Sunday, June 26, 2011

DAP Exposes Taib's Evil Doing In DUN

Sunday, 26th June 2011

Wong Ho Leng Demands Explanation Why Government Lands Were Awarded To Taib's Brother.

The votes that they gave to Masing and the rest of the Iban YB From BN in the Just Concluded State Election have been used to Rob their NCR Lands but with Wong Hong Leng and the rest of DAP YB presence in the August House, the Iban can now be assured that  Masing and the rest of  Iban Lanun will not be able to rob their NCR lands easily....www.Bukittunggal.Com

Eventhought BN Nasional managed to defend Sarawak and obtained more that two third majority, but with more DAP assemblymen presence this time round the DUN Sitting is not going to be an easy ride for BNs' Assemblymen.
So far I am really proud with all the DAP Assemblymen who have been asking questions and condemned  the Barisan Nasional especially with matter related to Iban's interests. Whether they are aware or not that they are being betrayed by their dayak assemblymen but with DAP assemblymen around the dayak especially the Iban whose NCR lands have been subjected to the JV can now rely on DAP's assemlymen to protect their most valuable assets the NCR Land...hopefully.
Please see the article cited from Free Malaysiakini about Hong Ho Leng from DAP demanded explanation from the August House why the land in Sibu which was first acquired by the non-bumiputera own company but at the end was given to Taib Mahmud's brother in 2007.

Bukit Assek state assemblyperson Wong Ho Leng has demanded to know why a huge parcel of land was alienated to a company owned by Chief Minister Abdul Taib Mahmud's brother, Ibrahim, and Sibu Municipal Council (SMC) chairman Tiong Thai King.
Wong, also Sarawak state legislative assembly opposition leader, said Ibrahim and Tiong, who is also Lanang member of parliament, are already "multi billionaires".
The 3,000-acre land should have been alienated to PJ Green Field Sdn Bhd, a reputable agriculture company, and not to Victoria Square Development Sdn Bhd, he said.
He added that PJ Green Field Sdn Bhd with some 90 farmers had applied for the alienation of the land located at the south of Loba Kabong forest reserve, about 9km northwest of Sibu town, for mixed crop agricultural development.

Wong (above) was speaking yesterday during the debate on the motion of thanks after Yang di-Pertua Negeri Abang Muhamad Salahuddin Abang Barieng's opening address.
"The proposed area is classified as a mixed zone land.
"The company proposed to plant mandarin oranges, coffee and aloe vera," he said, adding that these agriculture activities will create employment and rejuvenate the entire west bank of Batang Igan.
Big dreams, big plans, big letdown
The application, dated Nov 28, 2003, was rejected in October 2006.
Wong said the company then learnt that the land in question was alienated as Lot 63 Block 6 Engkilo Land District to Victoria Square Development Sdn Bhd in April 2007.
He said: "Why are people of different spectrum treated differently? The land ought to be given to the farmers."
He added that on Dec 12, 2007, slightly over a year later, PJ Green Field was informed that the land that they had applied for was likely subject to native customary rights .
"This is a lie. How can native customary rights not be determinable by 2007?
"Above all else, how could this land be likely subject to native customary rights when it could be alienated to Victoria Square Development Sdn Bhd eight months earlier?" he asked.
Wong asked Taib, who is also the minister of planning and resource management, to inform the House whether political reasons underlay the alienation exercise.
He said the government should encourage reputable farmers to apply for agriculture land, since there are so much suitable state reserve land available.
"I have said before in this House that our state must encourage agricultural activities as well as diversify," he said, adding that the state must spread into other agriculture sectors and not just focus on oil palm alone as the international price of palm oil fluctuates.

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2 comments to “ DAP Exposes Taib's Evil Doing In DUN ”
Anonymous said...

From the way how DAP assemblymen fought for our interests we should now consider joining DAP and abandon Masing and the rest of the Iban Lanuns.

Good Job unggal Remaung6Renjer...

Apai Endun
Simpang Ubah

Anonymous said...

The job of the opposition is to go against the government.IF they are in power they will not only rob your land but also chop your head Dayaks.Now DAP wants to befriend you Dayaks because you are their electoral assets and they know that you Dayaks can be easily hoodwinked.

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