Sunday, August 14, 2011

Kerismuddin Daughter Sexy Photos

Sunday, 14th Aug 2011

Kerismudin Daughter's Erotic Photos

I received these photos from  one of loyal reader. According to him, the the photos are  belong to Hishamuddin Hussien or popularly known as KerisMudin's  daughter.

For the benefit of the rest of  Visitors to, please enjoy the photo below :-

Mupok Aku

Thursday, August 11, 2011

JAIS Raid On The Church: Where Is The Respect!!!

Thursday, 11th Aug 2011

If JAIS can raid the churches merely on suspicious ground, can the churches raiding the mosques for converting Christian followers to Islam?

How is it that Jabatan Agama Islam Selangor (“JAIS”) could barge into Church grounds with the assistance of Polis DiRaja Malaysia without the slightest credence of tolerance, dignity and respect that ought to be accorded to a Place of Worship!

What has become of our Constitutional Right to Freedom of Religion? What has become of our Rukun Negara, “Kepercayaan Kepada Tuhan”!!! When are they going to respect people of other faiths and places of worship?

How is a thanksgiving dinner a threat to society that warrants a raid by JAIS accompanied by the Police? Will such callous acts continue to spread to other Places of Worship?

How sad is it for all Malaysians that JAIS deems it fit to barge into a Place of Worship without even making a prior attempt to gently knock on the doors of Damansara Utama Methodist Church. If JAIS had only asked, I am sure the Church would have opened their doors and welcomed them.

For centuries, Christians in this country have been providing education, health care and alms to all, irregardless of race, colour, religion or creed. There was no mass conversion as a result of such good deeds undertaken by the Christians.

With such examples in place, why did JAIS act with such heavy handedness?

These are all questions which Malaysians of all race and religion should demand from JAIS.

JAIS must redeem themselves and apologise for their misconduct!

Not too long ago, we had two journalists from Al Islam magazine who entered a Church to investigate if there were conversion of Muslims taking place. They found none and instead proceeded to desecrate the Holy Eucharist. There was outrage and they apologise almost a year later. There the authorities had failed to act. History has now repeated itself!

These acts have been repeated far too often. The authorities must act to safeguard the constitutional rights of the minorities in this country.

Raid By JAIS An 'Uncivilised' Act: Islamic Renaissance Front

Thursday, 11th Aug 2011

Jais action by raiding the church is similar with Taliban ruled in Afghanistan. Are we in Afghanistan? Surely not  but why did JAIS do this unvivilised act?

We, from the Islamic Renaissance Front (IRF) read the news regarding the proposed Faith Crime Act by the deputy education minister yesterday with trepidation.

The proposal came about as a response to Jais' unwarranted raid of Damansara Utama Methodist Church last week.

The raid conducted by Jais was purely based on suspicion that the Methodist Church was involved in an act of proselytisation. The Malaysian Aids Council however reiterated that the dinner was actually a fund-raiser for HIV/AIDS support programmes.

The whole issue boils down to one main issue. The so-called defenders of the faith believed that their action was espoused by the religion of Islam in preventing the believers from apostasy.

This uncivilised act of storming into a sacred place accompanied by the Mafia-like police was endorsed by none others than the insular and xenophobic NGOs like Perkasa and Pembela.

We believe that such an act of storming into a church without any warrant and based on mere suspicion was a travesty of justice and democratic principles. Freedom of assembly is enshrined in Article 10 of our constitution. Any act that violates this freedom is reprehensible.

We realise that this conflict stems from the static and stagnant approach to understanding Islamic law. The codified law in Islamic jurisprudence derived through the exercise of juristic reasoning of the latter years was considered sacred and beyond reproach. Hence the most rigid and literalist interpretations tend to prevail.

The defenders of faith failed to look at ample evidence in the Quran that gives the liberty to the people to freely follow their conviction.

Any individuals are given the right to accept or reject a particular faith based on his personal conviction.

"There shall be no coercion in matters of faith" [Qur'an, 2:256]

“And [thus it is] had thy Sustainer so willed, all those who live on earth would surely have attained to faith, all of them: dost thou, then, think that thou couldst compel people to believe” [Qur'an, 10:99]

This message of freedom of belief and the call to religious tolerance is reiterated time and time again in the Quran and through various Prophets. This has been the call of all the Prophets even before Prophet Muhammad. Refer the Quran [7:85-87, 39:39-40, 17:84].

