Saturday, July 2, 2011

Two Iban Tan Sri Lost Their Commands

Saturday, 2nd July 2011

Yesterday these two Tan Sri Played their Golf Cup with the rest of the Dayaks but not in a peaceful mind..They have lost their Commands.

Bestowed With Tan Sri  And Celeberate  it With A Golf Tournament But In Reality They Have No Command  in The Organisations that They Both Lead......

For the leader, he is the leader as long he still has the command. But if he or she had lost the command he or she is no longer deem to lead. In the dayak politic nowaday, these two Iban leaders had lost their commands. James Masing the PRS President, he had said that Larry Sng politic has ended but today as published in Borneo Post, Taib will reinstated Sng's position in the Chief Minister Office.
The another Iban leader that had already lost command is Tan Sri William Mawan. On the paper Mawan is still the SPDP President but in actual fact he doesn't has any command. The reason is five (5) of his YBs do not support him.

Well to James and Mawan (Tan Sri), without command, the leader is just an ordinary member of the organisation. To avoid humiliation, the best way is to Step Down!

Mupok Aku

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