Sunday, August 15, 2010

Authorization Letter Asking For Kickback Written By YB Mong Dagang

Sunday, 15th August 2010

Yesterday I followed my two young entrepreneurs friend on their business trip to Lachau Bazaar. Along the way, we stopped at Sg Tengang Bazaar and had a chit-chat  with some of the long house folks from that area. For the readers of this blog who are not familiar with Sg Tenggang Bazaar, politically it is located  under  N25 Balai Ringin and N26 Bukit Bengunan.
The hottest "coffee talk" topic in that area at this moment is the distribution of the Authorization Letter belong to YB Mong dated 18th June 1997. The letter had given the authorization  for KHO CHEE PENG to invite any potential investor(s) to develop 70,000 acres of NCR Lands on a join venture (JV) basis with the land owners on oil palm plantation at Kelingkang Range (Bukit Bengunan.

The most interesting contents of the letter was how YB Mong Dagang asking for a kickback of RM 1000.00 per acre which will be divided between him and Kho Chee Pheng by 50-50. In his letter he said :-

"I undersigned hereby agree that the investor(s) will have to pay atleast RM1000.00 per acre and after deduction of the up-front to LCDA the balance will be divided 50% to the undersigned and 50% to Kho Chee Pheng".

Please MACC tell us if the above was not considered as corruption?

Based on the above letter, YB Mong and Kho Chee Pheng should be getting about RM 35 Million each.
Some of the names mentioned in the letter as nominees were Bawang ak Deru (unknown to Bukittunggal), Leyta Kupa (also unknown to Bukittunggal) and Henry Yan Masing (Probably James Jemut Masing's brother). The letter, also requested for the above nominees to be registered in the following companies :
(1) Noble Reserve Sdn Bhd
(2) Noble Resources Sdn Bhd
(3) Noble Reward Sdn Bhd

After reading the letter, I now understood as why the JV project between the NCR land Owners and the Investers will never going to make any profit. For instance, the JV Project that involved  the Land owners from Kpg Ubah, Empaling, Isu and Tekuyong. After 6 years, the landowners had never been paid with dividends ( Please do not confuse with the Advance Dividends which were paid to the land owners so far).
I am therefore urging all the land owners of any JV throughout Sarawak to take back your land. Do not go to BN politicians but please see the Pakatan Rakyat politicians in your areas as they will be able to help. As for Bukittunggal, we will convince the landowners from Kpg Empaling, Tekuyong, Isu and Ubah to cease the JV with Kim Loong as soon as possible.

Attached with this posting today please find the Letter from YB Mong Dagang, the Wakil Rakyat for N26-Bukit Bengunan.

Mupok Aku

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