Faith is a personal conviction. The state has no authority to interfere in one's choice of faith. One is answerable to God for the decision he or she makes in her life. Hitherto it is very perturbing that a lawmaker proposed for Faith Crime Act to be enacted by the government.

This act infringes on God given right for us to believe on our free will. No one has the authority to take this right from us. We are answerable to God alone in the life to come. We must ensure that our community embraces this freedom of religion and we will not succumb to any threat to remove this freedom away from us.

The principle of reciprocity is to be upheld since it gives a meaning to the concept of justice. In a modern multiracial society like us, where different faiths lives together, we have to respect the right of an individual to choose and convert to a faith that he or she believes in.

There should not be undue pressure or coercion for a person to believe in a faith he or she has no belief anymore. It would be a real tragedy and disaster when a state started imposing its authority in matters of faith.

Dr. Ahmad Farouk Musa
Islamic Renaissance Front

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Guru di SMK Tun Abdul Razak Di Tapah Kuching Menggunakan Bahasa Perkauman

Wednesday, 10th August 2011

Nampak gayanya unsur perkauman telah menular ke Sarawak. Kenyataan perkauman yang dibuat oleh guru di SMK Tun Abdul Razak baru-baru ini yang mengarahkan 5 pelajar balik ke negara China tidak pernah berlaku di Sarawak sebelum ini nampaknya telah menular ke Sarawak. Inilah bahana Slogan 1Malaysia yang diwar-warkan oleh Najib tetapi sebenarnya hanyalah gimik politik semata-mata.
Sila baca laporan Malaysian Chronicles berkenaan kenyataan guru berkenaan. Bukittunggal berpendapat sekiranya apa yang dilaporkan adalah benar, guru berkenaan wajar diberhentikan. Beliau tidak layak untuk memimpin generasi muda negeri tercinta Sarawak.

Seperti yang ditakuti, budaya perkauman UMNO mula mendapat laluan ke Sarawak menyebabkan kesedihan kepada ramai yang mendengar seorang guru memberitahu lima pelajar Cina untuk kembali ke China kerana markah Bahasa Malaysia mereka tidak berapa baik. Kata-kata itu didengar oleh guru-guru kakitangan dan beberapa pengawas sekolah yang berhampiran pejabat sekolah.

Kejadian itu berlaku di Sg. Tapah, Batu 24 di SMK Tun Abdul Razak pada hari Jumaat selepas lima daripada enam pelajar Tingkatan Lima yang telah digantung kembali ke sekolah untuk mendapatkan penjelasan bagi penggantungan mereka.

Dalam satu sidang akhbar pagi ini, Ahli Parlimen Kuching, Chong Chieng Jen bersama dengan lima pelajar tersebut dan ibu bapa mereka berkata, mereka tertekan dengan kata-kata berunsur hasutan itu dan memanggil untuk tindakan sewajarnya diambil terhadap guru tersebut.

Tidak cukup ditolak mata, perlu 'kembali' ke China juga

Menurut kata lima pelajar itu, Jiew Tzann Liew, Voon Gwo Jiunn, Shen Yit Ming, Jong Tian Liong dan Bong Vui Chiat, mereka digantung kerana mereka tidak melakukan kerja rumah Sejarah mereka maka 10 mata telah ditolak daripada mereka. Tambahan 50 mata telah ditolak kerana ia telah mendakwa bahawa mereka berlima telah ‘melawan' guru Sejarah itu.

Lima pelajar itu kembali ke sekolah kerana mereka mendakwa bahawa mereka tidak melawan guru dan menjelaskan kepada seorang guru Cina dalam kedua-dua bahasa Mandarin dan BM apabila seorang guru Dayak berjalan lalu.

Guru yang mengajar pelajar Tingkatan enam itu berkata, "Budak budak bodoh. Bahasa pun tak pandai, balik China, "Salah seorang pelajar berkata, dia bertanya kepada guru itubagaimana beliau boleh mengatakan perkara seperti ini.

Lima pelajar lelaki itu berkata semua orang berhenti bercakap selepas guru tersebut membuat kenyataan begitu dan mereka pun pulang ke rumah.

