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Thursday, 10th June 2011

Being reside in Sarawak make it impossible for Bukittunggal to participate in the rally. But being a Malaysian, I dont see any reason why the police should ban this rally.

About 9 days from now, the peace loving Malaysians from all walk of life irrespective of race will go to the street to protest and made 8 demands as follows:-

1. Clean the electoral roll
The electoral roll is marred with irregularities such as deceased persons and multiple persons registered under a single address or non-existent addresses. The electoral roll must be revised and updated to wipe out these ‘phantom voters’. The rakyat have a right to an electoral roll that is an accurate reflection of the voting population.
In the longer term, BERSIH 2.0 also calls for the EC to implement an automated voter registration system upon eligibility to reduce irregularities.
2. Reform postal ballot
The current postal ballot system must be reformed to ensure that all citizens of Malaysia are able to exercise their right to vote. Postal ballot should not only be open for all Malaysian citizens living abroad, but also for those within the country who cannot be physically present in their voting constituency on polling day. Police, military and civil servants too must vote normally like other voters if not on duty on polling day.
The postal ballot system must be transparent. Party agents should be allowed to monitor the entire process of postal voting.
3. Use of indelible ink
Indelible ink must be used in all elections. It is a simple, affordable and effective solution in preventing voter fraud. In 2007, the EC decided to implement the use of indelible ink. However, in the final days leading up to the 12th General Elections, the EC decided to withdraw the use of indelible ink citing legal reasons and rumours of sabotage.
BERSIH 2.0 demands for indelible ink to be used for all the upcoming elections. Failure to do so will lead to the inevitable conclusion that there is an intention to allow voter fraud.
4. Minimum 21 days campaign period
The EC should stipulate a campaign period of not less than 21 days. A longer campaign period would allow voters more time to gather information and deliberate on their choices. It will also allow candidates more time to disseminate information to rural areas. The first national elections in 1955 under the British Colonial Government had a campaign period of 42 days but the campaign period for 12th GE in 2008 was a mere 8 days.
5. Free and fair access to media
It is no secret that the Malaysian mainstream media fails to practice proportionate, fair and objective reporting for political parties of all divide. BERSIH 2.0 calls on the EC to press for all media agencies, especially state-funded media agencies such as Radio and Television Malaysia (RTM) and Bernama to allocate proportionate and objective coverage for all potlical parties.
6. Strengthen public institutions
Public institutions must act independently and impartially in upholding the rule of law and democracy. Public institutions such as the Judiciary, Attorney-General, Malaysian Anti-Corruption Agency (MACC), Police and the EC must be reformed to act independently, uphold laws and protect human rights.
In particular, the EC must perform its constitutional duty to act independently and impartially so as to enjoy public confidence. The EC cannot continue to claim that they have no power to act, as the law provides for sufficient powers to institute a credible electoral system.
7. Stop corruption
Corruption is a disease that has infected every aspect of Malaysian life. BERSIH 2.0 and the rakyat demand for an end to all forms of corruption. Current efforts to eradicate corruption are mere tokens to appease public grouses. We demand that serious action is taken against ALL allegations of corruption, including vote buying.
8. Stop dirty politics
Malaysians are tired of dirty politics that has been the main feature of the Malaysian political arena. We demand for all political parties and politicians to put an end to gutter politics. As citizens and voters, we are not interested in gutter politics; we are interested in policies that affect the nation.

Based on the above demand, I did not see anything wrong with BERSIH rally.

Mupok Aku

Sunday, June 26, 2011

DAP Exposes Taib's Evil Doing In DUN

Sunday, 26th June 2011

Wong Ho Leng Demands Explanation Why Government Lands Were Awarded To Taib's Brother.

The votes that they gave to Masing and the rest of the Iban YB From BN in the Just Concluded State Election have been used to Rob their NCR Lands but with Wong Hong Leng and the rest of DAP YB presence in the August House, the Iban can now be assured that  Masing and the rest of  Iban Lanun will not be able to rob their NCR lands easily....www.Bukittunggal.Com

Eventhought BN Nasional managed to defend Sarawak and obtained more that two third majority, but with more DAP assemblymen presence this time round the DUN Sitting is not going to be an easy ride for BNs' Assemblymen.
So far I am really proud with all the DAP Assemblymen who have been asking questions and condemned  the Barisan Nasional especially with matter related to Iban's interests. Whether they are aware or not that they are being betrayed by their dayak assemblymen but with DAP assemblymen around the dayak especially the Iban whose NCR lands have been subjected to the JV can now rely on DAP's assemlymen to protect their most valuable assets the NCR Land...hopefully.
Please see the article cited from Free Malaysiakini about Hong Ho Leng from DAP demanded explanation from the August House why the land in Sibu which was first acquired by the non-bumiputera own company but at the end was given to Taib Mahmud's brother in 2007.

Bukit Assek state assemblyperson Wong Ho Leng has demanded to know why a huge parcel of land was alienated to a company owned by Chief Minister Abdul Taib Mahmud's brother, Ibrahim, and Sibu Municipal Council (SMC) chairman Tiong Thai King.
Wong, also Sarawak state legislative assembly opposition leader, said Ibrahim and Tiong, who is also Lanang member of parliament, are already "multi billionaires".
The 3,000-acre land should have been alienated to PJ Green Field Sdn Bhd, a reputable agriculture company, and not to Victoria Square Development Sdn Bhd, he said.
He added that PJ Green Field Sdn Bhd with some 90 farmers had applied for the alienation of the land located at the south of Loba Kabong forest reserve, about 9km northwest of Sibu town, for mixed crop agricultural development.

