Sunday, January 31, 2010

UMNO Youth Members Involved In Church Attacks Says Azmin Ali

Petaling Jaya
Thursday, 27th January 2010

Mohd Azmin Ali, the Deputy President of Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) make a stunning revelation here last Thursday that UMNO youth members were  involved in series of church attacks in Selangor recently.
Azmin Ali made such reveletion this morning during his visit to  Taman Datuk Harun mosque in Petaling Jaya where the four wild boar heads were found in the mosque compound.
According to Azmin Ali, he was in the process of gathering information on the IC numbers and  the UMNO membership numbers for those involved in the church attack in Selangor recently.
"Based on the list of  people that have been charged  in the court last week, we found that most of them were members of UMNO Gombak and Ampang branches" said Azmin.
In the related case, Azmin Ali wants PM Najib to explain to Malaysian on the involvement of UMNO members in the church attacks.
Azmin further said , " Lately UMNO has been using the racial and religion matter in order to win back the Malay supports. I hope that UMNO stop playing with racial and religious sentiments".
He reminded UMNO stop from playing racial and religious matter as its very dangerous.

1Malaysia or 1Malay
When PM Najib first launch the 1Malaysia, most people knew that 1Malaysia is going to fail. The main reason why it will fail was because of UMNO. 1Malaysia is 100% in contrast with UMNO main objective which is fighting for Malay right such as the  special previlieges, social contract  and so forth.
Therefore for, there is no 1Malaysia but only 1MALAY!
Mupok Aku
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