doctors left him to die.

The next morning I woke in a sterile room on the eighth floor of the hospital, my skin burning as though someone had doused me in gasoline and lit a match. I felt on fire from the inside out.

My doctor arrived and looked at me in wonder. “The blisters are multiplying so fast I can literally watch them grow,” he said. ‘”Your body isn’t fighting back.”

The next morning, in addition to shingles, I had chicken pox from head to toe. I was put in strict isolation. That evening my temperature soared to 107.6 degrees — hot enough to leave my brain permanently scrambled.

For days I continued to deteriorate. My nerve endings became so inflamed that a hair drifting across my skin sent shock waves of fire rippling through my body. By week’s end, I was listed in critical condition.

My Last Hope

In life, I’d been bold, self confident, a risk taker. But facing death, I was terrified. I had no idea what might await me on the other side. I’d been raised as a Moslem in London , England , and I understood Allah was not a god who heals.

My only hope was in medicine.

I eventually slipped so close to death that the doctors didn’t know I could hear them when they examined me. “His immune system has simply shut down,” one of them said.

“He’s dying,” the other confirmed. “His immune system must be compromised by AIDS.”

I don’t have AIDS! I wanted to shout, but I couldn’t form the words. Then it hit me. He said I’m dying!

The doctors spoke quietly to my co-worker, Anita. “In a few hours he’ll be dead,” they said. “If by some miracle he lives, he’ll probably be blind in his right eye, deaf in his right ear, paralyzed on his right side and he may be severely brain damaged from the high fever.”

Then they left.

They left me here to die! I felt like a drowning man going down for the third time. Gathering my strength I whispered a prayer. “God, if you’re real, don’t let me die!”

In His Presence

During the darkest hour of the night, I woke and saw a man at the foot of my bed. Rays of light emanated from him, allowing me to see his outline. I couldn’t see his face, it was too bright. No one had to tell me, I knew it was Jesus.

The Koran mentions Jesus; Moslems believe He existed, not as the son of God, but as a good man and a prophet. I knew this wasn’t Mohammed. I knew it wasn’t Allah. Jesus was in my room. There was no fear, only peace.

“Why would You come to a Moslem when everyone else has left me to die?” I wondered.
Without words, he spoke to me. “I Am the God of the Christians. I Am the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.”

That’s all He said. He didn’t mention my illness. He didn’t mention my impending death. As suddenly as He appeared, He was gone.

The next morning, the same two doctors arrived to examine me. “The blisters have stopped growing!”

“We don’t know what happened, but the shingles virus has gone into remission!”

The following day, still in pain and covered with blisters, I was discharged from the hospital with a suitcase full of drugs. “Don’t leave home,” the doctor cautioned. “It will be months before the blisters go away, and when they do you’ll be left with white patches of skin and scars. The pain could last for years.”

Stepping outside into the morning sun, I looked like a cross between a leper and the Elephant Man. When people saw me, they crossed to the other side of the street. However, my mind was not on my looks; my thoughts were on Jesus. There was no doubt in my mind that Jesus’ presence in my room had stopped the shingles virus. Whatever else Jesus may be, I realized that in His presence miracles happened.

That fact left me with one consuming question: Is Jesus the Son of God as the Christians claim, or is He just a prophet as I was taught?

At home that evening, in spite of the drugs, the pain and itching was so severe I almost had to tie my hands. Even so, I fell into a restless sleep wondering about Jesus.

Learning to Live

The next morning, I woke early and turned on the television. Flipping through the channels, I froze when I saw the following words across the screen: Is Jesus the Son of God?

I listened intently as two men spent the entire program discussing this topic — answering all of my questions. Before the show went off the air, one of the men led the television audience in a prayer. My body was aflame with pain but I knelt on my living room floor anyway. Tears streaming down my face, I repeated the prayer and invited Jesus into my heart.

Immediately a voracious spiritual hunger sprang up within me. I had to know more about Jesus. In spite of my doctor’s orders to stay inside, the next day I went out and bought a Bible. First I read the books of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. Still ravenous, I started in Genesis and read through the Bible during my sleepless nights.

Meanwhile, Anita brought me books and teaching tapes explaining the Gospel. I devoured them while continuing to study the Word of God. As my understanding of faith began to grow, I dug out a picture of how I looked before shingles. I prayed and asked God to make me look that way again.

