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Monday, 26th April 2010

In it effort to win the support from the young and professional voters and members, PKR P-202 Sri Aman had launched it facebook on Monday, 26th April 2010.
With the launching of it Facebook, which is the most popular Social Networking Site, the party particularly in P202 will be able to attract more young voters or those below the age of 50 years to support the party struggle. So far the PKR P202-Sri Aman facebook has recieved few visitors even as far as the Peninsular.
For PKR party members in P202 they are encourage to visit and register themselves as member of the PKR P202-Sri Aman facebook. As for the other members from the other branches, their visits to PKR P202-Sri Aman facebook is very much appreciated.
Please click here for PKR P202-Sri Aman facebook

Mupok Aku


P212-SIBU By-Election A Show Case Between Sarawak DAP Chief and SUPP Sibu Assistant Treasurer

Wednesday, 28th April 2010

In year 2008 General election Democratic Action Party (DAP) candidate was defeated by Sarawak United People Party (SUPP) with more than 3000 majority. In the election Richard Wong of DAP gannered 15903 votes compared to Datuk Robert Lau with 19138 total votes.
In the coming by-election Richard Wong of DAP is going to take on Robert Lau Junior as he is called by SUPP. Robert Lau junior real name is Robert Lau Hu Yiew. He is a second cousin to the late datuk Robert Lau.
Compare to year 2008 election, the coming by-election look much easier for Richard Wong. In the 2008 electionhe  fought Rober Lau who was very popular among the Sibuans. But in this coming election he is going to fight the novice politician who is not well known by the people of Sibu particularly among the Hawkers. So that the reason, since the demised of Datuk Robert Lau,Lau Junior accompanying by Datu Wong Soon Koh, has been visiting Sibu market almost everyday. His visits to the market were covered by his family newspaper the Borneo Post.
For Pakatan Rakyat, Sibu by-election is a vital ground for them to test their presence in Sarawak especially when the state election is approaching. The last time that they compete in the election in Sarawak was in April 2010, when their candidate ex-YB Jawah Gerang from PKR was defeated by Mussen Lamoh from Parti Rakyat Sarawak (PRS).
To the voters in Sibu, please select your representative wisely. Remember that if you vote for SUPP candidate you may consider endosing Sibu to be controlled by Lau's clan.
I only have this for all of you, the voters in sarawak "Abandon SUPP and jump into our boat" by throw your VOTE FOR PAKATAN!

Mupok Aku

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