Jenama BN dan rekod Muhyiddin yang lalu

Chong berkata, kenyataan itu bukan hanya bersifat perkauman tetapi menghasut dan bertentangan dengan Perlembagaan Persekutuan. "Ini jenis pernyataan yang sering didengar di Malaysia Barat dan kini ia telah datang ke Sarawak. Ia bermula dengan Ahli Parlimen yang memberitahu seorang Ahli Parlimen Cina untuk kembali ke China. Ini merupakan jenama BN yang berkuatkuasa di negara ini, "katanya.

Mengulas bahawa Perdana Menteri Najib Razak mempunyai konsep 1Malaysia, 1Kopitiam, 1Clinic, Chong berkata semua ini adalah hanya propaganda tetapi tiada tindakan positif untuk menyatukan rakyat. "Dan sekarang kita mempunyai pegawai-pegawai kerajaan yang secara tidak sedar menganggap orang Cina sebagai orang asing di tanah mereka sendiri. Perkauman telah merangkak masuk ke dalam institusi pengajian di negara ini. Orang Cina juga adalah warganegara Malaysia dan tiada siapa yang boleh mengambil itu daripada kami"

Chong juga berkata bahawa apabila Malaysia ditubuhkan pada tahun 1963, orang Cina sudah lama menetap di negara ini.

Meminta Menteri Pelajaran, Muhyiddin Yassin, mengambil tindakan yang sewajarnya dan telus kali ini, Chong juga berkata bahawa seorang guru sebelum ini yang menyebut perkataan yang sama terhadap pelajar telah dipindahkan dan dinaikkan pangkat.

"Ini menghantar mesej yang salah kepada guru-guru," katanya.

Sedih tetapi ia akan berlaku lagi

Meminta Najib untuk menunjukkan keseriusan dalam konsep 1Malaysia itu, Chong berkata selain mengambil tindakan terhadap guru tersebut, buku-buku Sejarah perlu dikaji semula dan pengiktirafan diberi kepada semua kaum kerana sumbangan mereka dalam pembentukan Malaysia. "Kandungan buku sejarah hanya untuk menggerakkan agenda UMNO dan ini perlu dihentikan dengan serta-merta," katanya yang menyatakan bahawa beliau akan menulis surat kepada Menteri Pelajaran, Jabatan Pendidikan Sarawak dan guru besar sekolah untuk tindakan diambil.

Chong berkata ironinya, Tapang adalah satu bahagian pilihan raya di bawah Roland Saga dan dalam persidangan Dewan yang lalu, Roland meminta Ahli Dewan Undangan Negeri Padungan, Wong King Wei untuk kembali ke China apabila Wong memuji sistem pengangkutan awam yang cekap di China.

Apabila sekolah tersebut dihubungi, guru besar tidak menjawab telefon dan kakitangannya mendakwa bahawa dia tiada di situ. Kakitangan pengurusan kanan sekolah yang bersetuju untuk bercakap dengan syarat tidak mahu namanya disiarkan berkata, salah seorang ibu bapa lima pelajar itu telah hadir ke sekolah untuk mendapatkan penjelasan. Beliau berkata guru besar telah memberitahunya mengapa pelajar lelaki itu digantung dan guru besar itu juga telah membuat permohonan maaf secara peribadi kepada ibu bapa kerana mengucapkan kata-kata 'balik China'.

Kakitangan pengurusan berkata guru tersebut berkeadaan emosi pada hari tersebut dan tidak bermaksud apa yang dikatakannya secara serius. Beliau menambah bahawa ibu guru tersebut juga adalah Cina dan dia menyesal mengenai kenyataan yang dibuat. "Kita semua sedih dengan apa yang telah berlaku," kata kakitangan itu.

- Malaysia Chronicle

Monday, August 8, 2011

Half-month Raya bonus for civil servants, RM500 for pensioners

Monday, 8th Aug 2011

The Najib administration will pay out a half-month bonus to 1.3 million civil servants and RM500 to 600,000 government pensioners ahead of Hari Raya amid public concern over rising inflation.

Datuk Seri Najib Razak, who is expected to call a general election within the year, said that the funds “can lighten the burden... for the upcoming Aidil Fitri celebration.”

Hari Raya Aidil Fitri, which falls at the end of the month, is expected to see muted celebrations after the consumer price index hit a two-year high of three per cent in March and continued to rise to 3.5 per cent in June, when government subsidies for basic necessities were slashed.