Wong (above) was speaking yesterday during the debate on the motion of thanks after Yang di-Pertua Negeri Abang Muhamad Salahuddin Abang Barieng's opening address.
"The proposed area is classified as a mixed zone land.
"The company proposed to plant mandarin oranges, coffee and aloe vera," he said, adding that these agriculture activities will create employment and rejuvenate the entire west bank of Batang Igan.
Big dreams, big plans, big letdown
The application, dated Nov 28, 2003, was rejected in October 2006.
Wong said the company then learnt that the land in question was alienated as Lot 63 Block 6 Engkilo Land District to Victoria Square Development Sdn Bhd in April 2007.
He said: "Why are people of different spectrum treated differently? The land ought to be given to the farmers."
He added that on Dec 12, 2007, slightly over a year later, PJ Green Field was informed that the land that they had applied for was likely subject to native customary rights .
"This is a lie. How can native customary rights not be determinable by 2007?
"Above all else, how could this land be likely subject to native customary rights when it could be alienated to Victoria Square Development Sdn Bhd eight months earlier?" he asked.
Wong asked Taib, who is also the minister of planning and resource management, to inform the House whether political reasons underlay the alienation exercise.
He said the government should encourage reputable farmers to apply for agriculture land, since there are so much suitable state reserve land available.
"I have said before in this House that our state must encourage agricultural activities as well as diversify," he said, adding that the state must spread into other agriculture sectors and not just focus on oil palm alone as the international price of palm oil fluctuates.

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Saturday, June 25, 2011

MACC told to probe Taib's HK connection

Saturday, 25th June 2011

Sarawak Report suggests that such a probe could reveal the Taib family's Hong Kong connection to their immense wealth.

Whistleblower website Sarawak Report has suggested that the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) investigate Abdul Taib Mahmud family's Hong Kong connection which could shed light on their immense wealth.

"...Delving into these business concerns (in Hong Kong) will throw up some intriguing coincidences, as Sarawak Report's own researches can already demonstrate.

"We can also demonstrate how a number of Taib-linked companies are now owned or being managed out of the British Virgin Islands (BVI) by one of the Philippine's top bankers Franciso C Sebastian, who started his career as a financial advisor in Hong Kong.

"We suggest that investigations in Hong Kong hold the key to tracing the early development of Taib's international web of global investments as the profits from felling Sarawak's rainforests escaped abroad."

The website, which has been targetting the long-serving Sarawak chief minister, says that MACC should start by interviewing Shea Kin Kwok a "mysterious businessman with several links to Taib family companies".

Shea's name first cropped up when the Hong Kong connection to kickbacks on Sarawak timber being shipped to Japan first broke in 1997.

Malaysiakini had at the time reported the Japan media expose of a number of companies that had allegedly paid Regent Star, a Hong Kong-based paper manufacturing company reportedly linked to Taib and his family, RM32 million in kickbacks for receiving export permits for timber.

Taib  subsequently sued Malaysiakini for carrying reports on the timber scandal.

Sarawak Report says it "has now confirmed that (Shea) was in fact the paid secretary to Taib's brother Onn Mahmud".

"His job was to manage Achi Jaya company affairs out of Hong Kong, in particular to control the Achi Jaya linked companies into which payments (for the timber arrangement) were being made."

Maze of companies

Achi Jaya Transportation Sdn Bhd is a majority shareholder in Dewan Niaga (Sarawak) Sdn Bhd, a company that Taib as forestry minister had appointed in 1981 to be the sole agent for timber shipments out of the state.

"The links were glaring," said the website.

"Taib had put his brother Onn's Achi Jaya Corporation in charge of issuing export licences for timber from Sarawak, and another company Regent Star, run by Onn's secretary, was receiving the kickbacks in Hong Kong," it alleged.

It pointed out that Regent Star and Achi Jaya were incorporated the same year.

Shea and another individual, Kho Eng Beng, owned 50 percent each of Regent Star, and the duo "owned and directed" a number of other Hong Kong companies - Grand Will Limited (incorporated 1984), Grand Shine Trading (1983), Herolite investment (1983), Natalite (1983) and Wittaker Company Ltd (1985).

Sarawak Report later argues that Onn is linked to four of these companies and ultimately traces it to Sebastian, asking if the Filipino banker was "acting as an advisor and trustee for Onn Mahmud" to move funds from Hong Kong to tax-haven British Virgin Islands.

Following the money trail

"Another company, Richfold Investment Ltd, was especially interesting, because it was incorporated on the same day and registered at the same office as Regent Star, and again Shea was a director and shareholder."

It has been previously reported that Taib Mahmud's brother Onn Mahmud held 49,998 shares in the company with Shea holding just one.

Sarawak Report then traces events following the exposure of the 2007 timber scandal in relation to all these Hong Kong companies.

"After the kickback scandal broke, an awful lot of coincidences occurred. Grand Will Limited and Regent Star Company Ltd were both dissolved on the same day - Nov 9, 2007.

"On the other hand, Richfold stayed active for another few months, until it too was closed on May 9, 2008."

A month later on Dec 21, 2007, it explains, Grand Will and Regent Star both reopened on the same day, under different directors and shareholders, while a third company, TESS Limited HK also set up.

SR notes how TESS's name is similar to a British Virgin Islands registered company TESS Investments, that it says has been funding Taib's family's investments in the United Kingdom through Ridgeford Properites Ltd.

Another coincidence, notes Sarawak Report, is that TESS Investments was incorporated on Oct 23, 1996 - the day before Ridgeford Properties run by Taib's son-in-law Sean Murray was incorporated in the UK.

Pandora's PO Box

The 'PO Box 438' in British Virgin Islands appears to be a critical link in this intricate web of companies, argues Sarawak Report.

Ridgeford Properties' original shareholder Astar Properties is registered at the same address. The latter coincidentally shares the name of one of the shareholders of a Taib family company Sitehost Pty, that owns the Adelaide Hilton in Australia.

The Australian company Astar has "a non-existent address in Guernsey", notes Sarawak Report.

Also sharing 'PO Box 438' is a trust company under the Taib family's company Cahya Mata Sarawak Bhd (CMS), a conglomerate that used to own RHB Bank.

Some of the key owners of CMS are Taib's immediate family members - his late wife Laila (11.23%), daughters Hanifah Hajar (13.85 percent) and Jamilah Hamidah (13.64 percent), and sons Sulaiman (8.94 percent) and Abu Bakir (8.92 percent).

Sarawak Report also reveals that a search of a registered shareholder of TESS Limited HK, a certain TOA Services (British Virgin Islands), also shares the same PO box address.

"Our investigations show, however, that there is no actual company of that name in BVI (British Virgin Islands)," says Sarawak Report.

