Monday, April 12, 2010

Support Government of the Day Sultan Selangor Reminds Government Servants in Selangor

Monday, 12th April 2010

Government servants in Selangor must remain apolitical and support the government of the day...Said the Sultan of Sengor

Sultan Sharafuddin reminded civil servants to be apolitical, professional, ethical and sensitive towards the ruling government and to uphold the country's rule of law. Giving this royal command, the Sultan of Selangor told politicians in the state to also uphold the country's constitution in their dealings.
Opening the third term of the state assembly here, Sultan Sharafuddin Idris Shah said he wants to see Selangor continue to progress, with the government delivering what the people had tasked them to do.
"In this august House, let's take this opportunity to discuss good policies and not engage in inappropriate behaviour.
"It is incumbent upon all members of the house to show decorum," he said, adding that although in politics it would be impossible to reach a 100% consensus, there must be a system of check and balance.
He said politicians must act based on the trust given by the people and not base their actions on personal or political differences.
He called on all parties to uphold the Federal Constitution, saying it protects and guarantees the rights of all citizens.
"It is, therefore, important that we understand the constitution so that we do not go overboard in making our demand," he said.

Civil servants remain apolitical

Sultan Sharafuddin also reminded civil servants to be apolitical, professional, ethical and sensitive towards the ruling government and to uphold the country's rule of law.
"Being neutral and professional means that they must serve the government of the day and make fair decisions irrespective of their political sentiments," he said.
He said Selangor contributed to 21% of the country's revenue and, as such, the state and Federal governments needed each other.
"I hope that the state-Federal relations can be strengthened for the benefit of the people of this beloved state."
He said the state government should also ensure that all elected representatives were provided with sufficient allocation so that they could serve the people better.
"In this regard, I am giving my consent to the state government to request sufficient funds from the Federal government to develop the state and the people," he said.

State-Federal cooperation

The liberalisation policy implemented at the Federal level should be supported by the state through the provision of quality services so that the state would not be left out in the expected inflow of investment.
On crimes, he said, he hoped that the state government would fully cooperate with Federal enforcement agencies in implementing anti-crime measures.
He also called on the people to maintain racial harmony.
"Let us make our diversity an asset and not a source of discord.
"Let's cast away prejudice because the challenges ahead of us will come down on all of us irrespective of who we are," he said

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