Thursday, October 21, 2010

Mile 10th Dilapidated Police Station VS Najib's 5 Billions Warisan Merdeka

Thursday, 21st October 2010

Is it 1Malaysia or 1Rosma Mr Najib?

This morning I went to Mile 10th Police station to accompany my brother in-law to make a police report over his son lost Identity Card.
Mile 10th is one of the safest town located in Kuching.
From outside, the police station look normal, even thought it was just a wooden structure, but a frequent repainting make it looks tidy and clean.

Frontal view, the police station look perfect...clean  and well maintained!

It was a small police station mans by one lady lance-corporal. The corporal on duty look friendly and she received our report diligently. Being the ex-army officer Captain, I know how to address her properly.

Inside also look superb... Clean and tidy

But at the Back..Only God Knows...At anytime the building can collapse

A few minutes after making the report, I asked my brother in-law to continue with the report as I need to ease myself. I went to the toilet which was located at far-end from the office where we made the report.

Another rear View..Only God Knows...At anytime the building can collapse

At the back of the office, I was surprised to see how bad was the condition of the police station. At any time the old wooden building could collapsed. I managed to take few photos of this dilapidated police station.

What is the Cost to Build the New Police Station? RM 5 Billion

Between RM 5 Million and RM 5 Billions

After we had done with the report, we left the police station at about 10.30AM. On my way back, I remembered about Najib Warisan Merdeka building which cost RM 5 billions.
If the government can spend RM 5 billion for purpose of tourism there is no reason for government to spend RM 5 millions for the safety of the policemen and to increase security of the citizen.
To all Malaysians out there, judge for yourself if Najib really go for 1Malaysia or 1Rosma!

Mupok Aku


Masir Kujat Promised to Long houses Along Simpang Ubah-SK Saint Leo Gayau Electricity Will Reach Them By Year 2011

Thursday, 21st October 2011

If Masir Kujat promise is just another BN Promise of the Moon, Masir Kujat and BN will be punished!

Presentation of MRP to long house Chief Along Simpang Ubah Road - Masir Kujat Should Go Beyond MRP.

A reliable source told that by year 2011 all the dwellers of the long houses along Simpang Ubah-SK Saint Leo Gayau namely Tekuyong, Empaling, Isu and Gayau will be connected with electricity by year 2011. This promised was made by member of parliament P202-Sri Aman Masir Kujat.

Most of Masir Kujat Promises are Fulfilled

The same reliable source also told that YB Masir Kujat will keep his promise. This was based on the previous promise that he made to TR Ngulu of Empaling on the building of the civic hall (Dewan Masyarakat) for the long house has been fulfilled.
And on the electricity supplies that he promised to all the TRs (long house chiefs) of the long houses along Simpang Ubah-SK Saint Leo Gayau road during the Parents and Teachers Association or Persatuan Ibubapa dan Guru (PIBG) SK Saint Leo Gayau dinner on 12th October 2010, based on his past reputations, many people believed that such promise was not meant to fish for vote.

If YB Masir Kujat fulfills this promise in year 2011, in God's name, I will change my support to BN.

MRP is only for the Lazy YBs. Masir Kujat Please go beyond MRP

There are three things that any long house ever needed. These things or basic amenities are like road, electricity and the business opportunity. As for the long houses that located along Simpang Ubah, the first basic amenities had been fulfilled, and the second will be achieved in year 2011 if Masir Kujat promise is not empty. The third can be easily achieved if the first and second amenities have been provided.

While waiting for Masir Kujat fulfillment of the above promise, status qou will be remained the same, that is to reveal to the world what BN sarawak politic Of Development has done to the Iban.

Mupok Aku

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