Putrajaya said that the price hikes to fuel, sugar and electricity were necessary to keep a subsidy bill from doubling to RM21 billion this year, as it seeks to reduce its budget deficit that hit a two-decade peak of seven per cent in 2009.

“This shows that the government is always concerned about the welfare of civil servants and government pensioners. The awarding of the bonus is a mark of appreciation of all civil servants,” the prime minister added.

Barisan Nasional (BN) has traditionally held strong in areas with large populations of civil servants such as Putrajaya, an important vote bank for the ruling coalition.

But in the landmark 2008 general election, where it ceded five state governments and its customary two-thirds majority of Parliament, BN saw its majorities cut in these areas and even lost the Shah Alam federal seat, previously considered an Umno stronghold.

Najib, who is also finance minister, said the two payments to be made in the middle of the month would entail an estimated expenditure of RM2 billion.

Putrajaya also made a similar payment last Ramadan, handing out RM500 across the board to all civil servants and pensioners, and amounting to a total of RM934.6 million.

Mupok Aku

Saturday, August 6, 2011

JAIS Ought to Proof It Or Apologise

Saturday, 6th Aug 2011

The Religion can be proposed but never imposed. That is respect for the sanctity of individual conscience..Dr Paul Tan Chee Ing

JAIS Must be responsibled with their action

The Catholic prelate says there can be no two ways about the latest round of accusations against Christians.
Catholic Bishop Dr Paul Tan Chee Ing today called on Jais to “quickly furnish proof of their claim that there has been proselytisation of Muslims by Christians as they have claimed.”

“I implore them not to procrastinate on this matter like the authorities are doing with respect to an alleged Christian plot in Penang recently to dethrone Islam,” said the titular head of the diocese of Melaka-Johor, who is concurrently president of the Catholic Bishops Conference of Malaysia.

“Please quickly furnish proof of this claim so that Christians can take the appropriate corrective action and tender the requisite apologies, or do the obverse which is demand that an apology be issued for false accusation,” said Bishop Paul Tan (left) said in remarks made to Malaysiakini.

“This campaign of innuendo and insinuation against Christians' subscription to a cardinal tenet of our constitutional structure, which is the respect for Islam as the federation's official religion has gone on long enough,” he asserted.

“It's high time these claims be proven to be substantive in which case Christians can take the necessary corrective and contrite action, or demand that Christian bashing be condemned and stopped,” said the Jesuit-trained prelate.

He noted with “great distress that that person who has preferred these accusations is from PAS - a party that these days is inclined to unify the Malaysian people rather than divide along them along sectarian lines.”

“Although a former president of this party (Mohd Asri Muda) was responsible in the early 1970s for the base canard that Christians were a greater threat to Malaysia than the communists, the party has since markedly altered its perspective and stand on national questions,” said the bishop.

“Like many Malaysians, I wholeheartedly welcome this liberating development, which is why I am greatly distressed that the latest round of accusations against Christians emanates from their quarter.”

Is it true or false?

Bishop Paul Tan further noted that PAS is a party that upholds morality in public and private conduct.
Hassan Ali..Is He a PAS Man or an Agent Planted by Racist UMNO?

“No Christian worth his or her salt would ever be against this principle in life. Too often in politics, we are faced with people who make a pretense of public virtue while being squalid in private morals,” he continued.

“That this is not the case with PAS is something that their spiritual leader has sought by word and deed to transmit to the Malaysian people. We are greatly edified by his endeavour.

“This is why, ironically, the fact that the accusation stems from their quarter raises hope of its decisive and final adjudication: Is it true or is it false?” he said referring to Selangor exco Hasan Ali (left), who yesterday backed the Jais raid on the Damansara Utama Methodist Church.

“This uncertainty has been going on for too long now it has furnished grounds for agent provocateurs to foist their poisons on the body politic.

“This must stop either by Christians desisting from unconstitutional conduct or by their accusers being made to account for the falsity of their claims. There are no two ways about this.

