Sunday, September 12, 2010

Sosilawati and 3 others Confirmed murdered

Sunday, 12th September 2010

Datuk Sosilawati Lawiya and three others were burnt and the ashes scattered at a river near Ladang Gadong in Tanjung Sepat 

Police have confirmed the murder of cosmetics millionaire Datuk Sosilawati Lawiya and three others missing with her, saying today the four were burnt and the ashes scattered at a river near Ladang Gadong in Tanjung Sepat near here.
CID Director Datuk Seri Mohd Bakri Zinin said today police will get forensic confirmation to identify the dead.
He said this at a press conference held at the Banting police district headquarters here, hours after newly-installed Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Ismail Omar said “more than four people” have been arrested in connecting with the case.

Sosilawati, 47, her driver Kamaruddin Shamsudin, 44, CIMB Kampung Baru officer Noorhisham Mohammad, 38, and lawyer Ahmad Kamil Abdul Karim, 32, were reported missing since August 30 after going to Banting, Selangor, for a land purchase matter.
Sosilawati had told one of her daughters that she was going on a business trip to Banting for three days and was said to be carrying a large amount of cash.
As reported by The Malaysian Insider the police believed Sosilawati and her companions may have been killed and their bodies burned following the discovery of charred remains at the poultry farm in Tanjung Layang, Morib last night. Their ashes may also have been scattered either into the sea or along the beach.
It is learnt that Sosilawati’s relatives have arrived in Banting to provide DNA samples to the forensic team which is based in a Banting restaurant four kilometres from the farm.
Last Monday, police found her BMW at Angsana Apartment in USJ 1, Subang Jaya and the BMW of Ahmad Kamil in front of a hotel in Subang Jaya but the missing millionaire has not been seen since she was spotted buying Raya cookies at a shop in Kampung Sungai Lan, Banting on September 2.
Earlier, police have cordoned off a site at the poultry farm that was said to belong to one of the suspects, where excavation work was expected to be carried out today.
Police at the site said last night that a forensics team from Bukit Aman would be conducting investigations today.
It is believed that police recovered several items belonging to the four missing people at the same farm.

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Malaysia's Bakun dam - a monument of corruption?

Sunday, 12th September 2010

The multi-billion-ringgit Bakun dam in Sarawak, already condemned as a catastrophe for the environment and the tribal people, is now battling suggestions it could become a giant white elephant.
The dam, that will eventually submerge an area the size of Singapore, is finally nearing completion after suffering a series of setbacks and delays since its approval in 1993.
But at the last hurdle the project has stumbled again, with delays in winning the state government's permission to begin the flooding process and no takers yet on purchasing its hefty 2,400 megawatt output.
With ambitious plans for an undersea cable to feed Bakun's electricity to the Malaysian peninsula now abandoned, the Sarawak government is the only feasible buyer - leaving it with a very strong hand.

Negotiations not going smoothly

Negotiations with the dam developer Sarawak Hidro Sdn Bhd, a subsidiary of the national finance ministry, have reportedly been tough.
"It's a case where the owner of the project is naming an asking price that is very different to what the buyer would want," said Wong Chew Hann, an analyst at Malaysia's top bank Maybank.
"I understand there's quite a huge mismatch," she said. "I'm not sure what they've incorporated into the pricing, but the cost of the project has gone up so much since it was started."
As well as the cost of construction, there is the expense of compensating tribal people for their forced relocation from ancestral lands, and suppliers affected by the long delays.
"So the question is, are you going to incorporate all the compensation costs in the tariff price?" said Wong.
With the indigenous people from the Bakun catchment area long since resettled and its valuable timber resources long since felled, the dam has been ready to be flooded since April.
The state government had delayed permission, saying it was still evaluating river levels and the impact on boat transport.
A Sarawak minister reportedly said last week that the necessary permit has been granted, denying both that it had been used as a bargaining chip to lower the tariff and that Sarawak was facing an energy glut.