Nasir and Anita Siddiki Jesus,  My Healer

One week after my discharge from the hospital, I woke and found my pillow covered in blisters. I must have clawed them in my sleep, I thought. I crawled out of bed and stepped into the shower. What had started on my pillow was finished in the shower: Every blister fell off my body!

Instead of being covered with patches of white and scar tissue, my skin was simply red and raw. It slowly healed, returning to its pre-shingles condition. When it did, I not only looked human, I looked like I did before I got sick, except for the scars that I still carry on my chest.

None of the doctor’s dire predictions came true. My eyesight was 20/20. My hearing was normal. My speech was unimpaired. I suffered no brain damage.

My healing was miraculous, swift and complete. I never suffered from lingering pain or any other complication. Not only did I have the worst case of shingles ever admitted to Toronto General Hospital , I also had the most miraculous recovery.

Jesus, the God of the Christians, showed up in the hospital room of a dying Moslem and healed me. But that wasn’t the greatest miracle He performed. The transformation that occurred in my heart was even more dramatic than the one that occurred in my body.

An international teacher and evangelist, Dr. Nasir Siddiki is the founder of Wisdom Ministries ( He lives in Tulsa , with his wife Anita and their two sons.

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Muslim Extremists In Sudan Threaten To Target Christians In Jihad

Monday, 19th Sep 2011

If the threats are real, the christian world should unite and deploy missionary armies to not only Sudan but also to the other parts of the world where the Christians are being massacared by the extremist muslims.

Sudan: Extremist Muslims Threaten to Attack Christians

Khartoum, Sudan, Sep 15, 2011 (Catholic Online) -- Muslim extremists have sent text messages to at least 10 church leaders in Khartoum saying they are planning to target Christian leaders, buildings and institutions, Christian sources in Khartoum said.

"We want this country to be purely an Islamic state, so we must kill the infidels and destroy their churches all over Sudan," said one text message circulating in Khartoum last month. The text messages were sent in July and August.

Church leaders here said they fear more persecution as they and their flocks become targets of local Islamists. In addition, Muslim extremists from Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh arrive in Sudan every two weeks to undergo training in secret camps in Khartoum before they are sent to various parts of Sudan to preach Islam and demolish church buildings, according to a Christian source in Khartoum.
One of the Church damaged by Muslim attack: Why cant the christian countries unite and deploy troops to the countries where christians were being massacared?

On July 18, a group of Muslim extremists attacked the home of Anglican Church of Sudan Bishop Andudu Adam Elnail in an attempt to kill him and two other pastors, Luka Bulus and Thomas Youhana, who all happened to be out of the house at the time, sources said. No one was hurt, but the assailants left a threatening letter warning them of similar attacks.

Bulus is a supporter of the Sudan Peoples' Liberation Movement, a southern Sudan militant group long locked in battle with northern government forces, further making him a target of Islamic extremists. Bishop Elnail, whose church building the Sudanese military burned in June in war-torn Kadugli of South Kordofan region, oversees Nuba Mountain Episcopal churches as head of the Kadugli Episcopal Diocese.

Bulus confirmed the July 18 house attack, which took place in Omdurman, the twin city of Khartoum, at around 7 p.m., by telephone from his hiding place. Muslim extremists are still searching for him, the sources said.

"We are aware of your anti-Islamic activities," the letter left in Bishop Elnail's home states. "We have been monitoring the evangelization that you carry out these days, and therefore we declare Jihad against you."

The letter left on the gate of the bishop's house asserts that Sudan is an Islamic land, and that the authors secretly plan to carry out a series of attacks to destroy church buildings across "Sudan," which denotes the north following the secession of South Sudan on July 9.

“We declare Jihad against you in order to protect Muslims from your infidel influence, because you are the enemy of Islam," it states.

Christian sources in Khartoum said they take the threats seriously.

"These people are not joking - they can kill any Christian," said a church leader who requested anonymity for security reasons.

Elnail of the Kadugli Episcopal Diocese told a U.S. House of Representatives subcommittee on Africa on Aug. 4 that he was not sure he would be alive if he had not been called to Washington, D.C. to testify.

"I am told that armed men went house to house, searching for me, calling my name," Elnail reportedly told the congressional representatives.

In an incident on June 28, Muslim extremists burned down a church building belonging to the Lutheran Evangelical Church of the Sudan at 7:38 p.m. in Omdurman. Christian sources said two people were seen running out of the church building as it went up in flames.

"The Muslims are targeting our church in fear that many Muslims will leave Islam for Christianity," says a Lutheran Evangelical Church of the Sudan letter, written in Arabic, that was circulated to churches in Khartoum.

