Monday, June 28, 2010

Barisan Nasional Political Plot Against The Iban

Monday, 28th June 2010

The total population of Sarawak is 2.7 million and out of this total population 1.2 million or 44 % are Iban, where as the rest are Chinese, Malay, and others (Bidayuh, Melanau, Kayan etc). Despite being the majority but Iban still cannot rule Sarawak. The last time it ruled Sarawak was during Datuk Stephen Kalong Ningkan.
The question is, why despite the majority, Iban still cannot become the Chief Minister of Sarawak? Are we that stupid and easily manipulated by Taib Mahmud and Barisan nasiobal (BN) ?
The answer is no. Iban which own the most NCR lands in Sarawak cannot be stupid. But there are few reasons why we still bow  to Taib Mahmud. These reasons are like, first Taib politic of divide and rule. Being the majority alone without the support of the other dayaks like Bidayuh and Kayan Iban will not be strong enough to helm to power. To divide the dayak, Taib first move was to amend the constituition by abolished the word dayak, and changed it to Iban, Kayan, Bidayuh and so on.

Divide and Rule.......Give more Development to Bidayuh compared to Iban and kayan!

Bidayuh Given the New Secondary School.....

No School for Iban majority areas..just include Iban subject in UPSI 

Next Taib marginalised the majority group among the dayak by providing less development to them. That is the reason why the Bidayuh has been given more development compared to the Iban and kayan.

Another plot by Barisan Nasional/Taib to fish for dayak vote is by employing "brain wash". This is done by confusing the dayak with the definition of "perintah" (government). The BN YBs during their campaigns always remind the dayaks to vote for government (Perintah), in order for the development to reach them or for the continous development of their longhouses. Other than that, the longhouse heads also reminded to ensure that his anembiaks (people) did not vote for the opposition or risk losing theirs RM 450 monthly allowance as a longhouse chief.

Spread Propaganda in Iban Maority Areas!

Winning the election in Sarawak will not going to be an easy task for Pakatan Rakyat. To win the election, PR must first win the Iban majority areas.PR can win the Iban majority areas if the above strategies of the BN is overcame.

Mupok Aku

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