Not held to ransom

Sarawak Hidro managing director Zulkiflie Osman played down suggestions that he has been held to ransom by the state government.
"Both parties are working together and want it to be settled amicably, with a tariff acceptable to both parties," he told AFP, adding that he expected to strike a tariff deal before December.
The next of Sarawak's mega-dams, the Murum, which is being developed by the state government, is due to come on line in 2013 but Osman said he was convinced the state authorities will not bypass the Bakun in favour of its own project.
Alongside the power purchase negotiations, the federal government is also said to be discussing selling the entire Bakun facility - built at a reported cost of RM7.3 billion - to the state government, but pricing and finance problems have emerged.
Star daily reported in July that the federal government was seeking RM8 billion while the state government offer was just RM6 billion.
The Bakun's output far exceeds existing energy needs in Sarawak, a relatively undeveloped state, and is mostly destined for industrial users such as aluminium smelters, but these are still on the drawing board.
"The main problem is that currently there is no demand for such a big capacity yet, and in order for Sarawak Energy to purchase the dam they would need adequate funding," said an analyst with a major research house.
"The banks would ask for some kind of feasibility study, and as there is no real demand yet this project risks becoming a white elephant," said the analyst, who declined to be named.
Newspaper reports have questioned how the federal government can ever hope to recover the huge amount of money it has sunk into the project.


"Marred by too many disagreements, the RM7.3 billion project could very well turn out to be a non-starter," Star said last month, adding that with both the Bakun and Murum dams online there would be a "very real possibility" of a power glut.
Transparency International has labelled Bakun a "monument of corruption" in Sarawak, a state that has been ruled for three decades by the formidable Chief Minister Taib Mahmud (right).
There has also been fierce criticism over the botched relocation of 15,000 indigenous people, who have made an unhappy transition to life in drab resettlement areas.
Baru Bian (left), chairman of the opposition party Keadilan in Sarawak, said the Bakun project was designed purely to profit cronies, and not planned in the public's interest.
"The dam is a waste of public funds, it's not necessary, and what is paramount is that it is disturbing and disrupting the lives of the natives and the environment - the trees and the forests."

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Najib New Cow

Sunday, 12th September 2010

Raja Petra Kamarudin

(Malaysia Today) - Tan Kay Hock is the low-profile controlling shareholder of Johan Holdings Berhad, a public-listed investment holding company. He is also the golf buddy of Najib Tun Razak and this relationship has made him hundreds of millions. Kay Hock recently caused ripples in China when he asked the Chinese for RM500 million and told them that RM200 million is for Najib’s family.

How playing golf with the Prime Minister can earn you billions

For about ten years and over three Prime Ministers, the current Prime Minister included, the contract for the double-tracking electric train from Gemas to Johor Bahru has been ding-donging. Despite what was agreed between the leaders of China and the three Prime Ministers, which was later confirmed by the issuance of a Letter of Intent to China Railways Engineering Corporation (CREC), the government is again backtracking.
Najib now wants to award the contract to China Harbour Engineering Co. Ltd. (CHEC) instead, the company that is building the Second Penang Bridge -- which shot up from RM1 billion to RM4.5 billion and now to RM22 billion (read more on the matter below).

The man behind this is Tan Kay Hock, Najib’s golf buddy. He is brokering the deal on behalf of CHEC.
The Chinese say that Tan Kay Hock is demanding RM500 million from CHEC and he told them that RM200 million is for Najib's family. And this is making the Chinese very unhappy because, in China, both the givers as well the receivers of bribes will be sentenced to death with a bullet in the head plus the cost of the bullet is charged to the family of the deceased.

When the Chinese government offered the Malaysian government a loan to construct the Gemas to JB railway they indicated that CREC should be the contractor. CREC is one of the biggest specialist contractors for electric trains while CHEC has not constructed even one kilometer of electric railway (more details below).
A Letter of Intent had already been awarded to CREC. Now the government wants to cancel this Letter of Intent and issue a new Letter of Intent to CHEC. But for the new Letter of Intent to be issued to CHEC they must fork out RM500 million, which Kay Hock claims RM200 million will be paid to the Prime Minister of Malaysia’s family.

This is not only a violation of the terms of the loan from China but CREC is the company with the experience in constructing electric railways, not CHEC, the company already involved in the construction of the Second Penang Bridge. Added to the withdrawal or cancellation of the Letter of Intent to CREC and a new one issued to CHEC, with a RM500 million ‘price tag’ attached, it puts the Chinese government in a dicey spot when the risk would be a bullet in the head for those who approve the payment.

