Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Proton Sales its cars in Saudi Arabia Below Local Price

Wednesday, 28th July 2010

So Proton Cars are Sold at Cheaper Price In Saudi Arabia....1Malaysia, Foreigners First, People Last!

Proton Dumps Its Products in Saudi Arabia.

Once again I would like to thanks my friend from Hornbill-Hornbill for sharing about Proton dumping its Products in saudi Arabia. The article was written in Bahasa Malaysia, but for the benefit of visitors, I translated the article here.


Why are Proton cars not selling at the same price with Saudi Arabia?
What is so special about an Arab?

Said "People First"…..
Why are Arab people given the priority?

Haaaa…..the answer is…..Proton owners in Malaysia had been cheated…..Hahaha

Persona price in Saudi = SR 36,100
Gen2 Price in Saudi = SR 33,600
Waja price in Saudi = SR 37,950

1 Saudi Riyal = RM 0.94

Means the price of Persona in Saudi = RM 33,934 only
Means the price of Proton Gen2 in Saudi = RM 32,256 only
Means the price of the Waja in Saudi = RM 35,673 aje

1 Malaysia pay RM 66,799.97 for a Waja in Msia!
RM31,126.97 more expensive!
Malaysia Government suppose to protect their people instead of cheating their hard earnings..!!
Another case of "Too many rubbish in UMNO"

Mupok Aku

Penang Malay or Memaluk

Wednesday, 28th July 2010

Another interesting article that I got from my good friend Hornbill-hornbill who got it from his friend. Please read it here and if you do like it, please leave a comment.

By a Malay:

UMNO, the Malay Chamber of Commerce, Perkasa, Ibrahim Ali, and whatnot are shouting, ranting, raving, screaming and hollering about ‘nasib Melayu’ or the plight of the Malays, in particular the Malays of Penang.

I don’t know what Ibrahim Ali was doing back in the mid-1970s but judging from the age of many of those others in the crowd I think many of them tak sunat lagi back in the mid-1970s. Tak sunat lagi means you are so young that you are not circumcised yet and your little dick still has its foreskin.
Yes, back in the mid-1970s -- 35 years or so ago when I was still in my 20s and not even 30 yet -- I was already fighting to improve the lot of the Malays. And 35 years ago those shouting, ranting, raving, screaming and hollering today were either too damn young or were not even born yet.
We realised even back then that if something were not done the Malays would be left out. We realised that unless something were done now, 35 years ago, the Malays would be left behind. So we sat down with various Malay leaders and those who walk in the corridors of power -- the Prime Minister included -- to plan and chart the future of the Malays. And we did this for more than twenty years from the mid-1970s to the mid-1990s before I decided it was a lost cause and that I had better move on to other things.
The problem we faced was as what the then Minister of Trade and Industry Rafidah Aziz said: Melayu mampu daya maju tapi tak mampu daya tahan. This came from the Minister herself and means the Malays can be viable but can’t be sustainable. Malays can achieve success but can’t sustain the success.
The Minister then revealed details and lamented about all the wealth the government gave the Malays in the form of land, concessions, permits, ‘pink slips’ on new stock exchange listings, and whatnot, which, if the Malays had kept, would mean the Malays would have far exceeded the 30% target of the New Economic Policy.
But the Malays did not keep this wealth. The Malays sold it. The land, concessions, permits, ‘pink slips’ on new stock exchange listings, and whatnot, were all sold. So the Malay holding reduced and ended up in the hand of the non-Malays. This was what troubled the government, the Malay leaders, those who walk in the corridors of power, and us in the Malay Chamber of Commerce.
So they now lament about how left behind the Malays in Penang are. They should chart the progression of the Malays in Penang from 224 years ago until today and analyse at what point it went up and went down again. Were the Malays driven out? Were the Malays pushed out? Or did the Malays sell out? And why and how did the Malays sell out?
There is such a thing called the law of supply and demand. There is such a thing called market forces. There is such a thing called willing buyer, willing seller. When there is a demand there will be a seller. And since there was a demand for land in Penang then for sure the landowners would sell. It is all about making a profit.
So Penang developed. It became known as the Pearl of the Orient. So the capitalists moved in, as capitalists always do anywhere in the world where there is money to be made. And the Malays saw the route to easy and quick cash available to them. So they sold their land for a lot of money and moved on to another place where the land was cheaper. Now they could have their cake and could eat it too. They sold their small piece of land in Penang for a lot of money and bought an even bigger piece of land, say in Kedah, for a small amount of money and still had a lot of money left to go to Mekah, send their kids to university, and whatnot.
Today, many of those old folks and landowners of the 1960s and 1970s are dead. They are no longer alive. Their land in Penang had been sold off long before they died. And their children and grandchildren no longer own land in Penang . This is because the old folks had sold it off when they were still young or before they were born.
Today, the Malays are angry because the land in Penang is owned mainly by the non-Malays. But this is so not because the non-Malays stole the land but because the Malays sold it for a lot of money. It is what any property owner would do when the property they bought for RM100 two world wars ago can now fetch RM500,000 on the open market. Only a fool would turn down RM500,000 in profit.
The more the Malays scream about being left behind in Penang the more the Malays would look stupid and would be revealing their weaknesses. Back in the 1970s the government already sighed and lamented that come the year 2000, the Malays would still be left with nothing.
We can help the Malays, the government said. We can do what you want us to do. But if the Malays just sell off whatever we give them, then come 2000 the Malays would still end up with nothing. And then the Malays would turn round and blame the government. The Malays would say the government does not care about them. They will never admit that the government did so much for the Malays but the Malays chose quick cash instead of sustaining and maintaining for the long term what the government gave them.
Say what you like about Rafidah Aziz and those many of the 1970s and 1980s era. They did try and they tried very hard. I should know because I was part of it. But we all knew that it was a futile effort. We can try to help the Malays to get rich. But they will not stay rich. They will sell all for quick cash and then will become poor again. And then they will blame the government because they are poor.
This was anticipated 35 years ago back in the 1970s. And the government told us this would happen. But we still tried. And now it is proven that the government was right, 35 years ago.
Today, Pakatan Rakyat is ruling Penang . But Penang was founded 224 years ago back in 1786. Tomorrow, Pakatan Rakyat would have ruled Penang for exactly two years. For 222 years before that it was not Pakatan Rakyat that was ruling Penang . But Pakatan Rakyat is being blamed for 224 years of Penang history.
Yes, Perkasa, the new ‘Malay rights’ movement headed by Ibrahim Ali. Ask Ibrahim Ali how much the government gave him since the 1980s. In the 1970s when I was already fighting for the Malays he was still a student. Ask Ibrahim Ali to total up everything the government gave him the last 30 years or so. That figure should come to at least RM200 million-RM300 million.
How much does Ibrahim Ali still have left? Can he even find RM1 million in his bank account? Where did all that hundreds of millions go? Yes, ask Ibrahim Ali to ask himself all these questions. Then he will understand what happened to the Malays. What happened to the Malays is exactly what happened to him. He sold off everything and spent all the money just like those other Malays. And now he blames the Chinese because he is broke
Mupok Aku


