Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Protest Against Taib In London Will Spread to Sarawak Soon

Tuesday, 1st March 2011

In Malaysia, only the Barisan Nasional supporters are allowed to gather or to attend any ceramah. As for the oppositions, if they do so a troop of police or dub as BN dog by the opposition will be despatched to the scene by the "higher authority" to stop the gathering.
The recent incident happened in Lawas when Baru Bian on 23rd February 2011 was stopped by the police from talking to his supporters who came from as far as Bario and Ba Kelalan just to listen to their leadersand to meet him.
But this unfairly treatment by the police cannot stop the Malaysians especially Sarawakians from going to the street to expose the Barisan Nasional leaders corruption practices.
The latest was the protest organised by Sarawakian from all over Europe and Australia. This morning they staged a show of disgust outside the Central London headquarters of the wealthy propety company that is linked to Taib Mahmud, Ridgeford Properties.
To all Sarawakians that had no opportunity to join the crowds let's pray for the protest to spread to Sarawak.
For a show of support, we would like to share some of the photos taken during the demonstration. Some of the photos clearly shown that Peter John Jaban was among the crowds. Hope the photo will shut Joseph salang mouth who yesterday claimed that Free Radion Sarawak in which Peter John is one of it deejay was operating from Malacca.
Please see the photos below. If you like them please leave your comments.

 Hi Salang...Half of Peter John in Malacca and another half in London!..A Proof that Radion Free Sarawak is not operating from Malacca

Comments :

Anonymous said...

I like the photos - especially "Remove Interlok" Taib is responsible with the Interlok in Malaysia. Only BN is given the license to give speech, Baru Bian was denied one because he is from opposition - what justice is this. To make it worse, cops stop his speech when he make a gathering with the bario and bakelalan guests in a coffee house.

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