Too many coincidences

The anti-Taib website says all its investigations suggest a "connection between money taken in by Richfold Investments Ltd in Hong Kong and money paid out to Ridgeford Properties Ltd in the United Kingdom via PO Box 438 BVI (British Virgin Islands)", challenging Taib to deny the links.

It reiterated that Taib needed to explain handing control of the timber shipping licences to his own brother's company while denying any wrongdoing.

This, it said, was especially pertinent, "when millions in shipping kickbacks are discovered to have been extracted by another company owned by his brother's secretary".

Friday, June 24, 2011

Sarawak Report Reveals Taib Lying In August House

Friday, 24th June 2011

Sarawak Report excused Taib of lying in the August House regarding his on going Investigation by Swiss President.
Please read the article which was published in Sarawak Report on 22nd June 2011

The Chief Minister has denied he has illegal foreign assets. He previewed the statement, made today in the State Assembly, as a ‘surprise announcement’.

Onlookers would have been surprised if he had announced his resignation, the honourable course of action, given official investigations now underway into his corruption and abuse of power. However, few will have been surprised by his string of denials!
The actual nature of his ‘categorical’ denials were in fact rather confusing, however. What exactly was he denying when he said:
“Let me state categorically that I have no secret Swiss bank account, nor assets or investments of any description. None whatsoever”.Taib in the DUN today.
By this was the Chief Minister denying that he has no bank accounts, assets or investments of any description at all anywhere? Or just in Switzerland? And was he referring to right now at this moment, or is he alleging that he has never, ever had money in Switzerland at any time?

The Chief Minister spent a lot of energy in denial. For example, he even attempted to cast doubt on the actual letters sent by the Swiss President and the Swiss Financial Regulatory body, FINMA, confirming their investigations. Nice try, but the letters and the investigations are genuine.
Whether or not the Chief Minister, or his nominees, still have money in Switzerland, as opposed to other tax havens around the world is what this investigation will presumably uncover. Sarawak Report has certainly demonstrated that the Chief Minister and his family has held assets in the British Virgin Islands (Rodinmass, CMS Bank, Tess Investments) and in Hong Kong and Jersey (SOGO Holdings). The Chief Minister and his family also have assets in Canada, London and Australia as well. Why has he not factored these matters into his denials?
A pattern of denials
The Chief Minister has been forced into denials before. In 2007 he denied (again using the platform of the State Assembly) that he received kickbacks from Japanese shipping companies trying to get licences to take timber out of Sarawak. The companies had been fined by the Japanese tax authorities for not declaring millions of dollars paid to a company which was registered in the name of Shea Kin Kwok in Hong Kong. Shea Kin Kwok was the full-time secretary of Taib’s brother and known business fixer at the time, Onn Mahmud.

In fact, for an office employee, Mr Shea held such an enviable portfolio of investments that one can only conclude that either he worked for the Mahmuds for fun, or that he was in fact their nominee. Mr Shea Kin Kwok has been the registered shareholder of several Hong Kong companies, including Grand Shine (which has shares in Achi Jaya Corporation), Grand Will Ltd, Wittaker Company Ltd, Richfold Investments, Regent Star and Natlite. He was also until as late as 2005 one of the major shareholders of the massive Sarawak Oil Palm Bhd, run by Taib crony Ling Chiong Ho of the logging company Shin Yang. Following the timber kickback scandal his name disappeared from the shareholder list and most of the above companies were dissolved.

Indeed, if the Chief Minister is so anxious to avoid conclusions that he has benefited from family corruption he should be more careful to avoid conflicts of interest involving his close family members and known business associates. Taib should certainly have avoided putting his own brother Onn’s company Achi Jaya Corporation in charge of issuing all timber export licences through the agent Achipeligo, which Onn also owns. It was Achipeligo which referred the Japanese shipping firms to Shea Kin Kwok at Regent Star to make payments in order to get those licences.
In fact Achi Jaya’s stranglehold over the shipping out of Sarawak’s stolen timber for the last 30 years is well known to have become one of the key foundations of the Mahmud family wealth. It has been calculated by insiders that this business has been worth around RM2 billion a year for the past 30 years. This trade has now collapsed with the exhaustion of Sarawak’s forests (which Taib likes to pretend are still over 70% untouched and intact), however, Achi Jaya has now diversified into the equally lucrative business of planting oil palm where the Borneo jungle once stood.
What about some further denials?
Now that Taib has entered a more communicative period, Sarawak Report would like to suggest that he embark on some further crucial denials, every bit as relevant as the ones he made today on the subject of Swiss assets. For example, would he care to deny that he is the beneficiary of the the largest single shareholder of Sarawak’s largest company CMS (made up of former Sarawak State assets and funded largely by Sarawak State contracts handed out by himself)? This shareholder was, of course, his wife, who has been dead for two years.
Would he also deny that he either bought these shares for his wife, in CMS, to the tune of hundreds of millions of ringgit, or that he acquired them on her behalf for free by corrupt means? Otherwise, how did his wife, who was not a lady of independent means come by them? Likewise, how did his young children acquire the remaining bulk of the assets of this enormous company – assets which they still own?
Would Taib further like to deny that he has handed huge tracts of Sarawak State lands to members of his own family for free or at nominal prices in a clear abuse of his control of the State Planning and Resources Ministry? Many of these handouts were then rapidly sold on for millions of ringgit of profit just days or weeks later (see the numerous documented examples of form of corruption in Sarawak Report).
Would Taib also care to deny that he has abused his control over State contracts as Finance Minister to ensure that the most lucrative contracts are nearly always handed to family concerns such as CMS, Naim Cendera, Kumpualan Parabena, Titanium Management and Kumpulan Construction without any attempt to place these contracts out to proper open tender? Time and again these contracts have then been sub-contracted to more effective construction companies for substantially less – (for example The Bengoh Dam, the DUN Parliament Building, the Kuching Sewer System and plenty of other documented examples of this form of corruption on Sarawak Report).
Carrying on, would Taib like to deny that he has placed his nominees and family members in control of nearly all the key state industries and also private industries controlling Sarawak’s economy? His cousin and proxy Hamid Sepawi controls numerous positions such as the Chairman of Sesco (Sarawak’s State Electricity) and also Chairman ( and top shareholder) of Sarawak Plantation Bhd, whose assets are predominantly former state lands.
Would Taib like to deny that he works hand in glove with the Sarawak’s key timber barons, handing them licences without an open tender process in return for huge kickbacks?
Would Taib also care to explain how he lives such a lavish lifestyle off the back of his modest Ministerial salary of around RM 20,000 per month? For example, how out of this salary has he managed to obtain a classic car collection, deck his family in rubies and other flash gems, fund donations worth millions of ringgit to foreign universities such as Adelaide University and indeed to pay lavish sums on trite memorabilia such as the US$2 million he is believed to have spent on purchasing Liberace’s ex-piano?
Others can without doubt add to the list of denials they would like to hear from the Chief Minister of Sarawak.
Mupok Aku