The destroyed Evangelical Lutheran Church building was opposite the Ansar Al Suna Mosque, where preachers publicly insult Christianity every Friday, a Christian source said.

Hostilities toward Christians by the Islamic government in Khartoum began to increase last year following a statement by President Omar al-Bashir, when he asserted that his second republic would be based on sharia (Islamic law) and Islamic culture, with Arabic as the official language.

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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Sejarah Malaysia Mengajar Kita Untuk Membunuh Kalau Hendak Jadi Seorang Nasionalis

Wednesday, 14th September 2011

Semenjak dari menengah rendah lagi kita telah diajar bahawa seorang pembunuh boleh menjadi seorang Nasionalis Sejati.

Nama seperti Maharajalela dan Rosli Dhoby merupakan nama-nama yang tercatat di dalam buku sejarah Malaysia sebagai contoh nasionalis yang harus disanjung tinggi.

Peristiwa Pembunuhan Kejam JWW Birch

Mengikut catatan sejarah, Dato' Maharaja Lela bersama-sama Orang Kaya Kaya Seri Agar Diraja Ngah Kamdin (Dato' Sagor) dan pembesar-pembesar negeri lain telah bermesyuarat di Durian Sebatang pada 21 Julai 1875 untuk merancang pembunuhan JWW Birch. Mesyuarat ini telah di pengerusikan oleh Raja Abdullah sendiri.

Pada 15 Oktober 1875 Gabenor Negeri Selat William Jervois telah mengishtiharkan pemerintahan ke atas negeri Perak. Dato Maharaja Lela telah membina kubu di Pasir Salak dan bersedia untuk berperang. JWW Birch dan askar-askar termasuk jurualih bahasa iaitu Mat Arshad telah ke Pasir Salak pada 1 November 1875 untuk melaksanakan pengishtiharan tersebut. Mat Arshad dan pengikutnya yang diarahkan oleh JWW Birch untuk menampal pengishtiharan di Pasir Salak telah membangkitkan kemarahan penduduk Pasir Salak dan Kampung Gajah. Pandak Indut ( .... bapa mertua Dato Maharaja Lela) telah membunuh Mat Arshad dan seterusnya penduduk Pasir Salak telah mengamuk dan menyerang JWW Birch dan askarnya. Melalui serangan tersebut JWW Birch telah ditetak Si Puntung (orang suruhan Dato' Maharaja Lela yang di percayai orang asli). Berikutan peristiwa tersebut Dato' Maharaja Lela telah diburu dan setelah setahun akhirnya Dat' Maharaja Lela berjaya ditangkap oleh British. Dato Maharaja Lela telah di jatuhkan hukuman gantung sampai mati pada 20 Januari 1877  atas kesalahan jenayah merancang pembunuhan tersebut.
"Nasionalis" pembunuh kedua yang ingin saya kongsikan adalah penjenayah dari Sarawak iaitu Rosli Dhoby.

Rosli Dhoby : Nasionalis atau Penjenayah

Rosli Dhoby merupakan seorang penjenayah dari Sarawak yang  berketurunan Melanau.
Rosli didapati bersalah menikam sampai mati Gabenor British Sarawak yang kedua, Sir Duncan Stewart dengan menggunakan pisau beracun di Sibu pada 3 Disember 1949. Selepas beberapa bulan dalam penjara di Kuching, Rosli akhirnya maut di tali gantung pada 2 Mac 1950. Turut sama digantung adalah rakan seperjuangannya Morshidi Sidek, Awang Ramli Amit Awang Matsaruddin dan Bujang Suntong.Kematian mereka berempat telah menyebabkan gerakan penentangan anti-kolonialis di Sarawak berakhir secara mendadak. Mereka semua dikebumikan di situ juga, di Penjara Pusat Kuching, tanpa batu nisan di bawah tembok perkarangan penjara.


