Friday, April 2, 2010

James Masing Blames Taib Mahmud For Failure of Konsep Baru NCR Land Development Concept that he Introduced about 20 years ago

Friday,2nd April 2010

James Jemut Masing one of Iban Leaders that Came forward to blame Taib Mahmud for the Failure of the Konsep Baru NCR Land Development Concept that he Introduced about 20 years ago..Bravo Masing!

First of all I would like to wish all of my christian visitors a happy Good Friday, and for those who is sacrifice from eating I Wish them a happy fasting.
According to christian belief, today about 2000 years ago lord Jesus Christ was crucified for the forgiven of  human sins. Similarly, on this Good Friday I would like to thank Dr James Jemut Masing for Emulate Lord Jesus Christ sacrifices by  condemning his boss Taib Mahmud for the failure of Konsep Baru NCR Land development which he introduced about 20 years ago to rob the natives of their NCR lands .
According to James Jemut Masing as qouted by Borneo Post this morning edition, Konsep Baru NCR land Development is a failure because it cannot make much profit to the land owners as compared to SALCRA and FELDA, because most of its incomes are used to pay the bank loan, with higher interest rates.
Jemut also said that the government is making an effort to study and then implement the new concept of NCR land development.

Land Owners May Withdraw From the JV

With government recognitions that the Konsep Baru of the NCR Land Development introduced by Taib Mahmud as a failure, all the land owners that had participate in the JV can now withdrawing their participations. But the problem is most of the land owners do not know how and where to withdraw from the JV.
Pakatan Rakyat(PR) and the dayak NGO like SDNU, SADIA, SDGA etc. should take this opportunity to get more support from the dayak voters by helping them to withdraw from the JV.
To all the land owners in Empaling, Ubah, Isu, sapak, Keranggas, Kanowit and many more, if you dont want to permanently lose your NCR lands, you must withdraw now. Contact your local PR and NGO offices for their assistances.

Mupok Aku

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