“However, I must emphasise it is the right of a person to believe in whatever he or she chooses to. Religion can be proposed but never imposed. That is respect for the sanctity of individual conscience. ”

Mupok Aku

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Malaysian PM's Wife Draws flak

Thursday, 4th Aug 2011

Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak’s wife blazes her own controversial trail

The surat layang – “flying letters” in Malay, or anonymous assaults -- have been flying in record numbers in recent weeks, attacking Rosmah Mansor, the wife of Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak. They are being picked up and spread in volume by the country’s blogosphere, much of it arrayed against the Barisan Nasional, or ruling national coalition.

It isn’t certain who is behind the attacks, but they are clearly tied to national elections expected either late this year or early in 2012. The opposition and the dominant United Malays National Organization are blaming each other and both saying they aren’t involved. But the 60-year-old Rosmah has become a lightning rod for criticism of the administration, most of it centering on her alleged profligacy and her reported dominance of her husband’s political and social agenda. The attacks compare her to both Shakespeare’s Lady MacBeth, who drove her husband to murder and tragedy, and to former Filipino First Lady Imelda Marcos, who gained fame for her extravagance including owning hundreds of pairs of shoes.

More ominously, as Asia Sentinel has reported, she has been the subject of rumors for several years that she somehow was involved in the murder of Mongolian translator Altantuya Shaariibuu, to the extent that a businessman close to her allegedly paid a witness RM750,000 to get out of the country after he said the dead woman had an affair with her husband. In addition, court testimony has indicated that she met with a former aide to Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim prior to the aide’s accusing Anwar of raping him.

Those in Anwar’s Pakatan Rakyat coalition say the attacks on Rosmah are coming from Muhyiddin Yassin, the 64-year-old deputy prime minister and protégé of former Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad. Muhyiddin played a major role in driving former Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi from power and has long been regarded as being ambitious to succeed Najib should the prime minister stumble.

Added to that equation, the sources say, are Mahathir’s own ambitions to see his third son Mukhriz, currently the deputy minister of international trade, as deputy prime minister. Muhyiddin also fits Mahathir’s political philosophy more than Najib does. He is an advocate of Ketuanan Melayu – ethnic Malay dominance of the economic and political landscape, in opposition to Najib, who is committed to his so-called 1Malaysia campaign, an attempt to bring other races back into the Barisan Nasional fold. Mahathir has become increasingly strident in his calls to preserve Malay dominance as well.

Sources in the United Malays National Organization blame the accusations on Pakatan Rakyat in an effort to blacken Najib’s reputation and hamstring the ruling national coalition in advance of elections expected later this year or early next. One aide to a top UMNO politician says neither Mukhriz or Muhyiddin would be likely to be attack Rosmah as Najib’s surrogate now. If serious infighting broke out within UMNO, the aide says, it would seriously cripple the party and the ruling Barisan Nasional coalition in advance of the polls.

If Mahathir and Muhyiddin were really after Najib, the aide says, it would make no sense for them to be daring the destruction of their party and the loss of even more of the Barisan’s power, which was severely dented in March 2008 elections when for the first time in the country’s then-50 year history its two-thirds hold on parliament was broken by the opposition. Other sources say that Mahathir himself owes a debt of gratitude to Najib’s father, the late Tun Abdul Razak, for rehabilitating him after he had been kicked out of UMNO b y Tunku Abdul Rahman, Malaysia’s first prime minister, and that he wouldn’t go against Najib for that reason.

However, observers point out, Muhyiddin hasn’t been publicly defending either Najib or Rosmah lately. One businessman in Kuala Lumpur told Asia Sentinel: “Mahathir and Anwar are both working towards the same objective even if they aren’t working together – get Najib out.”

Rosmah has been controversial since well before Najib became prime minister. The newest sensation appeared a few weeks ago with a report by a Kuala Lumpur-based opposition blog that she had received a US$24.8 million diamond ring from the New York-based Jacob & Co. jewelers and that the ring had passed through customs without duty being charged. Rosmah has said publicly that: "There is nothing I want to say (in relation to the purchase of ring) because I have no time to entertain such issue.” She later denied buying the ring.

She has also been photographed carrying what appears to be a Birkin handbag, designed and manufactured by Hermès of Paris and named for the actress and singer Jane Birkin. Prices of the bags range from US$9,000 to US$150,000 according to the type of material used. She has been photographed as well wearing what appears to be a 65.77 carat white and black Zebra safari bangle bracelet from also Jacob & Co. and made of white and black pave diamonds and 18-karat white gold.