Daripada catatan di atas adalah jelas bahawa kedua-dua tersebut iaitu Datuk Maharajalela serta Rosli Dhoby merupakan penjenayah yang melakukan jenayah berat iaitu membunuh seseorang. Sekiranya peristiwa ini berlaku pada zaman sekarang, sudah pasti kedua-duanya akan dituduh sebagai pembunuh serta dijatuhkan hukuman mati. Perkara kedua yang ingin saya bangkitkan adalah tindakan pengecut kedua-dua watak di atas yang membunuh secara kejam mangsa mereka dan bukannya melalui peperangan. Salah satu contoh watak nasionalis yang bagus dijadikan contoh adalah Panglima Rentap. Rentap melawan Brooke secara konvensional dan bukan secara pengecut macam Maharajalela serta Rosli Dhoby.
Perbuatan Datuk Maharajalela serta  Rosli Dhoby boleh disamakan dengan perbuatan terorris yang terlibat di dalam peristiwa 9/11 yang menimpa Amerika Syarikat. Bolehkah kita mengangkat terorris Muslim yang terlibat dalam serangan 9/11 sebagai nasionalis sejati. Sekiranya jawapannya adalah tidak, maka Datuk Maharajalela serta Rosli Dhobi juga seharusnya tidak digelar sebagai nasionalis. Sebaliknya sejarah hendaklah ditulis semula dan menggelar metreka sebagai penjenayah.
Mengangkat Datuk maharajalela dan Rosli Dhoby sebagai nasionalis adalah perbuatan yang menentang arus. Apa sahaja alasan oleh kedua-duanya untuk membunuh mangsa masing-masing  iaitu manusia yang tidak berdosa seharusnya dikutuk serta dijatuhkan hukuman berat. Perbauatan pihak British yang telah menjatuhkan hukuman mati kepada kedua-dua penjenayah di atas adalah tindakan yang wajar.
Untuk mengelakkan pelajar-pelajar sekolah daripada menjadi penjenayah seperti Datuk Maharajalela serta Rosli Dhobi , kerajaan seharusnya membetulkan fakta sejarah ini, iaitu mengekalkan tuduhan sebagai penjenayah kepada kedua-duanya.
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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

UMNO Memperbodohkan Komponen BN Yang Lain Melalui NGO Melayu dan Islam

Tuesday, 13th September 2011

Tanpa kekuatan Parti-Parti lain di dalam BN seperti MCA mewakili Kaum Cina, MIC untuk Kaum India, PBS mewakili kaum Kadazan serta PRS dan SPDP mewakili kaum Iban, UMNO tidak akan dapat memerintah Malaysia secara mutlak. Oleh yang demikian walaupun mewakili kaum Melayu-Islam, UMNO tidak akan memperjuangkan hak Kaum Melayu-Muslim sehingga menyinggung perasaan kaum-kaum lain di dalam komponen BN. Oleh yang demikian, pertumbuhan bagaikan cendawan NGO-NGO yang memperjuangkan hak-hak orang Melayu-Islam seperti PERKASA, Jaringan Melayu Malaysia (JMM), Ikatan Muslimin Malaysia (ISMA) dan lain-lain adalah merupakan pertubuhan yang ditaja oleh UMNO untuk memperjuangkan hak-hak kaum Melayu-Islam di Malaysia.

Malaysians Reminded not to Get Fool By These two Stooges

Melihat perkembangan politik semasa sekarang di mana UMNO menggunakan politik perkauman dan agama, saya merasa hairan dengan ketidak-upayaan pemimpin-pemimpin kaum India, Cina, Dayak serta peribumi Sabah untuk  membaca gerakan-gerakan UMNO yang macam mengutamakan Kaum Melayu-Islam (walaupun sebenarnya adalah  untuk kepentingan kroni-kroni elit UMNO) sahaja.

Alangkah bodohnya pemimpin-pemimpin kaum ini yang  tidak dapat menyelami taktik kotor UMNO ini. Lebih parah lagi apabila saya perhatikan akan ketidak-upayaan pemimpin dari Sabah-Sarawak yang majoriti penduduknya adalah dari kaum peribumi yang beagama Kristian untuk membela (Bukan membela secara kekerasan tapi dengan kekuatan undi)  nasib penganut agama Kristian di Semenanjung yang acapkali dibuli olen NGO Melayu-Islam. Cuba imbas kembali tentang apa yang berlaku di Semenanjung contohnya perbuatan Damansara Utama Methodist Church (DUMC) yang memberikan bantuan kepada penganut Islam yang daif, tetapi telah dilayan bagaikan penjenayah oleh MAIS dan bibantu oleh PDRM UMNO. Saya ingin mengajukan pertanyaan kepada pemimpin-pemimpin bukan Muslim daripada BN seperti Masing, Jabu, Manyin, Dr Wong Soon Koh, Pairin Kitingan dll, kenapa berdiam diri? Di manakah telur-telur kalian? Kecut sehingga masuk ke dalam perutke?

