Saturday, June 18, 2011

F**k You Masing: JV In Pantu Is Not Profitable

Saturday, 18th June 2011

Masing Damn You..The JV in Pantu is Not Profitable. With the Land code Proposed Amendment Who is Going to Protect the NCR Land Owners.

To All the Three Tan Sri :Firstly Congratulations Tan Sri; Secondly  Did  the three of you Buy the Titles with Our NCR Lands. If  Not...Get them Back
 for us !...Bukittunggal.Com

Yesterday Masing proposed that the BN Backbenchers are going to propose for  the amendment  of land code in order to protect the investors in the JV. According to Masing this amendment will prevent the land owner from withdraw from the JV. Masing added this amendment is to cover the loophole as a result of the NCR court case in Pantu whereby the case was won by the land owners.

I would like to ask Masing whether he is working for the investors or for the people that voted for them. The JV in Pantu is always in the red since it was signed in  year 2004. After 7 years the landowners had never been paid with dividend. Under the JV, upon signing of the JV each landowner is supposed to be paid with RM 1200 per acre. But Kim Loong or Pelita had cheated the landowners by paying  the dividend by instalments. So far   this had been done in December and June 2011.

Under the JV, there are three ingredients which made the land owners at the losing site. They are :-

Firstly, PHSB was to receive and collect the benefits of the development of the native customary rights land into an oil palm plantation, not the landowners;

Secondly, the commercial development of the native customary rights land into an oil palm plantation was to be carried out by a joint venture company formed by PHSB and TASB, a company exclusively chosen by PHSB under a joint-venture agreement in respect of which the landowners are not even a party to.

Thirdly, the native customary rights lands are immediately amalgamated and title is to be issued in the name of the 'joint venture' company and the landowners would have no beneficial legal equitable or caveatable interest in the land to be issued with title.

Will Masing the Chief Land robbery, with the proposed amendment since the land owners cannot withdraw from the JV even if they knew that they are risk losing their Lands. Being one of the land owners that were cheated by PELITA to participate in Pantu JV, I warn you Masing that Land is our (Iban) Blood...We will use whatever it takes in order to take back our lands.

Mupok Aku

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