Sunday, April 17, 2011

Do Not Trust The EC Because They Work For BN

Sunday, 17th April 2011

Other than Using Monies and Promises, The Election Commission (EC) also being Used By Najib and Taib to win the election

On 15th Aprl 2011 I went back to my long house in Sg Tenggang to Cast my vote but was later found out that my vote went to Snowdan Lawan??

On the fourth day after the nomination day, I followed my friend Robert Dan to campaign for him to all the longhouses along Empaling-Tuba road. Due to the job commitment, I only followed him to Kampong Sapak, Ipoh, Muding, Tuba and Keranggas.
During the campaign, we tried our best to influence the "hard core" BN supporters to vote for my friend who stood under SNAP ticket. We were quite happy as majority of the people from the longhouses in the area expressed their support to my friend. Some of the reasons why  they desliked  Snowdan Lawan because of his very ill-bred  attitude, and the BN party that he stand for had not brought any development to their longhouses.
We were all very happy , and confident that BN candidate will be defeated this time.

On 16 April 2011 at about 4.30PM we were told that Snowdan Lawan had won the election and my friend had lost his deposit. On top of that I was informed that no one from my longhouse had voted for him. But during the vote count which was done in the polling station in Kpg Empaling, Robert Dan had secured 12 votes. If that the case where were the votes of 11 people and my vote went to ? Where were the 12 votes that were counted earlier in Kampongh Empaling?

Checking further, I was informed that the SNAP operation Room located in Abok did not nominate any polling agent for Kampong Empaling. Thus I believed the SPR had manipulated the ballot box  by changing the box while on the way from Empaling longhouse to the vote Counting Centre located at Pantu.

I informed my friend about this and asked his opinion whether to make a police report. As of when this article is written, there is no decision yet from him.
To all the SNAP supporters, eventhough we defeated this time but we should not stop fighting. We should follow the footsteps of DAP members so that we can free Sarawak from corrupted BN in the coming state or parliamentary election.

Mupok Aku

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