University Swinburne Kuching Sucks the Blood of It Students and Lecturers

Kuching Friday, 24th June 2011

 Swinburne University: University Of Burden
Swinburne University of Technology’s campus here, a partnership between Australia and the state government, has come under fire for putting a heavy financial burden on students and staff.
“It started to collect parking fee for vehicles parked within the university’s compound since the beginning of the year,”
 said Wong King Wei, the newly elected Padungan assemblyman.

“The parking fee was RM1 per hour and upon protest of the students and me, the management decided to maintain the hourly rate but fixed a maximum rate of RM4 per day,”
he told the State Legislative Assembly yesterday.
Wong said that at one time, Sarawakians were hoping that with the involvement of the state government in establishing a university in Kuching, the locals would get good quality education at a reasonable price.
“Sad to say, the state government has proven us all wrong. The tuition fee of the university has kept increasing since its establishment in 2000. “The tuition fee for a student doing an engineering course can reach more than RM10,000 per semester and it will be increasing from next year with a fix percentage,”
he said.

Furthermore, Wong claimed, the collection of parking fee had been contracted to a
“Barisan National (BN) crony company”, namely Kuching City Parking System Sdn Bhd. “Where is ‘rakyat didahulukan’ (people first), if the government ‘mendahului’ (prioritises) making profits and ‘mendahului’ a crony company?”
he asked.

On the issue of electricity, Wong said Sarawak had the Batang Ai and Bakun hydro electric dams, and coal-power plants, but many Sarawakians were still living in darkness, especially Dayaks staying in longhouses. “
Having electricity and treated water supply seems to be too luxurious for them,”
he said, pointing out that Sarawak would be celebrating its 50th anniversary in Malaysia in 2013 while BN would be celebrating 50 years of having ruled the state.
“However, it is a shame for BN for failing to provide the basic needs of the people. The government is ignoring them. The state is wealthy, the leaders are wealthy but the people are poor,”
he said.

For the benefits of the readers of Bukittunggal, we would like to publish some of the comments made which were published in the article written by Joseph Tawi the owner of the Broken Shield Weblog.

Sick and tired of all this rubbish. Get rid of the heartless and hopeless and bring in new blood. Those swimming in a sea of corruption but see none should be shot dead. My vote goes to anyone but BN.

by No Cry For BN on Jun 24, 2011 at 8:13 am

The rakyat must understand that if you want quality education, you must pay. The Government's money comes from taxes collected. However ONLY 15% pay taxes. It is ridiculous to expect the 15% tax payers to subsidise the other 85% of the rakyat. There is a limit to every thing. The government must impose GST so that every rakyat would pay their fair share of taxes. Pakatan I understand is not interested in the welfare of the 15% tax payers.
by Observer on Jun 24, 2011 at 8:23 am

Kuching City Parking System Sdn Bhd if not mistaken belongs to Alan Sim the former SUPP Youth Chief.
It is a SUPP crony business.
by Sarawakian on Jun 24, 2011 at 8:31 am

by Vincent ak Paul on Jun 24, 2011 at 8:33 am

You are a mere moron and talking non-sense here. The people don't to pay tax, but the problem is where is the money gone? Last year, Petronas generated a pre-taxed profit of RM90 billion. where is the money now?
by onemalaysia on Jun 24, 2011 at 8:49 am

This must be the winter of our discontent!
by dagenli on Jun 24, 2011 at 9:03 am

Bising pasal BN tapi p/raya undi BN juga.Bodoh sendiri lah.
by sabahman on Jun 24, 2011 at 9:03 am

We have said before that a University does not exist in a vacuum. It has its corporate social responsibility. much like any independent, private organization. The issue here is one of parking fees for students that would be an additional burden with an already existing high tuition fees they have to bear.
We also shouldn't forget that the Sarawak Foundation (SF) has direct interests in the University and has also been given timber concessions by the State. Now this a double whammy situation – it has enjoyed the millions from the concessions and now even charges local students with parking fees? How puny & socially irresponsible!
by aborium on Jun 24, 2011 at 9:05 am

Who say the 85% are not paying tax? one way or another the 85% pay tax too. If you pay your parking for extra time or eat KFC, there are Service tax be included on top of the amount that you have to pay. So you see there , even student or children who are not working already pay tax by eating KFC. The poor farmer at rural area buy pesticide/baja for the farming are also been taxed , so what are you talking about.
You are clearly one of BN stooges…I am not Pakatan supporter, but your remarks clearly offend me..

by Albert on Jun 24, 2011 at 9:25 am

We all grumble and complain about the unfairness of the crony system but come election time and we time and time again vote for these b******s.We deserve what we get!
by tonysup on Jun 24, 2011 at 9:28 am

Saturday, June 18, 2011

F**k You Masing: JV In Pantu Is Not Profitable

Saturday, 18th June 2011

Masing Damn You..The JV in Pantu is Not Profitable. With the Land code Proposed Amendment Who is Going to Protect the NCR Land Owners.

To All the Three Tan Sri :Firstly Congratulations Tan Sri; Secondly  Did  the three of you Buy the Titles with Our NCR Lands. If  Not...Get them Back
 for us !...Bukittunggal.Com

Yesterday Masing proposed that the BN Backbenchers are going to propose for  the amendment  of land code in order to protect the investors in the JV. According to Masing this amendment will prevent the land owner from withdraw from the JV. Masing added this amendment is to cover the loophole as a result of the NCR court case in Pantu whereby the case was won by the land owners.