Kepada pemimpin-pemimpin di dalam BN yang mewakili kaum India, Cina, Dayak serta peribumi Sabah takkanlah kalian tidak tahu bahawa UMNO berselindung di belakang NGO-NGO Melayu-Islam? Cuba tengok betul-betul NGO yang ektremis ini. Majoriti daripada keanggotaan serta pemimpin-pemimpin NGO  ini adalah terdiri daripada ahli-ahli UMNO. Tak ada otak atau matakah kalian? Atau otak letak atas kepala lutut.

Saya ingin mencabar pemimpin-pemimpin di dalam BN yang mewakili pengundi-pengundi daripada kaum bukan Muslim agar bersuara atau meletak jawatan yang telah diamanatkan oleh pengundi-pengundi kepada kamu sekelian. Cukuplah makan gaji buta atau mengisi kocek sendiri!

Saya menulis pada kali ini bukan atas dorongan kerana membenci kaum Melayu-Islam, jauh sekali,  ini kerana kebanyakan kawan saya adalah kaum Melayu-Islam. Tujuan saya menulis kali ini adalah sekadar untuk menyedarkan pemimpin-pemimpin yang mewakili kaum bukan-Islam di Malaysia ini agar tidak terpedaya oleh taktik kotor UMNO.

Sebagai mengakhiri tulisan saya pada kali ini, sekali lagi saya ingin mengingatkan pemimpin-pemimpin dari parti-parti seperti MCA mewakili Kaum Cina, MIC untuk Kaum India, PBS mewakili kaum Kadazan serta PRS dan SPDP mewakili kaum Iban, agar tidak terpedaya oleh UMNO yang berselindung di sebalik NGO Melayu-Islam. Saya juga berharap agar pemimpin-pemimpin ini tidak terpedaya oleh retorik 1Malaysia PM Najib kerana keadaan di Malaysia sekarang dari segi kehormonian serta kebebasan beragama serta semangat perkauman adalah lebih slogan daripada kenyataan. Masih ingatkah kita akan jawapan TPM Mahyuddin yang diajukan dengan soalan tentang 1Malaysia? Saya harap pembaca semua boleh ingat bahawai bagi Mahyuddin adalah "Malay First, Malaysia Second" . Itukah makna 1Malaysia yang diwar-warkan oleh PM Najib? Saya tidak perlu jelaskan di sini. Saya mengharapkan agar pembaca-pembaca Bukittunggal menjawab sendiri persoalan ini serta menterjemahkannya di dalam bentuk undi kelian.

Mupok Aku

Monday, September 12, 2011

German Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin) is investigating Deutsche Bank For Suspected Money Laundering With Taib Mahmud

Monday, 12th September 2011

The German Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin) is investigating Deutsche Bank’s business relations with the family of Malaysian potentate Abdul Taib Mahmud (“Taib”)

In its capacity as the supervisory authority for “financial institutions in respect of money laundering legislation”, Germany’s Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin) has launched investigations into the Deutsche Bank on account of its business relations with the Malaysian Taib family. This has been confirmed by the German Federal Ministry of Finance in response to an enquiry by the Bruno Manser Fonds.

In an e-mail to the Bruno Manser Fund, the Federal Ministry of Finance, under Finance Minister Wolfgang Schäuble, states that it has “requested the German Federal Financial Supervisory Authority to clarify and check the situation that you outline in your letter to the Federal Chancellor from the money-laundering angle, insofar as this concerns a specific financial institution and, if the Financial Supervisory Authority considers it appropriate, to instigate supervisory measures.” The Financial Supervisory Authority “has already made a start on clarifying the situation.”

The Bruno Manser Fund welcomes the investigation and is calling on the German federal government to freeze any Taib assets in Germany. In addition, the Fund is demanding complete transparency from Deutsche Bank with regard to its dealings with the Taib family and the termination of its business relations with the Malaysian potentate, who has gained a bad reputation worldwide.

In a letter to Federal Chancellor Angela Merkel, the Bruno Manser Fonds, the Hamburg “Rettet den Regenwald”(Rainforest-Rescue) Association and the Society for Threatened Peoples drew the attention of the German government to the Deutsche Bank’s close business relations with Malaysian potentate Abdul Taib Mahmud (“Taib”) and demanded that any Taib assets in Germany be blocked.

