Sunday, December 12, 2010

Idris Jala Formula: Formula For the Rich But Suffering For Poor Rural Sarawakians

Sunday, 12th December 2010

Just wonder from whom this guy learned economic. Immediately after he took the leadership of  MAS,  he retrenched the staff and sold  MAS assets, and as a result MAS made profits ( in ACCOUNT Only) after in the red for few finacial years. What he did to MAS has impressed the incompetent BN laeders, and he was hired  to lead PEMANDU.After less than 3 years with PEMANDU he had increased the price of items from petrol to sugar in order to balance the BN deficit budget...But in the process he caused the people in the rural areas especially in Sarawak suffering. Being a Sarawakian, I am proud of him BUT for NOTHING!

Idris Jala Contribution to the Malaysians especially Rural Sarawakians

Rakyat will have to pay another 58 sen per litre for fuel consumption under Sarawak super intelligent strategiest named Datuk Seri Idris Jala, the same guy who made Malaysia Airline fare beyond lower income imagination.
Sentosa State Assemblyman, Chong Chieng Jen told a press conference said the idea is squeezing the people dry.
“The recent fuel and gas hike is already giving the people a lot of problems and to pay up another 58 sen per litre is literally ‘killing’ them,” he said.
He said although the 2nd Finance Minister said the tax would not be imposed so soon, Chong said it will be when Barisan Nasional (BN) won the next general election.
Citing an example that the Government after increasing RON 97 said they would not increase RON 95 but it was increased twice this year, once in July and now on December 1st.
Idris Jala, he said is very good in getting people to pay up by using all sort of fancy names.
“When he took over MAS, the price fare was increased by 20%. It was not in the name of the fare but the consumers have to fork out extras for administration fees, fuel charges and so on,” he said. “Now, by not increasing the fuel prices in which they are actually increasing it, he decided to name it’ fuel consumption tax,” he added.
Chong said if the government is serious about helping the people, they should not allow its cronies and other huge companies to enjoy the subsidised fuel.
“It should be the little people, lower income group who should be taken care of, not the rich and famous,” he added.

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