I would like to ask Masing whether he is working for the investors or for the people that voted for them. The JV in Pantu is always in the red since it was signed in  year 2004. After 7 years the landowners had never been paid with dividend. Under the JV, upon signing of the JV each landowner is supposed to be paid with RM 1200 per acre. But Kim Loong or Pelita had cheated the landowners by paying  the dividend by instalments. So far   this had been done in December and June 2011.

Under the JV, there are three ingredients which made the land owners at the losing site. They are :-

Firstly, PHSB was to receive and collect the benefits of the development of the native customary rights land into an oil palm plantation, not the landowners;

Secondly, the commercial development of the native customary rights land into an oil palm plantation was to be carried out by a joint venture company formed by PHSB and TASB, a company exclusively chosen by PHSB under a joint-venture agreement in respect of which the landowners are not even a party to.

Thirdly, the native customary rights lands are immediately amalgamated and title is to be issued in the name of the 'joint venture' company and the landowners would have no beneficial legal equitable or caveatable interest in the land to be issued with title.

Will Masing the Chief Land robbery, with the proposed amendment since the land owners cannot withdraw from the JV even if they knew that they are risk losing their Lands. Being one of the land owners that were cheated by PELITA to participate in Pantu JV, I warn you Masing that Land is our (Iban) Blood...We will use whatever it takes in order to take back our lands.

Mupok Aku

Friday, June 17, 2011

NCR Land Robbery By BN Government: Masing Will Leads The Rest Of The Dayak YBs To Amend Sarawak Land Code

Friday, 17th June 2011

BN's Government Sarawak Strikes back at NCR land owners. This is the price that the dayak has to pay for Voting for BN in the previous State Election.

The Top Iban traitor: He leads the rest of the Dayak YBs in Robbing Iban of their NCR Lands!

Land Development Minister James Masing says he will table an amendment bill to plug the loopholes in the present ordinance.

The Sarawak state government is striking back at the native customary rights (NCR) land owners after it lost a court battle in the Pantu land case.

Land Development Minister James Masing (right) said today he will table the Land Custody and Development Authority (Amendment) Bill 2011, which seeks to plug the loopholes in the LCDA Ordinance.

He confirmed that the amendments to the LCDA Ordinance arise out of the Pantu land case in which High Court judge justice Linton Albert made a damning judgment against the state government, state-owned LCDA and Pelita Holdings Sdn Bhd over the principle deed signed with a group of NCR landowners claiming native customary rights to the land.

“We can't have a decision that affects the investors' confidence. We need to protect those who have invested huge sums of money in the oil palm plantations,” he said.

If  through  Politic cannot protect our NCR Lands,the Iban should consider going  to the Street "Ngauay"!

He said landowners who have signed the development agreements cannot later on withdraw from the NCR land development, once the amendments come into force.

“They have to stick to the agreement,” Masing, who is also the Parti Rakyat Sarawak (PRS) president, insisted.

NCR land law expert See Chee How said the tabling of the Bill showed that the government does not believe in the court's decisions.

See, who is also the PKR Batu Lintang state assemblyperson, said the Bill should not have retrospective effect.

“Yes, your suspicion is right that the tabling of the Bill has something to do with the Pantu land case,” he said when contacted.

The Bill, to be tabled at the next week's meeting of the Sarawak state legislative assembly, seeks to spell out more clearly the functions, role and responsibilities of LCDA in regard to the development of land declared as a development area.

The Bill, under clause 3, seeks to define a company formed by LCDA and whose controlling shares are held by LCDA as “native” for the purposes of the Sarawak Land Code.

The state government and LCDA lost in the Pantu land case because the court ruled that the joint company formed by LCDA was not a native under the Sarawak Land Code.

This is what Masing meant as plugging the legal loopholes in the LCDA Ordinance.

But the far-reaching consequences of the Bill is on the introduction of Clause 7 which seeks to amend Section 12 of the Principle Ordinance to empower LCDA or any person authorised by LCDA, to enter upon and remain on land within a development area, where development agreements have been signed.

In undertaking development of the land in a development area, LCDA acts as the agent of the government. Thus, the provisions of Section 29 of the Government Proceedings Act, 1956, should apply to LCDA.

In Ten Years to Come If We Still Vote For  BN, the Iban will have no land for their own Used. Ask Masing How Much Dividend Has Been Paid By Tetangga Akrab or now Kim Loong!

The section prohibits the court to grant any injunction or order of possession against a government, or its public officer or agent.

Any disputes or differences concerning any development agreement will be referred to mediation, and if it fails, to arbitration.

Such requirements will be deemed to have been incorporated into any development agreement signed before or after the date of coming into force of the proposed amendments.

The Bill states that the new proposals are intended to facilitate the resolution of disputes between the parties to the development agreements, including the owners of NCR land, in an amicable manner.

In the Pantu Land case, the court attacked a joint-venture agreement (JVA) between Pelita Holdings Sdn Bhd (PHSB) and a plantation company, Tetangga Arkab Sdn Bhd (TASB) and Tetangga Arkab Pelita (Pantu) Sdn Bhd (Tetangga).

Tetangga is the joint venture company formed by PHSB and TASB that undertook the development of an oil palm plantation project involving the NCR land in Pantu district.

The principle deed and the JVA were signed on Sept 3, 2004 for the development of 7,000ha of NCR land.

Twelve NCR landowners have sued the Land Custody and Development Authority (LCDA), PHSB, Tetangga and the state government as first, second, third and four defendants respectively.

PHSB is a wholly subsidiary of LCDA, a state government land agency.

The plaintiffs are Masa Nangkai, Christopher Ambu, Engkana Talap, Sinju Senabong, Uban Bundan, Albert Waler Skinner Tulis, Jacob Emang, Len Jubang, Liap Giling, Ivanhoe Anthony Belon, Morice Renggi and Gima Belon.

They were suing on behalf of themselves and 90 other occupiers, holders and claimants of NCR land situated at or around Kampung Tekuyong, Kampung Dadak Aping, Kampung Aping, Kampung Lubok Abok, Kampung Sungai Tenggang, Kampung Limau and Kampung Pantu.