Joint ventures between Deutsche Bank and the Taib family

Since 2004, Deutsche Bank has processed transactions worth several hundred million euros for the Sarawak government and is engaged in a joint venture in Malaysia with the Cahya Mata Sarawak company (CMS), which is controlled by the Taib family.

CMS and Deutsche Bank are the principal shareholders of the finance company K & N Kenanga Holdings, domiciled in Kuala Lumpur, with its subsidiary Kenanga Deutsche Futures, an accredited broker at the Malaysian stock exchange. The CMS construction conglomerate essentially lives off assignments that are awarded by the Taib government without public tenders. CMS thus benefited greatly from the construction of the disputed Bakun dam and has a ten-year contract for maintaining the entire road network in Sarawak, Malaysia’s biggest federal state.

Potentate’s assets likely to run into billions

With the German government’s announcement, the Malaysian potentate, who has been in power since 1981, is now at the centre of an investigation for the third time within just a few months. In May 2011, the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority, FINMA, announced an investigation into any Taib assets in Switzerland, at the instigation of Swiss President Micheline Calmy-Rey. At the start of June, the Malaysian anti-corruption commission MACC announced that proceedings had been launched against Taib on account of corruption. Observers reckon that, during the three decades of his rule, Taib has amassed a fortune of several billion US dollars through his abuse of office and corruption.

Since 1981, Abdul Taib Mahmud has concurrently held the three posts of head of government, minister of finance and minister of natural resources for Sarawak, Malaysia’s biggest federal state. Taib is regarded as holding prime responsibility for the extensive destruction of the tropical rainforest of Sarawak on Borneo. Just recently, former British prime minister, Gordon Brown, described the destruction of the Sarawak rainforest as “probably the biggest environmental crime of our times”.

Due to Taib? – Deutsche Bank closed a Bruno Manser Fund donation account

Since it was established in 1991, the Bruno Manser Fund, which was set up by Swiss rainforest advocate, Bruno Manser, who later went missing, has been committed to fighting the clearing of the rainforests of Sarawak and the corruption of the Taib government. A paraglider flight by Manser in 1999 onto the Kuching residence of Sawarak’s head of government, Abdul Taib Mahmud, caused a great stir.

At the end of 2004, Deutsche Bank refused to continue running a donation account for the Bruno Manser Fund that it had held at the bank’s Lörrach, Germany, branch for many years. The bank terminated its business relations with the Swiss association citing its General Terms and Conditions. Despite the Bruno Manser Fund contacting Deutsche Bank CEO, Joe Ackermann, a Swiss national, the bank stuck to its decision: “There is a reason for this decision. But no one will tell you what it is”, is what a spokesman of Deutsche Bank said to the Bruno Manser Fund at the time. The Bruno Manser Fund assumes that the account was closed out of consideration to the close business relationship between Deutsche Bank and the Taib family.

Please see Statement by the German Finance Ministry to the Bruno Manser Fund on 5 September 2011

Statement by the German Finance Ministry to the Bruno Manser Fund

(English Translation: Bruno Manser Fund)

First of all, I would like to extend my sincere thanks to you and the Bruno Manser Fund for your

commitment to fighting corruption, which also emerges from your letter to the Federal Chancellor

dated 20 June 2011. In this letter, you report on accusations of corruption against Abdul Taib Mahmud

and his family and ask that potential business links to Deutsche Bank be examined. In the light of your

enquiry of 29 August 2011, I am pleased to report to you on the steps launched by the German

Federal Ministry of Finance (BMF) within its scope of competence.

The German Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin), which comes under the Federal Ministry

of Finance, is not only responsible for bank supervision but also for the supervision of financial

institutions in respect of money laundering legislation. To enable it to fulfil its duties, the Federal

Financial Supervisory Authority has event-driven and event-independent rights of information and

inspection vis-à-vis the financial institutions, under the terms of §44 of the German Banking Act

(Kreditwesengesetz), which cover all business activities; this can also include business relations with

individual customers. Under the terms of the Money Laundering Act (Geldwäschegesetz) and the

Banking Act, banks are obliged to engage in customer due diligence. In addition to identifying and

verifying the contractual partner and any beneficial owners, the bank is required to clarify the

background to the business relationship and continuously monitor the business relationship. This

measure is designed to make it possible to track flows of money and to recognise unusual or even

suspicious transactions. In the case of so-called politically exposed persons, an increased risk of

money laundering has to be assumed, and hence a greater level of due diligence must be observed.

Corruption offences rank amongst the predicate offences for money laundering.

