Saturday, February 5, 2011

Chinese New Year Trip to N25 Balai Ringin : Costly Kolok Mee and King Of Fruits and Closed Lachau Police Station

Saturday, 5th February 2011

Taking the opportunity of long holiday, my son and I went back to my home town in N25 Balai Ringin to visit my mother.

Pricey Food  During CNY

On the way we stopped at Mile 10th for breakfast. I ate Nasi Lemak at one of the Malay stall in the eating oulet whereas my son ate his favourite kolok mee. When came time for payment, the nasi lemak and drinks were charged at normal price whereas the kolok mee was charged for RM 3.50 or RM 1.00 more, an increased of 40% from its original price. This stall was not the only one in Kuching that charged extra price for foods during Chinese New Year public holiday. Checking made by Bukittunggal found that all of the Chinese eating outlets were selling expensive food during the holiday. What was the government agency that responsible in goods price control is doing?

The King of the Fruits A Gold Mine For People Surrounding Lachau Bazaar

After finished our breakfast, we continued our journey to N25 Balai Ringin. We reached Serian at about 1.00PM. Most of the shops were closed except H&L Supermarket and a wet market. After buying some groceries and two kg of fishes we continued our journey.
First we planned to stop at Sg Tenggang town but when we reached there we found that all the shops were closed.
We then decided to proceed to Lachau town. When we reached Lachau, we discovered that most of the shops were closed. But the things which excited us most was the selling of the durians the "king of the fruits". Prior to the visit, I read in one of the posting in facebook which mentioned that the durians were sold at RM 10 per bunch consists of tree durians. Eager to buy the durians to be brought back to Kuching I asked one of the durian seller and was surprised to find out that one durian cost RM 15. This killed my appetite on durian instantly.
But I felt proud of the Iban in Lachau as they started to learn about entrepreneurship. It alright for me not to buy...after all I dont like durian..aha...

The Only Police Station in Malaysia That Was Closed During Public Holiday

After taking few photographs, I went to the eating outlet located at a row of shoplots developed by Donald Lawan the father of YB Snowdan Lawan, to meet up with Robert Dan the potential candidate for N25-Balai Ringin under SNAP ticket in the coming state election.

The only police station that is closed during Public Holiday..Such a Peaceful Town!

On the way to the shop, I saw a police station that really attracted my attention, its gate was closed and the padlock was locked. Police station is supposed to serve the people around the clock therefore must be opened for 24 hours. Throughout my experience this was the first time that I came across where the police station  is closed during the public holiday.
Since the police station is under the jurisdiction of Sri Aman police, therefore it is imperative that the officer responsible to investigate and find out the reason why the police station was closed.

Just to cut the story short, we left Lachau for my mother house at about 3.30PM

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Anonymous said...

Aku munyi ko padah nuan unggal R6R sigi enda bersetuju enggau pengawa bala sisa ti nyual pemakai baka mi kolok nyaual barang sida enggau peneka ati pemadu iya embar.
Tang pengawa tu peda aku ukai semina dikereja bala sida raban Cina aja. lalau maia ari 6 tu tadi di pasar tamu Bt 10, bala kitai ddayak ti bejual sayur tak suka hati niki ke rega..Ambik ke banding, rega seikat daun empasa/jabang selalu iya di jual RM 1 tang ari 6 tu tadi tak dijual RM 2..ianya niki 100%.
Nya alai dikarap ke bala opis perintah nerit ke adat rega barang oleh kereja rajin agi maia musim pengerami awak ke pengawa ti niki ke rega barang sesuka ati tau di sekat.

Nya aja

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