Friday, December 31, 2010

Fort Alice Sri Aman In Sorry State: Where Are All the BN's YBs From Simanggang ?

Friday, 31st December 2010

Happy Success Holiday and A Happy New Year to All Malaysians. Today I am going to write about Fort Alice one of the historical places, a legacy of James Brooke ruled in Sarawak.

I am from Simanggang ( so can be called Bujang Simanggang) but my opportunity to visit Fort Alice only came last Christmas . Before this, the Fort Alice was something that I only heard and seen but never set foot on it.

What is so important about Fort Alice ? Fort Alice was built in 1864 during the reign of Charles Brooke the second Rajah of Sarawak. It was named after Rani Margaret.

It was built to counter the threats from Iban Skrang. This is a bottleneck at Batang Lupar River and one of the outposts is located directly above this river bottleneck. The Ibans who traveled down with their longboats, were easy pickings for the British cannons, who managed to shoot most of them down from this Fort Alice vantage point.

But now, based on my own observation, the fort is in sorry state. No effort has been made by Sarawak government to restore the delipidated fort Alice.

What are the YBs Been Doing : Franchis Harden, Mong Dagang, Masir Kujat etc ?

There are so many YBs in Sri Aman but none of them doing anything to restore Fort Alice. My guessing and the only reason probably because the amount of perks that they are going to get is not enough to share among them. If not why none of them ever  request the  funds to restore the fort?
For the benefits of visitors to, I would like to share the photo of the delipidated Fort Alice Sri Aman, taken on 25th December 2010.

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Mupok Aku

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Anonymous said...

I don't know why they ignore this. This is one of the historical place that still leave. If this gone not use for all the to pass the History subject in SPM. And what the use of Major in Building Surveying in local university if government didn't to use them to help surveying and maintain the building. If it left to late of course the $$$ to repair it gonna go up. Agree?

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