Monday, December 27, 2010

Sri Aman Voters : Wake Up And Vote These Non-Performing BN's Politicians OUT

Monday, 27th December 2010

If the voters in Sri Aman Choose Not to Change the Ineffective BN's Representatives, we will see this scenerio whereby the people of Sri Aman Queing-Up For Water..LET'S CHANGE, CHANGE WE MUST!

This year just like the years before since year 1995, my family and I went back to Sri Aman to celebrate Christmas.
Since year 1995, despite so much development had been brought to Mukah and Betong by Taib Mahmud and Jabu respectively but to this Bujang Senang town, not much development one can see especially the hospital, colleges or to the town itself.
Another problem that has not been rectified after more than 15 years was its water supply. Sri Aman lies on wet area with plenty of rains. But I still do not understand why are the four BN politicians that represent the voters here still cannot find way to rectify this small problem.

These four BN representatives, YB Masir Kujat for P202-Sri Aman, YB Snowdan Lawan for N25-Balai Ringin, YB Mong Dagang for N26-Bukit Bengunan and Datuk Franchis Harden Hollis for N27-Simanggang.
Another problem that still not been solved by these four BN representatives is the reconstruction of the St Lukes Church. After many years, these 4 BN representatives have not been able to secure government funds to build the new church.
With the above, I would like to urge the voters in the above constituencies to vote for PAKATAN RAKYAT in the coming state election.

Mupok Aku

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