Wednesday, March 16, 2011

JC Fong Book On NCR Land Belittled the Dayak Customs

Wednesday, 16th March 2011

I would like to suggest that Baru Bian debate with JC Foong instead of Taib Mahmud because he is the real devil behind Taib evil actions.

The books that belittled the dayak/Iban customs! It has no other motive other than to assist Taib in robbing dayak of their most precious assets the NCR Lands and to take their Dignities Away! 

If today the Ibans still practicsing  the head hunting custom our main enemy should be JC Foong. This is the real culprit behind Taib's NCR development policy that allows the state government to rob the Iban/Dayak of their NCR lands  in the name of development.
JC Fong on 14th March 2011 had launched his second book entitled Law On Native Customary Land in Sarawak. In his opening speech Fong belittled the dayak by saying that not every native custom is recognised by laws of Sarawak as the basis for creation of rights over land. He further added that the Tusun Tunggu and Adat Iban 1993 were not comprehensive, as they do not cover certain customs and practices of the Iban committee.
Fong  a former State Attorney General who lead a company that leaves S’wak RM2.5 billion poorer as its Chairman, had also urged the dayak/Iban communities to change the customary law and customs of the native community.
But who is JC Fong who dares to intefere with or belittle our customs? I am not the only person that is disturbed  by this "devil" . Baru Bian the PKR Sarawak leader when he was interviewed by Radio Free Sarawak (RFS)  rubbishes Fong as he is doubtful that the latter will present a truthful account of the hot-potato issue. An expert in his own right, Baru dismisses the credibility of Fong who holds on to the narrow interpretation of NCR that facilitates land-grabs in Taib’s government.
On the reasons why he wrote the book Fong explained that the purpose of the book is to set out clearly what the laws is and to provide a clear understanding on how the native customary law had evolved or developed since 1841. But if one ever follow his past record in representing the state government in legal battle against the NCR land owner one will be able to judge that his only motive is to help Taib Mahmud, his cronies and family members to rob Iban/Dayak of their most precious asset that is their NCR Land .
Some of the cases  that he appeared for state government against the NCR land owners  were  Nor Anak Nyawai, TR Masa Vs Pelita, and many more cases.
Surprisingly to note where are all the Iban/Dayak ministers ? Where are their guts. These ministers Jabu, Masing and Mawan what have they done to protect our NCR lands from Fong's blatant lies ? Are we that weak ? Remember what did Jabu said when Hji Hadi belittled the dayak with his popular remark "cawat" ? Even though Haji Hadi remarks were only meant to describe the dayak backward mentality but he was cornered left and right by those dayak three stooges. Which one is more serious is it Haji hadi cawat remark or Taib actions in robbing the dayak/Iban of our NCR lands.
In sarawak, we dayaks are the majority. To protect our assets and dignities from Taib Mahmud we must stand up and unite. Forget about Iban, Bidayuh, Orang Ulu and Penan. We must fight as a dayak. Under BN rules we have so many political parties and ministers but what they have done to safeguard us from Devil Taib Mahmud and his Lucifer Fong? True enough we just cannot rely on them because they only know how to fill their own pockets.
There fore today, I am calling all the dayaks  out there to get united and defend our rights from many more JC Fong alike.
Lets United under SNAP!

Mupok Aku

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