Monday, May 2, 2011

Pakatan Rakyat Warns BN Sarawak That They Will Be Closely Monitored By Shadow cabinet

Monday, 2nd May 2011

PR Sarawak which met here in Kuching yesterday had formed-up the "Shadow-Cabinet". The purpose of the shadow cabinet was to watch the Sarawak Cabinet under Taib Mahmud in performing their duties. To Taib Mahmud and the cronies, be warned that every step that you made will be under closed watch of the PR.

The DAP, which won the biggest of seats in the April 16 election, also holds the biggest number of portfolios.

When spoke to the press, State opposition leader and DAP chief, Wong Ho Leng, said :-
The move is to enable PR to better monitor the overall performance of the BN government under Taib Mahmud the longest serving CM in Malaysia. Other than that the purpose of this "shadow cabinet" is to come up with alternatives to show electorate how we could better administer the state if we are in power.
The shadow member responsible (for a particular portfolio) will have to come with alternative and constructive proposals. DAP, PKR and PAS will never come up with proposals that are destructive.

State PKR chief, Baru Bian, is tasked with native customary rights (NCR) and land development.

The other portfolios are split as follows:

Ibans are not represented

Despite being the largest group in Sarawak but Iban were not nominated to any potfolio in this shadow cabinet. What happened to PR? Are you forgotten that without the Iban there is no way that the Pakatan Rakyat could wrest Sarawak from BN. Whether like or not, in order to take over or to deny BN of 2/3 majority in Sarawak PR must not exclude the Iban.
As for PKR, as I wrote in my earlier postings, there is no way that the party which is a Semenanjung based party could represent ther Iban better than Sarawak National Party (SNAP) or  Parti Asal Kitai as their new tag line for the party. Therefore if PR intends to overthrow the BN from Petra Jaya, PKR must forget its self interest and accept the merger between DAP and SNAP. The blends between way of campaigning by DAP and the Iban support of SNAP, within five years time, PR will be able to take Petra Jaya from BN and subsequently   taking back our NCR lands and natural resources from Taib Mahmud, his family members and cronies.

Mupok Aku

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Anonymous said...

DAP should not listen to PKR. Without PKR, SNAP and DAP can perform better to oust BN Government in sarawak.
Without SNAP means without Iban representative in DUN.
I agree with R6R that without the Iban there is no way that PR can win or deny BN the 2/3 majority


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