Monday, November 22, 2010

NCR Land Owners Warn Pelita and Kim Loong To Return their NCR Lands or Else

Sunday, 21st November 2010

Note: Bukit Tunggal is  at the background of the photo.... 

On 3rd September 2004 the land owners from several longhouses namely Munggu Ubah, Tekuyong, Empaling,Isu and Gayau were misled by the BN representatives for Bukit Bengunan and Sri Aman to sign the JV for oil palm plantation with Pelita and Tetangga Akrab Sendirian Berhad.
Today after of  more than six years the JV had been signed, the land owners were only  been paid with the advance bonus for less than RM 1000 per hectare. This is equivalent to less than RM 170 per hectare per year.
Today as I went back to kampong Empaling, one of the longhouse that participates in the JV, almost all the land owners indicated that they were not happy with the JV.

One of the land owner John Ade (photo left)  told Bukittunggal that if he did not participate with the JV, with rubber current price he believed that his 1.3 hectares  rubber plantation could produce more than RM 1000 per month, meaning that he had lost about RM 72000 in six years.
But he is not the only NCR land owner that losing substantial income as a result of the JV. Bukittunggal family also losing more than RM1K per month as a result of the JV. 
But where are the BN YBs that had persuaded and influenced  them to sign the JV? They cannot just simply wash their hands. 
Other than losing substantial income from their small rubber estates the JV also split the longhouses. The land dispute amongst member of the family is something normal nowadays especially the lands that involved in the JV.
Most of the NCR land owners felt betrayed by the BN representatives. There was a talk amongst the land owners that they intended to  withdraw from the JV if by the end of this year that they still do not get a reasonable dividend from Kim Loong. Some of them even informed  Bukittunggal that they will take their lands by illegal means such as sit in or through proper legal process if they still do not pay with dividend at the end of the year.
To the BN's YBs,  they must be responsible with what they had started. Their job should not be accomplished  after receiving their "kang-tow" from the developer. And if they are not willing to take responsibilities on what they had done, the land owners through their  voting rights must show these BN Representatives the way out by VOTING THEM OUT in the coming state election.

Mupok Aku

Comments :

Iban Ranger said...

Pelita said the dividend for JV is paid at a rate of RM 150 per hectare per year.
This is equivalent with RM 12.50 per hectare.
With this amount how is the JV going to benefits the NCR landowners?
What had the BN reps done to misled the land owners?
The JV is the most weird development projects ever initiated by the BN reps....

If Pakatan rakyat successful in bringing down the BN in sarawak, the first thing what they need to do is to return these NCR lands to the land owners.

Bala Iban, please read my lips...Do Not Vote for BN if you want your NCR lands back.

Mupok Aku

Bujang Remaung ari Bukittunggal

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