Thursday, April 14, 2011

10th Sarawak Election:SUPP Will Be Buried Alive

Thursday, 14th Apr 2011

Tsunami 2008 in Peninsular Malaysia was a result of Tsunami Catastrophe in Acheh. Judging from the devastating caused by Tsunami in Japan, Tsunami 2011 in Sarawak will be the biggest...

Just cameback from attending PR rally in BDC. Tonight rally has attracted more than 10, 000 spectetors, and this if converted to vote, I am predicting that SUPP is going to lose miserably. According to the rally program, Datuk Seri Anwar is among the speakers or VVIP that is going to speak. Tonight I only managed to listen until Tony Pua. After listen to about 1/3  of the speech by female speaker after struggle to understand Mandarin, I left BDC, the venua for tonight rally at about 9.00PM.
Most of the speakers tonight touch on Taib Mahmud corrupt practices, and about BN politicians who fail to serve their people but only interested to fill their own pockets.
On top of that the other factors why the younger generation of Chinese communities dont vote for SUPP because they are getting feedup with how Taib runs the state for the past 30 years , and they  also  lost trust to SUPP leaders who failed to protect their interest from Taib Mahmud
Please see some of the photos taken here..

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