The plaintiffs claimed various declaratory reliefs relating to their native customary rights over land in the disputed area land which was established to be within the oil palm plantation project and for restraining orders against LCDA, PHSB and Tetangga and for them to give vacant possession of the plaintiffs' native customary rights land and damages.

'Fig leaves too scanty to conceal violations'

In his judgment, Justice Albert said the principle deed and the JVA had deprived the plaintiffs of their native customary rights land which was a source of their livelihood and lost the rights to their property which were violations of Articles 5 and 13 of the constitution.

“Irrespective of the cleverly-devised legal mechanism and legalistic language which constituted the principal deed and the joint-venture agreement, they are mere fig leaves too scanty to
conceal their violations of Articles 5 and 13 of the constitution because the sum total of the rights of the landowners, to put it crudely, and for want of a better word, is zero,” Albert had said.

He said this was patently demonstrated by the following aspects of the principal deed which was briefly set out for emphasis and at the risk of repetition.

Firstly, PHSB was to receive and collect the benefits of the development of the native customary rights land into an oil palm plantation, not the landowners;
Secondly, the commercial development of the native customary rights land into an oil palm plantation was to be carried out by a joint venture company formed by PHSB and TASB, a
company exclusively chosen by PHSB under a joint-venture agreement in respect of which the landowners are not even a party to.
Thirdly, the native customary rights lands are immediately amalgamated and title is to be issued in the name of the 'joint venture' company and the landowners would have no beneficial legal equitable or caveatable interest in the land to be issued with title.

“And one can go on and on to illustrate how the terms of the principal deed have stripped the landowners of their rights in every conceivable way and reduced those rights into nothingness.

“The fact that the landowners were not parties to the agreement between PHSB and TASB, under which it was agreed for the commercial development of the native customary rights land by Tetangga, meant that the landowners' rights in and over the oil palm plantation was also definitively zero.

The judge said the JVA was also in contravention of Section 8 of the Land Code because neither TASB nor Tetangga had been declared a native at the time of the JVA and it did not matter that Tetangga was subsequently declared a native because it is a principle of antiquity that things invalid from the beginning cannot be made valid by a subsequent act.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Siti Jarum Perempuan Sundal UMNO Bekerja Dengan Utusan Malaysia

Sunday, 12th June 2011

Siti Jarum cuba meniupkan semangat perkauman dengan membandingkan Namawee pejuang semangat Maysian-Malaysia dengan Gambit iaitu seorang pengarah Video Lucah..Memanglah Siti Jarum ini pelacur UMNO yang bekerja dengan Utusan Malaysia!

Semasa minum di kedai makan milik kaum Melayu di M10 iaitu sebuah pekan satelit di Batu 10 Sarawak, sekali lagi mata saya tertancam pada tulisan Siti Jarum iaitu seorang kolumnis perkauman dari Utusan Malaysia yang mana berikutnya akan saya gelarkan "Sundal UMNO", tentang dua pemuda Malaysia iatu Namawee dan Gambit. Namawee pemuda Cina yang berasal dari Johor menjadi terkenal kerana mencipta dua buah lagu berentak rap iaitu Negaraku sebagai Negarakuku dan juga tentang seorang Guru Besar di Kulai bernama Siti Inshah Mansor yang bersifat perkauman dengan menghina Kaum Cina dan India. Manakala Gambit pula adalah seorang pemuda berbangsa Melayu tetapi mengarahkan video lucah yang dimuat-turun ke dalam Youtube.

Sundalnya Siti Jarum. Tidakkah sundal UMNO ini mengetahui akan perbezaan yang ketara di antara perbuatan kedua-dua pemuda ini? Namawee menggunakan bakatnya untuk menyuarakan ketidak-puasan hatinya atasa layanan perkauman pemimpin Malaysia terutamanya UMNO terhadap rakyat Malaysia keturunan kaum Cina dan juga India yang mana umum malahan seluruh dunia sudah mengetahuinya (Sila rujuk rencana Manakala Gambit pula atas kreativitinya mengarahkan video lucah suatu perbuatan yang melanggar undang-undang Malaysia kerana membuat filem seks atau video lucah.

Nampaknya Sundal UMNO ini telah cuba untuk meniupkan isu perkauman dengan menyamakan perbuatan seorang rakyat Malaysia berbangsa Cina yang menyuarakan rasa tidak puas-hatinya melalui lagu dengan perbuatan seorang pemuda Malaysia berbangsa Melayu yang melakukan jenayah dengan membuat filem lucah..Memanglah Siti Jarumni seorang Sundal UMNO yang berselindung di sebalik Utusan Malaysia.

Pada tulisan saya yang lepas saya ada menyebut bahawa tidak semua orang Melayu mempunyai hati sejahat PERKASA (pertubuhan proksi UMNO) itu sebabnya walaupun lebih kurang 50% daripada penduduk Malaysia adalah terdiri daripada Orang Melayu tetapi tidak ramai orang Melayu yang membaca akhbar Utusan Malaysia,  ini disebabkan hanya segelintir (kebanyakan penyokong UMNO)  sahaja orang Melayu yang bersikap perkauman macam Utusan Malaysia.

Sebagai penduduk yang mengimpikan keamanan saya ingin mengingatkan kepada Utusan Malaysia, UMNO dan Siti Jarum Sundal (Sundal UMNO) agar lebih bertanggungjawab apabila membuat laporan agar keamanan negara ini tidak terjejas. Ingatlah sebagai sebuah negara majmuk, keselamatan negara ini sangat sensitif. Perkara keagamaan serta perkauman merupakan ancaman negara ini yang paling ketara. Sikap yang tidak bertanggungjawab seperti yang diamalkan oleh Utusan Malaysia serta Sundal UMNO melalui tulisannya di dalam Utusan Malaysia boleh menghancurkan negara ini. Ingatlah keamanan negara ini bukan disebabkan oleh toleransi penganut Islam serta kaum Melayu semata-mata, tetapi semangat tolak ansur penganut agama lain serta lain-lain kaum negara ini serta rakyat Malaysia juga menyumbang terhadap keamanan negara seperti yang kita kecapi sekarang.

