Thursday, May 19, 2011

Government Spends Nearly RM 10K Per Month For Senatak Ezam To Attack Anwar

Thursday, 19th May 2011

Government Spends Nearly RM10k per month on this Senatak Just to Attack Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim. PM Najib be warned. While with PKR he had 6 Boxes In His Posession which he claimed as BN Leaders Corruption Evidents. Sooner he will blackmail you with 12 Boxes of Evidents!

Ordinary people need to serve the people and country for years before they can be appointed as a senator. But for Mohd Ezam aka Senatak or Senator Katak,he just need to attack his former boss in order to be appointed as senator.

Najib must be damned crazy for spending goverment  or tax payer monies amounting to RM100K per year just to pay this senatak whose main job is to attack Anwar. Remember this senatak while he was still with PKR? This was the same man who claimed that he has 6 boxes containing documents on BN leaders corruption practices in his posession. And today he is working for Najib. I am not surprised that one day once Pakatan Rakyat took over Putra Jaya from BN, he will change side and this time with 12 boxes of documents on BN leaders corruption practices????

Let's see what is his next moves. For me this Senatak credibility is no more there. And since appointed as senator on 3rd May 2010 whis is his main contribution? As far as I am concern his only contribution is by attacking Anwar...He is only good as Najib Dog!

Mupok Aku

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