Thursday, April 1, 2010

NUTP April Fool For Muhyiddin Yassin - Special Committee to Study Teachers' Burden

Thursday, 1st March 2010

All Malaysians Know that  Teacher is the most relax, most Annual Leave Entitlement and the shortest working hours Amongst the whole  professions in Malaysia..What burden are they talking about?

According to the newspaper report this morning, Education Minister Muhyiddin Yassin had said that the government will study the burden or the additional workload of the teachers. The study was proposed in response to the National Union of the Teaching Profession (NUTP) complaint to the government.
According to the report, NUTP had complained to the government that some teachers cannot concentrate on their teaching because they have to attend to the additional tasks like involvement in curricular activities outside their normal working hours.
I am not against the government effort to improve the education system in Malaysia .But most of the requests or demands by the NUTP , most of the times are only focused on the salary and benefits of the teachers.Based on my observations, so far I have not seen any request/proposal by NUTP which were for the benefits of the student.
Just look at their website here and you will see that it only centred on the contributions /proposal for the benefits of their members and very few for the improvement of the education system in Malaysia. Being one of the biggest association in Malaysia, NUTP when making the request must also consider the other government agencies/staff , as their request may affect the benefits of the others.
Talking about the burden of the teachers, I don’t see that they have extra burdens compare to the others government staff from other department like clerk, police or the army. Teachers official working hours start from 7.00AM until 1.30PM, whereas the other government offices start from 8.00AM to 5.00PM. Their Annual leave is more than 60 days compare to 30 days entitlement to the other government staff.

Wow..Teachers have so much Works to Do?

The house where I am staying now, both of my neighbors (left/right) husband/wife are teachers. All of us leave our home for office almost the same time at 6.15AM but when I reach home at about 7.30PM both of my neighbors are already watching tv, and done their exercises. While my teachers neighbors have done their exercise and dinner, my wife and I who are not a teacher , dont  have time to do of these and sometimes have to take our dinner outside.
Teachers are never going to have enough money. If one go to the school nowadays, one will see the different between the cars that the teachers drive to school compares to two years ago. Two years ago, very seldom that we saw teachers driving other than the  local made cars like proton saga or kanchil  to school. But nowaday they  drive Camry, CRV and other cars that valued more than RM 100K to school.

Government Should Not Fall to NUTP Pressure

The government should not blindly entertain the NUTP pressure just merely because they afraid to lose their votes. Extra perks mean extra financial burden to government,  and other government servants will have to give way in order to fulfill the demands made by NUTP.
Those who study economy know very well that increase in salary will normally increase the price of goods and subsequently the inflation will also be increased. Money is never going to enough. As an example,  the teachers nowadays after the pay raise implemented by Pak Lah administration, can afford to drive Camry or other model that cost more than RM 100K, and the end result their saving ( income-spending) remain the same and never going to be enough as I said earlier.

What Burdens Are Teachers Talking About
Don't waste tax payers' monies to study the "no burden claims"...Just ask the teachers to wear this item to teach!

Teachers office hours start from 7.30AM to 1.30PM , seven days week , annual leave more than 60 days and their salaries are not lower than the rest of the government staff. Based on that I don’t see that the teachers have more burden compare with the other professions.
The government should not fall to their pressures, and politically Barisan Nasional (BN) government cannot win the election with the teachers’ votes alone.
So Mahyuddin..don’t be coward, please say this to the teachers :
If you feel don't want to accept additional works entrusted to you , please leave now as 1malaysia doesn't need one that cannot sacrifices and serves the nation full heatedly. There are many people out there who are willing to sacrifice and take the challenge to become a dedicated teacher !

Mupok Aku

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