In addition to her taste in jewelry, Rosmah has raised hackles about her influence on government, rumors that she is enriching the family and because of the social life she leads. Particularly galling to some is her claiming the title of Malaysia’s first lady, a title usually reserved for the wife of the king. A six-person unit has been established in the prime minister’s office, known as FLOM, an acronym for First Lady of Malaysia, to look after her needs, a far cry from the wives of previous prime ministers such as Siti Hasmah Mohamad Ali, Mahathir’s austere physician wife.

Sources say Rosmah has continually inserted herself in the political process and has been responsible for spending vast amounts of government money – for instance, as much as RM80 million in a 15-month campaign to refurbish the Prime Minister’s residence.

In April 2010, Joshua Wong, then the producer of the popular Malaysian current affairs program "Editor's Time," resigned, charging that the NTV7 channel, which is controlled by UMNO, buckled under from complaints from the Prime Minister's Department and Rosmah personally about coverage of opposition politicians. Other newspaper editors complain that she frequently calls to complain about coverage of both her and her husband.

Last year, tongues began to wag in Kuala Lumpur over Rosmah’s taste for the high life in New York and other capitals, particularly because of her reported closeness to Low Taek Jho, who calls himself Jho Lo and spent an astonishing amount of money on starlets, movie actors and celebrities in New York. Low routinely dropped as much as US$60,000 a month in Manhattan night clubs, according to the New York Post, which said Low once sent 23 bottles of US$900 Cristal champagne to troubled actress Lindsay Lohan's table as she was celebrating her 23rd birthday.

“This Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania graduate from Malaysia,” the New York Post reported Aug. 1, 2010 “has burned through hundreds of thousands of dollars at the city’s hottest nightspots in the last three months — and shows no signs of stopping.”

Low, who was said to be pals with Paris Hilton, is also believed to be the mystery man behind a US$180,000-US$230,000 advertisement that ran on April 2010 in the New York Times congratulating Rosmah for being Malaysia’s “first lady.” after she received the inaugural “International Peace and Harmony Award” from an obscure US-based business group. The Times first said the advertisement had been placed by the government, then reversed itself three weeks later and declined to say who was behind it.

On April 16, 2010 according to the New York Post, Rosmah and Najib were given a star-studded party in honor of the award that was emceed by actor-comedian Jamie Foxx and attended by a flock of movie stars including Charlize Theron and Robert De Niro and included performances by Grammy-award nominee Leona Lewis and the Harlem Boys Choir. The Nut Graph, a Malaysian Blog said the festivities included karaoke duet version of “You’ve Got a Friend” performed by Rosmah and De Niro, who was later invited by the Rosmah to visit Malaysia.

News media including the New York Post and Gawker in the United States say Low, the son of a wealthy Chinese family from Penang, owes much of his cachet to his friendship with a Kuwaiti and fellow Wharton graduate, Hamad Al Wazzan, the chairman and CEO of the Al Wazzan Group of Companies in the US.

An UMNO source in Kuala Lumpur says Low used his links with Rosmah to become the middleman in a massive land deal in Kuala Lumpur -- the redevelopment of the 152-hectare 80-year-old Sungei Besi Air Force Base, a prime, centrally located site that appears to have been awarded without tender to a joint venture between 1Malaysia Development Sdn Bhd and Lembaga Tabung Angkatan Tentera (LTAT), the armed forces retirement fund.

According to local media, the project is being developed through a joint venture with the Qatar Investment Authority, possibly with the involvement of Abu Dhabi’s Mubadala Development Co.

Whether it is fair or not, the flying letters are giving a growing segment of the Malaysian public the impression that Rosmah has become a major detriment to her husband.

Whichever side is delivering the allegations, they may be having an impact. Mustapha Ali, the secretary-general of the opposition Parti Islam se-Malaysia told a press conference Wednesday that a revolt is brewing in UMNO because Najib and his wife had become a liability to the Barisan. Reportedly, Mustapha told the reporters, party officials fear the long string of scandals are affecting voter sentiment.

That, of course, is the opposition trying to stir up trouble in the Barisan. An UMNO source told Asia Sentinel that “this is the opposition intensifying their attacks before the election. They are weak ”

But clearly the surat laying are flying indeed

This article was published by Asia Sentinel on 4th August 2011
Mupok Aku

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