The Chinese are wondering whether it is worth the risk to pay Kay Hock the RM500 million he is demanding. If the Letter of Intent to CREC can be withdrawn after issuing it, what guarantee is there that the new Letter of Intent to CHEC will also not be withdrawn after they pay the RM500 million?

The Chinese are very aware that Vincent Tan also received a Letter of Approval for his gaming licence, signed by the Deputy Minister of Finance. However, after he paid RM170 million ‘under the table’, Najib denied in Parliament that Vincent Tan had been given a gaming licence and subsequently the Letter of Approval was withdrawn.

KTM is being used as Najib’s new cash cow. The EMU coach was a deal involving Rosmah Mansor (Najib’s wife), Mumtaz Jaafar (Saiful Bukhari Azlan’s ‘godmother’) and Cindy (Desmond Lim's wife). Desmond, in fact, handled the deal where KTM coughed out RM1.4 Billion for coaches that cannot function. According to KTM, the coaches are not even worth RM300 million.

The saga gets more interesting with Najib and Rosmah holidaying in Monaco as guests of Jho Low -- who told everyone that the yacht belongs to the Prince of Qatar. It was later revealed that Jho Low rented the yacht for Euro 90,000 per day to allow Najib and Rosmah to rub shoulders with Hollywood Starlets.

That brings us to a very crucial question. Where did Jho Low get that kind of money? Well, you see, after Malaysia Today exposed Deepak Jaikishan -- Rosmah’s carpetman cum bagman cum toyboy -- she was forced to dump him. So now Jho Low is Rosmah’s new Mister Fixit and Collector of Commissions.
Let us see how the CHEC-Tan Kay Hock saga is played out. Now that the Chinese government knows that we know about the RM500 million deal would they dare still proceed with it? And does Tun Dr Mahathir Mahathir know that Najib has hijacked his pet electric train project?

Mr Tan is said to be a golf buddy of Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak
He is the low-profile controlling shareholder of Johan Holdings, a public-listed investment holding company, and said to be a golf buddy of Najib Tun Razak.

The Financial Times had reported that Tan Sri Tan, 61, was the owner of the 607ha Guiana Island, which is now at the centre of a fraud case brought by the United States authorities against Texan billionaire businessman Allen Stanford. -- The Straits Times (Singapore)

Read: The crooked faces of Najib Altantuya’s Cronies and their Related Companies (

CREC is the third largest civil construction enterprise in the world, and the Asian and Chinese largest railway, road and tunnel construction contractor. It has a leading position in China's construction market, and participates in many large-scale infrastructure projects overseas (especially in countries in the Southeast Asia and Africa). Fortune magazine in the United States reported that CREC ranked 342 in the 500 world's largest enterprises in 2007.
CREC consists of 31 member enterprises including:
- 16 super-large construction enterprises
* China National Overseas Engineering Corporation
* China Railway Resources Co., Ltd.
* China Railway First Group Corporation
* China Railway Erju Group Corporation (China Railway Second Group Corporation)
* Third Engineering Group Co. Ltd
* China Tiesiju Civil Engineering Group Co. Ltd (China Fourth Group Civil Engineering Group Co. Ltd)
* China Railway Wuju Group Corporation (China Railway Fifth Group Corporation)
* China Railway Sixth Group Co. Ltd
* China Railway Seventh Group Co. Ltd
* China Railway Eighth Civil Engineering Group Corporation
* China Railway No. 9 Group Co. Ltd
* China Railway No. 10 Group Corporation
* China Zhongtie Major Bridge Engineering Group Co. Ltd (China Railway Major Bridge Engineering Group Co. Ltd)
* China Railway Tunnel Group
* China Railway Electrification Bureau Co. Ltd
* China Railway Construction Engineering Group
- 3 large or super large surveying and designing enterprises
* Second Survey and Design Institute of China Railway
* China Railway Engineering Consultants Group
* China Major Bridge Survey and Design Institute
- 3 large R&D enterprises
* Northwest Research Institute
* Southwest Research Institute of CREC
* Engineering Machinery Research and Design Institute
- 5 large manufacturing enterprises
* China Railway Shanhaiguan Bridge Group Co. Ltd
* China Railway Turnout Bridge Inc.
* China Railway Bus. Co. Ltd.
* Wuhan Engineering Machinery Works of CREC
* Hengping Trust and Investment Co. Ltd.

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