Against this background, I have requested the German Federal Financial Supervisory Authority to

clarify and verify the situation that you outline in your letter to the Federal Chancellor in moneylaundering

terms, insofar as this concerns a specific financial institution and, if the Financial

Supervisory Authority considers it appropriate, to instigate supervisory measures. The Financial

Supervisory Authority has already made a start on clarifying the situation. It must, however, be borne

in mind that the employees of the Financial Supervisory Authority have a duty to maintain

confidentially under the terms of § 9 of the German Banking Act. It is thus not possible to provide you,

or the Bruno Manser Fund, with details of this examination and the results.

I trust that the measures taken constitute a satisfactory response to your concerns.

With kind regards,

Sarah Merzbach

Sarah J. Merzbach, LL.M. (Univ. of Chicago)

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Kelab Putera 1Malaysia Mission to Somalia Was It For Humanitarian Or Political Reason

Saturday, 10th September 2011

If not because of the death of a BERNAMA TV cameraman Noramfaizul Mohd Nor, I would not paid much attention to the activities of this organization because I knew who these people and the motives of their activities were.

The Motives of the Club Mission to Somalia : For Humanitarian or Political Reason?

The death of a BERNAMA TV cameraman Noramfaizul Mohd Nor had been given wider coverage from UMNO newspaper and TV stations compared to the the coverage they gave to the death of five soldiers serving the United Nations Operations in Somalia (Unosom) between 1993 and 1994. These five soldiers were Cpl Mat Aznan Awang who was mortally wounded in a military operation to rescue United States Army Rangers, made famous by the movie Black Hawk Down, in October 1993, next Staff Sgt Azman Mohamed Tahir, of the 21st Special Forces Group and Cpl Gani Binyol of the 6th Royal Ranger Regiment who were killed in an ambush during a UN escort mission in Mogadishu, the fourth and fifth soldier that perished in Somalia were Sgt Abdul Kadir Bakri and Cpl Azhear Shuib, of 22nd Commando, died in separate accidents while patrolling the devastated city.

I am not against any efforts by the government or NGO to assist late Noramfaizaul's family, but the assistance should not be more or the same with those given to the soldiers' families. Those five soldiers were died while on tour of duty serving the Yang DiPertuan Agong whereas BERNAMA cameraman was killed while serving the Kelab Putera 1Malaysia anchored by UMNO for political reason. If we look back at the composition of the member of the Kelab Putera 1Malaysia that went for the mission to Somalia, we would realized that most of them were from the members of press own by UMNO. The group were led by Datuk Abdul Azeez Abdul Rahim who was an UMNO man. The mission was more toward  publicity than humanitarian. Did anyone realise that the mission was  received more media coverage compared to the one given to the Malaysian soldiers that went for UN Peacekeeping mission. Let me ask all Malaysians out there inclusive the members of Kelab Putera 1Malaysia? How many Malaysian soldiers are there on UN Peacekeeping mission abroad  leaving their wives or  children behind?

This picture shown one of the house own by poor Sarawakian (Not in Somalia). To Kelab Putera 1Malaysia (UMNO) wasn't it was to help poor Malaysians compare to the poor from other country?

If the Kelab Putera 1Malaysia really sincere to helping the needy, they can help those in Malaysia such as the widows and family members of the ex-armed forces or the police. On top of that there are many Malaysians especially those in rural Sarawak and Sabah that live under the poverty line. Why we need to waste our monies (the tax payers monies actually) abroad if there are still lot of Malaysians that needed assistance?
To conclude, I would like to remind Kelab Putera 1Malaysia, not to waste tax payers monies abroad and if you have extra monies please spend them on poor Malaysians who still live under the poverty line.

Mupok Aku

Friday, September 9, 2011

NCR Land Grab In Sarawak : Chief Justice Zaki Azmi and Richard Malanjum Had let the public down Said Law Prof Abdul Aziz

