Saturday, February 5, 2011

After 30 Years In Power Taib is Capable to Fulfill His New Wife With Financial Needs But Not Her Sexual Needs Even With the Help Of Viagra

Saturday, 5th February 2011

After Looking at several photos of Taib with his new wife I just imagined how he could fulfill his new wife who is not yet reaching the age of 30s sexual life.
After more than 30 years in power, ransacking natives of their NCR lands, no doubt this great grand father is capable to fulfill his new wife with the monies that she needs.

After this, millions of Sarawakian monies will flow to Syria. Sarawakian especially the natives, if the people in Egypt can ousted their corrupt President, there is no reason that we the men of the headhunter cannot throw him from power.

Please see his photos with his new wife who is more suitable to be his "cucu" or grand daughter than as wife..

Mupok Aku

Comments :

Anonymous said...

Hi R6R!

Mind your own business. Taib doesn't need any more children...He can fulfill his wife sexual needs by using his 10 fingers.
Have you ever try this on your wife.......

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