Perbandingan di antara Namawee serta Gambit seperti yang ditulis oleh Sundal UMNO merupakan pelanggaran prinsip kewartawanan yang ketara. Kepada Siti Jarum (Sundal UMNO) serta Utusan Malaysia..Insaflah...Negara ini adalah NEGARA MALAYSIA dan bukan lagi TANAH MELAYU yang telah lama terkubur semenjak tahun 1963 iaitu semenjak tertubuhnya Malaysia.

Mupok Aku

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Snowdan Lawan Punishes Two Village Heads For Failure To Persuade Their Anembiaks to Vote For Him

Saturday, 11th June 2011

Snowdan Lawan uses 1Malaysia Netbook to punish all the village heads (Tuan Rumah) that failed to influence their people to vote for him during the just concluded Sarawak State Election.

Netbook 1Malaysia is a bait for BN to fish for votes from the TRs in Sarawak!

Last week on a first day of Gawai Dayak festival, my uncle who was also the village head (TR) of one of the longhouse under N25-Balai Ringin, showed me the 1Malaysia netbook which was according to him given by YB Snowdan Lawan. At that time I thought all the TRs were given with one.

Yesterday, one again  I went back to Kampong Empaling to visit my mother. Not long after I reached home, at about 10.00PM one of the TR from Kampong Isu came our house. For the benefit of the readers of, Kampong Isu is one of the longhouse under N25-Balai Ringin where Snowdan Lawan lost miserably during the state election and is also the longhouse where Dan Giang one of the candidate that stood against Snowdan Lawan. To cut the story short, while we were having black coffee this TR informed me that he was not very happy with YB Snowdan Lawan and felt humiliated as he was not given with the 1Malaysia Netbook. According to him another TR that was not issued with 1Malaysia netbook due to the same reason was a TR from Kampong Gayau which is located not far from Kampong Isu.

MACC must look into this problem seriously. The netbook was supposed to be given to all those eligible in this case the longhouse Chiefs or TR. The monies for these netbooks came from tax payers and not from Snowdan lawan or his father Donald Lawan. The laptop should not be used as bait for BN to fishing for Votes especially from the TRs.

I am not posting this article here because I am against Snowdan lawan. But my main reason is to inform MACC how BN YBs are using the tax payer monies for their own benefits and to fish for Votes. To MACC what are you waiting for?

Mupok Aku

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Akta Veteran Di antara Kenyataan dan Gimik Politik

Sunday, 5th June 2011

Akta Veteran yang bertujuan untuk membantu bekas tentera yang berkhidmat sepuluh tahun ke atas telah mula dibincangkan mulai tahun 2009 tetapi sehingga kini masih tidak menjadi kenyataan.
Yang menjadi tanda-tanya kepada semua bekas tentera yang tidak berpencen, adakah akta berkenaan benar-benar mahu diujudkan  atau hanya tujuan politik untuk menarik undi bekas tentera yang tidak berpencen yang mencapai jumlah hingga 200 000 orang di seluruh negara? Jika itulah kenyataannya, maka  semua bekas tentera yang tidak berpencen seharusnya bertindak untuk memberikan pengajaran kepada pemimpin-pemimpin politik yang berani membohongi 200 ribu orang bekas tentera ini. Saya telah menulis rencana berkenaan dengan motif kerajaan di di SINI.

Betul ke ini atau ia merupakan salah satu janji politik?

Semasa balik ke kampong semasa perayaan Gawai Dayak baru-baru ini, saya telah berkesempatan untuk bercakap dengan beberapa orang bekas tentera yang tidak berpencen. Di dalam perbualan dengan mereka ini, kebanyakan daripada mereka ini telah bertanya berhubung dengan kedudukan Akta Veteran yang telah diwar-warkan semenjak tahun 2009. Daripada lawatan saya ke rumah-rumah mereka saya merasa tersangat sedih dengan keadaifan hidup mereka.
"Kita berhenti daripada perkhidmatan tentera bukanlah disebabkan kerana kita sudah tidak mahu berjuang atau bekorban untuk negara tetapi disebabkan kita mahu menceburi bidang awam. Lagipun perkhidmatan tentera membenarkan kita berhenti sebelum berpencen" kata salah seorang pesara tentera dari Kampong Abok kepada
Salah seorang daripada mereka menambah, "Pekerja Telekom Malaysia serta Tenaga Nasional Malaysia yang diswastakan telah diberikan pencen walaupun berkhidmat di dalam perkhidmatan kerajaan kurang daripada tiga tahun, kenapa pendekatan yang sama tidak diberikan kepada bekas tentera?".

Dari segi politik, kebanyakan daripada bekas tentera ini lebih cenderung kepada parti pembangkang ini disebabkan rasa kecewa kerana tidak mendapat pembelaan daripada pihak kerajaan.
"Saya menyertai PBTM sebagai ahli seumur hidup tetapi walaupun saya hidup dalam kesusahan tetapi saya tidak pernah mendapat bantuan daripada Jabatan Veteran. Saya melihat Pengarah JHEV Sarawak lebih mengutamakan bantuan kepada kaum Bidayuh. Cuba siasat dan tengok statistik!" kata salah seorang bekas tentera daripada Kampong Empaling yang menunjukkan rasa tidak puas hati beliau terhadap ketidaktelusan bantuan yang diberi oleh JHEV sarawak kepada bekas-bekas tentera di Sarawak.

Sebagai bekas tentera yang tidak pernah mendapat pembelaan daripada JHEV saya mengharapkan agar Akta Veteran diluluskan. Dan sementara menunggu kelulusan Akta Veteran, diharapkan pimpinan JHEV Sarawak diterajui oleh mereka yang berkelulusan serta tahu mencipta peluang untuk bekas tentera terutamanya mereka yang tidak berpencen.

Bukittunggal merasa kecewa kerana tiap kali bertanya kepada JHEV Sarawak berkenaan peluang perniagaan serta kursus perniagaan  tiap kali telah mendapat jawapan negatif. Saya merasa kecewa dengan ketidak-upayaan JHEV Sarawak di dalam memberikan bantuan kepada bekas tentera yang memerlukan bantuan.
Kepada bekas tentera yang membaca tulisan saya ini, sekiranya anda ingin berhubung dengan saya boleh email melalui alamat e-mail berikut : remaung6renjer@gmail.Com.

