Monday, February 15, 2010

Pol sec nabbed is Hasbie Satar a Sarawakian

Sunday, 14th February 2010

The political secretary to a senior minister caught by MACC men - with RM2mil in cash with him - is Hasbie Satar, a Sarawakian, the Malaysian Mirror can reveal.
The money was stacked in bundles of different denominations - all RM2mil of it!
Officers of the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Comissiobn found the cash at an apartment in Teluk Air Tawar here Thursday afternoon.
The officers detained a man, said to be a political secretary to a senior minister, in the 3.30pm raid.
A national daily reported that about 20 MACC officers from Putrajaya arrived in five vehicles and grilled the suspect for over five hours at the Sri Molek apartment over the cash.

Rented ahead of 2008 elections

It was believed that fourth-floor unit was rented by the minister's election team weeks before the March 8, 2008 general election and later used as a transit-home for the minister's staff.
Besides the money – stacked in bundles of RM5, RM10, RM50 and RM100 – the anti-graft officers also seized a 4WD vehicle registered under the name of a Pulau Tikus-based company and a BMW registered in the name of a person from Sarawak.
According to a report in The Star, his bank accounts have been frozen to facilitate further investigations.
It is unclear where the suspect got the money from and why he had kept such a large amount of cash at the apartment.
The detained political secretary is believed to be Hasbie Satar, a Sarawakian, sources told the Malaysian Mirror.
It is learnt that two of the minister's service staff were present in the apartment during the raid.

Amassed millions in short time

The apartment was raided by MACC following a public tip-off that the man was said to have amassed millions of ringgit in properties over a short period of time.
Hewas alleged to have secured property and cash by being the middleman in deals for approval of multi-million ringgit projects.
Investigators had reportedly obtained an order to seize and freeze several of his properties, which include at least four luxury cars and four houses in the Klang Valley.
The MACC is reportedly calling on several other people to help in the investigations.

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