Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Dominique Ng Quits PKR and Will Face Off With Them In Padungan Or Batu Lintang

Tuesday, 5th April 2011

The only PKR Assemblyman who had been dropped from PKR's candidacy in the 10th state election has quit PKR and vow to teach them a lesson by challenging them either in Padungan or Batu Lintang. Dominique was the best politician that PKR ever had in Sarawak. By dropping him, PKR may lost the only seat that they had ever won in Sarawak  and may Kilal (not winning anything or lay man term Zero Point) in this election!

PKR is going to Kilal in this election. By dropping Dominique, they dropped their Good Luck!

Dominique Ng, the PKR candidate who won Padungan in the 2006 state election, has quit the party to contest either in the same seat or neighbouring Batu Lintang as an independent candidate.

Ng, a lawyer, was dropped from the PKR line unveiled on Monday.

"If you have not done your job or cannot defend your seat, you should not contest. But I have done both," Ng told a press conference on Tuesday.

He had defeated SUPP woman leader Lily Yong with a majority of 1,417 votes in 2006.

He told reporters that he has conveyed his decision via sms to PKR de-facto head and Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim.

After tough negotiations, PKR was forced to swap the Padungan seat with DAP for Batu Lintang. PKR plans to contest 48 seats, DP 15 and PAS 5.

There are 71 seats up for grabs in the 10th Sarawak state election. Nominations are due on Wednesday and balloting on April 16.

Meanwhile, Ng is keeping his cards close to his chest, saying he would announce only on Wednesday where he would contest.

He said the decision to swap seats with DAP made him realise that something was not right in the state PKR. However, he professed high regard for national party leaders, including PKR president Wan Azizah Wan Ismail.

Ng, a DAP candidate for Padungan in the 1996 state election, joined PKR in 1999 and was appointed the Sarawak deputy secretary. But he soon quit when durng the 1999 general election, Chong Chieng Jen was nominated by PKR for the Bandar Kuching parliamentary seat.

Mupok Aku

"Personally I would like to Wish YB Dominique Ng all the Best in this election..Fight On YB and teach PKR a lesson"

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