Friday, 9th Sep 2011

Yesterday, 8 Sep 2011, the Federal Court dismissed an appeal to try a case seeking to regain native customary rights (NCR) for indigenous lands in Sarawak. The appeal by group of Sarawakian indigenous people over the lands they are living in was dismissed by a Federal Court’s three-man panel led by Chief Justice Tun Zaki Azmi who was accompanied by by Chief Judge of Sabah and Sarawak Tan Sri Richard Malanjum and Federal Court judge Datuk Seri Md Raus Sharif. The judges dismissed the appeal saying it was not “proper to do so”. “In my opinion, there seems to possibly be other grounds for challenging the unconstitutionality of section 5(3) and (4) of the Code but unfortunately... these were not raised or properly canvassed before us,” Zaki told the court. On the question of whether Sarawak’s state laws on tribal land issues was unconstitutional, Malanjum and Zaki declined to answer citing insufficient material while Shariff said the extinguishment was constitutional. The decision of these three judges especially the one made by Chief Justice Tun Zaki Azmi and Chief Judge of Sabah and Sarawak Tan Sri Richard Malanjum had drwan criticism and negative comments by the public and the Malaysians especially which touched on “whether section 5(3) and (4) of the Sarawak Land Code relating to the extinguishment of native customary rights are ultra vires Article 5 (Right to life) and Article 13 (right to property) of the Federal Constitution.”
One of the critic of their decision was from a Law Prof Abdul Aziz.

Sarawak is the Only State in Malaysia beside Sarawak that does not respect Article 13 of Federal Constitution "the Right to Property". Land Grab is something normal in Sarawak. 

A law professor said Chief Justice Zaki Azmi and Chief Judge of Sabah and Sarawak Justice Richard Malanjum, could have abdicated their oath of office by their refusal to interpret the question of law posed to them.

The question posed before the court was “whether section 5(3) and (4) of the Sarawak Land Code relating to the extinguishment of native customary rights are ultra vires Article 5 (Right to life) and Article 13 (right to property) of the Federal Constitution.”

Islamic International University professor Abdul Aziz Bari said by refusing to deal with the constitutionality issue, the Federal court has abdicated its duty.

“Under the Federal Constitution, the Federal Court which is the highest court of the land is essentially the constitutional court of the country; the main tribunal whose major duty is to take care of the constitution,” he said.

Professor Abdul Aziz: Constitutional question: Judges let public down

Abdul Aziz pointed out that their refusal meant that they had failed to fulfill their oath when taking office by saying “I will faithfully discharge my judicial duties in that office to the best ability, that I will bear true faith and allegiance to Malaysia, and will preserve, protect and defend its constitution.”

The don added that the court is the custodian of justice, so the judges have let the citizens down for the constitution is the supreme law of the land, one that protects them from arbitrariness whether in the form of laws passed by the legislature or through executive decisions.

“It is the duty of the judiciary to declare the rights of the citizens, being custodial of justice,” he said.

Yesterday Zaki and Malanjum refused to interpret the constitutional question affecting the Bato Bagi land case involving native customary right land in Sarawak which was seized to build the Bakun dam.

Zaki had cited the issue was not properly canvassed before the court to decide, while Malanjum said the lawyers had not fully assisted the court when the question posed was staring at the parties.

Cold feet at the bench?

Abdul Aziz said it is only the constitution which is left to protect the rights of poor indigenous Sarawakians.

“The decision, despite ruling that the deal was legal, did not base it on the constitution; something that the court was asked specifically by that aggrieved group of citizens. The court must decide, one way or the other, how it sees the issue. It cannot leave the matter open like it did today(yesterday),” he emphasised.

Baru Bian and the Land Owners

He noted the project itself is essentially “an environmental disaster”.

Abdul Aziz said the court has a history of being afflicted with cold feet when confronted with critical cases like these, this case not being the first.

“When the then Supreme Court was asked to decide on the constitutionality of Malaysia’s formation way back in 1963, the court at that time headed by Chief Justice Thomson (an expatriate), ruled in Tunku Abdul Rahman’s favour. A United States paper has also described the court as the least powerful of the three branches of executive, legislature and judiciary.”

“So the people have to decide what to do next; the battle in court is obviously over.”
‘Case cannot be good authority’

Abdul Aziz said from the law standpoint when the decision is not decided unanimously, then there is a loophole.

“Since there is only one judge who made a ruling (on the constitutional question) on it, this case cannot be a strong authority.

“In any case, one wonders why the two did not make up their mind? Is it a case of just wanting to let go this one and later the court can take a more restrictive approach?” he asked, adding that the bottom line is the same; that the land grab is now deemed legal and the citizens have lost.

Under Taib: NCR Land is a State Land but where are the rest of the dayak politicians or so called those who fight for the dayak. People like Masing, Jabu, Mawan and Manyin has lost their balls!

The law expert said the right to property is guaranteed by the constitution under Article 13 of the supreme law of the nation.

“There seems to be a kind of politics or manoeuvring here,” observed Abdul Aziz.

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