Akhir kata, kita berharap kerajaan meluluskan Akta Veteran dengan kadar segera supaya 200 ribu orang bekas tentera yang tidak berpencen mendapat pembelaan.

Mupok Aku

Congratulations to All Three Iban Leaders Who Were Awarded With Tan Sri By King

Sunday, 5th June 2011

Every Iban in Sarawak should be proud of these three leaders who had been awarded with Tan Sri by the King. The award was a special Gawai Dayak  gift to all the Iban in the country. It is hope with the award, the three of them will work harder to protect our rights and to ensure that the living standard of the Iban if not better is in par with the rest of Sarawakian. Even though none of them are from second division or Simanggang area but we hope they will not neglect us.

At first when I read in the Borneo Post about three dayak leaders being awarded with the Tan Sri title, I did not pay much attention as I was thinking that they were not Iban laeders. But after realised who they were, I decided to write it here in Bukittunggal as a show of appreciation to the Federal Government.

As I mentioned earlier even though the three leaders were not from Iban Simanggang, but I hope the Federal Government aware about this, and as for these three leaders it is hope they will represent all the Iban in Sarawak regardless of the areas where they came from,  be it Iban Simanggang, Iban Batang Rejang, Iban Sekrang or the  Iban Lundu .

Who Are These Three Leaders

The three Iban leaders that had been awarded with Panglima Setia Mahkota award which carries the title ‘Tan Sri’, two are presidents of the Barisan Nasional (BN) component parties namely Dato Sri Dr James Masing of the Dayak-dominant Parti Rakyat Sarawak (PRS) and Dato Sri William Mawan Ikom of the multi-racial Sarawak Progressive Democratic Party (SPDP).
Another notable personality is former politician Datuk Amar Leonard Linggi Jugah. Linggi, former Parti Pesaka Bumiputera Bersatu (PBB) secretary-general now runs the cultural and education-linked Tun Jugah Foundation. He was one of four Malaysians named as Forbes Asia’s Heroes of Philanthropy in 2008.
They received the award from Yang Di-Pertuan Agong Tuanku Mizan Zainal Abidin.

Bukittunggal once again would like to congratulate these three Tan Sri hope the title will encourage them to work harder for the Iban! 

Mupok Aku

Saturday, June 4, 2011

DEHP-tainted food shipped to 15 regions: Taiwan government

Saturday, 4th June 2011

According to Taiwan government, the food tainted with DEHP have been exported to 15 countries inclusive Malaysia.

Taiwan's Department of Health confirmed that food products made in the country containing DEHP were exported to 15 other countries or regions. 

Taiwan's Department of Health (DOH) confirmed that food made in Taiwan containing the plasticizer DEHP (di-ethyl hexyl phthalate), which can cause hormone malfunctions in children, was exported to 15 countries or regions including the US, mainland China, the European Union, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Philippines, Australia, Malaysia, South Africa, Argentina, Egypt, Britain, Canada, New Zealand and Macau.

The department said it has informed the authorities of these countries and reported to World Health Organization (WHO).

China and South Korea have banned imports of certain food and drinks from Taiwan which may be contaminated, while Canada is investigating food imported from Taiwan. California supermarkets have also removed contaminated food from selves.

The toxic food additive scandal broke out early last week in Taiwan after an investigator from the Department of Health discovered food and beverage products containing the agent that is normally only used to make plastics. The discovery triggered a public panic nationwide in Taiwan and the government launched a comprehensive food check.

Beijing banned imports of Taiwan-made sports drinks, fruit juices and jams that Taipei had said could contain excessive levels of DEHP. Beijing also published a list of companies from the island whose imports were banned. South Korea's Food and Drug Administration also implemented a series of bans.

The Philippines have also limited food imports from Taiwan. More than one hundred thousand Taiwan-made food products were recalled by the Philippines' Food and Drug Administration (FDA) on Wednesday (June 1).

Some 165,505 variants of food and drink products from Taiwan are believed to be contaminated with DEHP and should be recalled, the Philippines FDA said.

The list includes some 200 types of product such as fruit juices, tea, sports drink, fruit concentrate, candies, fruit capsules and tablets, honey, fruit bars, fruit pastes and jams.

Affected products include sports drinks manufactured by Hyatt Brand Food Co and Bao Jian; fruit juice concentrates made by Bosi US International Industrial Co and Sun Biotech; teas by Fresh Tea; fruit juices by Kagawa Industrial Co and Jin Wang Food Co; fruit syrups by Lin International Trading Co and fruit juice powders by Wang Chun Industrial Corp, Chang Gung Biotechnology Co and Hip Shing Chemical Co.

These products were recalled since the agency is under the impression that DEHP was "illegally added to a food product as a clouding agent to improve emulsification of the product," Philippine FDA director Suzette Lazo said.

Hong Kong also banned two Taiwanese drinks on Tuesday (May 31) and Wednesday said it was recalling the stomach medicine Well Tab after its own tests found DEHP in the product.

An alert from the Canadian Food Inspection Agency said Wednesday that affected juices, syrups and jams may be in the Canadian market and contain DEHP.

"We've identified so far 25 different products that we know have been imported into Canada and we put out the recall notice on those," said Tim O'Connor, a spokesperson for the agency. The recalled products include mango, lychee and passion fruit juice.

Contaminated beverages from Taiwan have been removed from shelves at the California-based 99 Ranch Market, one of the largest Asian grocery chains in the US, company spokesperson Jennifer Tsao said Monday (May 30).

"Two kinds of Taiwanese beverages have been taken off shelves and we are still trying to know more about the whole situation, "she told Taiwan's Central News Agency.

99 Ranch Market, run by Tawa Supermarket Inc, has 35 stores in the US, 29 of which are in California. The chain is considered a Taiwanese-American supermarket because it has a considerable amount of products imported from Taiwan.

The Taiwan government has proposed dramatically tougher penalties for tainting food items with banned substances, planning a 33-fold increase in the maximum fine in a bid to prevent contaminated foods being sold.

Mupok Aku

This article is taken from Want China Time.Com

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