Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Old Man Taib Mahmud Remarries Young Lebanese : Old cattle eat young grass

Tuesday, 21st December 2010

The hottest news in Sarawak during the weekend was about Taib Mahmud and his ladylove, a 30 something  Lebanese , exchanged wedding vows 

The  the closed-door wedding ceremony was officiated by Sarawak mufti Kipli Yassin  at  Taib's private residence at Demak Jaya  on Saturday, 18th December 2010 .

The reason why this wedding had received special attention from Bukittunggal was because it involved the most corrupts, the longest serving Chief Minister in Malaysia and a man who has so many sins against the Iban throughout his 30 years in power. On top of that,  what made the wedding  was so interesting occasion because of the age's gap between Taib and his new wife. Taib was 74 years old, and more than qualified to be called a grand father by his wife.

By looking at Taib's age just wonder what motivates this pretty and young Lebanese lady to marry him. Was it because her  love  toward Taib or his wealth. As for this 74 years Taib, thanks to viagra. Without this blue magic tablet making it impossible for him to satisfy the need of his young wife.
Even though the wedding reception was kept private, but the hand phone camera brought into his Astana by one of the guest had managed to take the photo of the event.

Bukittunggal would like to Wish Pehin (Syiekh) and his wife a Happy Wedding

Is it a trend for Barisan Nasional Leaders to Marry a Young Wife? George Chan with young and gorgeous Leona! 


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Anonymous said...

Poor girl she doesn't know what she is in for. Coming from Syria she may have been forced to take off her hijab for money!!!!. You trade God's command over money. Good Syrian girl would not do this

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