Why Malaysian Should Vote For PAS (PR) and Not UMNO (BN)

Wednesday, 28th July 2010

For Malaysian Who have never set foot on Kelantan state whic is dubbed  as the Serambi Mekah of Malaysia or the Mecca of Malaysia especially the Sarawakian rural might be carried away by Jemut Masing propaganda that Malaysia based political parties (excluded BN's component parties such as "I aM NO" (UMNO), MCA, MIC and Gerakan of course) are bad and have no knowledge on local custom or adat, might be thinking that the state of Kelantan only in favour the Muslims compare to non-Muslims.
Today I am going to write about two good things (out of few)  that I managed to gather  as a comparison between  PAS and UMNO. Hopefully with this revelations, the rural people of Sarawak will accept PAS so as that party will not be the stumble block for Pakatan Rakyat coalition (PR) to kick Barisan Nasional (BN) from new DUN building in the coming state election. PAS in the past had been dubbed by BN Sarawak as the racict and extremist muslim party by BN. On top of it, PAS had a very bad reputation in Sarawak particularly to the non-muslims. The grave mistake that PAS had committed was when it first time set its foot on Sarawak, they had refused to shake hands with the non-muslim supporters because they did not want to dirty their hands with the pork eaten hands belong to the non-muslim.

First comparison that I want to make today  is about PAS standpoint on the use of word  "Allah" by the catholic's newsletter Herald Malaysia. PAS Supreme Council on 5th  January 2010 had unanimously backed the use of the word Allah by Catholics, saying that it was consistent with the federal Constitution and Islamic principles. But what did the UMNO and bad mouth Iban politicians like Jabu and Jemut Masing had done? Yes they neither opposed or support the High Court decision.PAS has better racial and religious telorance compared to UMNO and BN.

Second Point is a Moderate way of living as advocates by PAS leader. Have anyone ever seen the official resident of  the Kelantan's  Chief Minister Datuk Nik Aziz?  For those who have not seen his house please see it below.

Will you think that our Pehin or any UMNO/BN Leaders eating in a place alike  where Nik Aziz having his breakfast?

On top of about the humble house where Nik Aziz lives, I want to share the experience that this visitor and his family members  from Seremban who were on family tour to Kota Bharu Kelantan, encountered with Datuk Nik Aziz who were having breakfast at the ordinary foodstall "warung" by the road side. To keep it originality, please read the article by one of its family member in Bahasa Malaysia :-
Sewaktu kami sekeluarga berkunjung ke Kota Bharu Kelantan pada cuti sekolah bulan lepas, kami sekeluarga sarapan pagi di gerai berhampiran hotel penginapan.. Kami sekeluarga terkejut dan rasa terharu bila kami dapati MB Kelantan tengah sarapan pagi di gerai tersebut berseorangan tanpa pengawal peribadi dan pegawai kerajaan Kelantan..

Malah beliau terlebih dahulu menegur dan menberi salam kepada kami sekeluarga serta mengajak kami sekeluarga makan bersama-sama dimeja beliau sambil berborak menayakan dari mana, bagaimana perasaan kami bila berada di Kelantan dan banyak lagi.. Ketika berborak, beliau tiada sedikit pun menyentuh soal politik atau cerita perkembangan terkini di Negeri kami (Negeri 9).. Malah beliau berterima kasih kepada kami kerana sudi datang dan lihat sendiri keadaan di Kelantan daripada membaca di akhbar atau melihat di TV.. Malah kami sekeluarga rasa lebih terharu bila beliau bayar kami sekeluarga makan pada pagi itu..

* MB Negeri saya sendiri pun susah nak jumpa..... kecuali ada majlis rasmi yang ada publisiti sahaja.........
The above two good examples about PAS above is not exhaustive. I hope the message above will reach the majority of the voters in rural Sarawak especially the Iban, so that it will change their perceptions about PAS, therefore PR's aim to wrest Sarawak from corrupted BN in the coming state election will be achieved.

Mupok Aku

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